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DESCRIPTION OF THE SPECIFIC DESCRIPTION Name of Invention 9 Ultrasonic Transducer and
Method of Manufacturing the Same 1) Ultrasonic Transducers in Ultrasonic Transducers with IJx
Seconds from the matrix of columnar transducer elements, the height of these transducers is
significantly greater than their thickness; b) the gaps between the ultrasound transducers and the
gaps between the transducers are both filled with an intercalator The acoustic impedance of the
interposing material is significantly different from the acoustic impedance of the transducer
material of the conversion element, the interposition material couples between the conversion
elements, and C) the electrodes of the conversion element are on one side of the matrix An
ultrasonic transducer characterized in that electrical control lines are provided in a row on the
other plane side of the matrix.
2, the scope of claims
8. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to an ultrasonic transducer
comprising a matrix of ultrasonic transducers and a method of manufacturing the same. In the
production of ultrasound arrays, for example for use in medical diagnostic equipment, generally
a relatively large transducer plate is first produced and then electrical division or addition into,
for example, linearly arranged unit transducer groups Further mechanical divisions are
performed. The electrical division takes place by providing separated electrical contact surfaces,
in particular surface metal coatings, regularly arranged, for example rectangular areas. The
transducer material is then polarized on this electrical contact area. The contact area of the
power supply is provided with an electrical connection. The conversion element is disposed
between the attenuation body and the matching body. A known transducer tooth for an
ultrasound array or so-called compound scanner consists of a linear arrangement of acoustic
transducers. These ultrasound transducers can be divided into acoustically and mechanically
separated transducer elements by subdivision. These conversion elements are electrically
connected in parallel in groups and commonly controlled. The width of these conversion
elements is in particular chosen to be significantly smaller than half (λ / 2) of the wavelength of
the ultrasound waves to be launched and captured. Further crossing gaps are provided in this
cage-like structure of the conversion element, resulting in the conversion element's matrix)
(German Patent 2,829,570). In the case of mechanical subdivision of the ultrasound transducers,
a cutting width which can not be made arbitrarily small results in the spacing of the transducer
elements being formed. Therefore, the division loss increases as the width of the conversion
element decreases. The reason is that the size of the distance to the width of the conversion
element is correspondingly increased. This loss is further increased if the matrix of transducer
elements is created by the additional lateral division. Furthermore, the conversion elements form
a structural unit without mechanical coupling by mechanical separation, which is costly to
contact in the embodiment of the device comprising a large number of conversion elements. An
object of the present invention is to provide an ultrasonic transducer having an ultrasonic
transducer structure with a mechanically strong structure with a very large number of
transducer elements having a very small width and a very small distance. It is an object to form a
unit and to make contact and control so that an electronic focus adjustment variable opening is
possible in a simple way. For example, an ultrasound array for a tomographic system # 1 (socalled B image) forming imaging system used for medical diagnosis has a mechanically formed
focal point 9 in its longitudinal direction, perpendicular thereto The focus of the direction is
generated electronically.
The electronic focus is movable in the depth direction, ie in a direction parallel to the emission
direction, by differently controlled excitation of the transducers in the group. However, this is not
possible in the case of a mechanically formed focus, for example as formed by the cylindrical
curvature of the launch surface. To perform this lack of synchronization in the latter direction
with additional electronic focusing, ie, EndPage: 2 of mechanical focusing, requires high technical
4. Brief description of the drawings FIG. 1 shows a top view of an embodiment of the ultrasonic
transducer device according to the present invention together with a circuit diagram of an
electrical control device of a converter, and FIG. 2 shows a mechanical focusing mechanism
EndPage FIG. 3 to FIG. 5 are explanatory views for explaining a method of manufacturing an
ultrasonic transducer according to the present invention. 2 ... matrix, 4 to 12 ... ultrasonic
transducer, ■ 4 ... conversion element, 16 ... interposing material, 22 to z 4 ... row, 26 to 28 ...
column, 8 z ,..., Transmitters, 84, delay circuits, 86, amplifier details, 88, summing amplifiers, 40,
Wi plane, 42.44, electronic switching devices, 52 54 54 · · · Electronic switch, 62 · · · stacked
body, 64- 67 · · · ultrasonic transducer material plate, 70-75 · · · spacer, 78-80 · · · gap, 8z · · ·
Material, 84: Structure, 86: Insert, 9z: Laminate. EndPage: 6
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