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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an explanatory view showing a structural
example of a flexible vibrator, FIG. 2 is an explanatory view of a use state of the flexible vibrator,
and FIG. FIG. 4A to 4C are explanatory views showing the application of stress to the
piezoelectric body, and FIG. 5 is an explanatory view of the longitudinal cross section of the
flexible vibrator in one embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 6 is an explanatory view of a
longitudinal section showing an example of a manufacturing process of the flexible oscillator, and
FIG. 7 is an explanatory view of the longitudinal section of the flexible oscillator according to
another embodiment of the present invention. 11.21 ииииииии Deflection type vibrator, 12.22 иииииии
Piezoelectric body, 13.23 иииииииииииииииии Metal plate.
[Detailed description of the device] This device is! f! The present invention relates to a flexible
impression element obtained by laminating a plate of gold and a sheet of gold. * 11'i [is an
example of the above-mentioned flexible vibrator 1; the piezoelectric body 2 having a
piezoelectric effect in which the ion crystal produces electric polarization corresponding to the
stress caused by the external force, and the gold 14 plate 6 The thermal expansion ratio of the
piezoelectric body 2 is about 4 О 2 О 10'l // C, so the @ expansion coefficient of the metal plate
3 is also made. By choosing similar ones, it is possible to prevent the development of the
curvature of the photographing movement iyl2 based on the change of degree. That is, as the
metal plate 3, an impal having a very small coefficient of thermal expansion among metals
(alloys) is often used. FIG. 2 is an explanatory view showing a use state of the flexible vibrator 1
and one end side of the vibrator 1 is held by the upper and lower holding members 5 and 6.
Then, when it vibrates in this state, compressive stress and tensile stress are alternately
generated for the piezoelectric body 2 and the mAAs 2 in the flexible prefectural motion
armature 1, that is, the vibrator 1 is turned on in FIG. When it bends in a turn, a compressive
stress C occurs in the piezoelectric body 21 rule, and a gold X @ 3 jill K pulling ball stress T
occurs. In addition, when bending in reverse, a tensile stress T is generated in the lf mortar body
21t11, and a compressive stress C is generated in the metal plate 64i11 +. As shown in Fig. 3Zuni, the compression of Fig. 3 (C), the compression of Fig. 3 (C) in Fig. 3 (C), and the
compression of Fig. 3 (C). It exhibits good characteristics in any of the bending, for example, it
has good characteristics capable of withstanding a force of 2 to 5 О 10 IN / ?2 mW in tension,
but as shown in FIG. 4 (a) has a good property that can withstand a force of about 2 О 10 ? ?
N / m 2, but the tension of FIG. 4 (b) is about 2 О 10 7 N / m ? ?. In the case of the
conventional flexure type resonator 1 as described above, there is a defect that there is a
problem that it may cause a crack by the force of it and may also cause a crack in the bending of
FIG. 4 (c). Upper line stress and tensile stress alternately occur to the awakening body 2 and the
metal plate 6 Gu between, had the disadvantage of easily broken by a crack in the piezoelectric 2
weak in particular tensile stress. The purpose of this invention is to eliminate the drawbacks of
the prior art, and in particular, the piezoelectric body is cracked even when the upper line stress
and the tensile stress work alternately to the one-piece body and the metal plate causing the
imaging motion. It is an object of the present invention to provide a flexible vibrator which can
achieve a significant extension of the service life without causing the problem.
The flexible vibrator according to this invention is characterized in that the initial stress of
tension and tensile stress is respectively provided to the metal plate in one-to-one unity in the
use degree region. Next, an embodiment of the invention will be described in more detail with
reference to the drawings. 4 FIG. 5 is an explanatory view of a longitudinal cross section of the
flexible vibrator 11 according to an embodiment of the present invention, which has a structure
in which the piezoelectric body 12 and the metal plate 16 are bonded to each other by an
adhesive 14. As shown in FIG. In this case, the piezoelectric body 12 is given an initial stress of
compression, and the gold 116 is given an initial stress of tension. Therefore, when such a
flexible imaging actuator 11 produces an imaging motion, although l-F compressive stress and
tensile stress work alternately on the piezoelectric body 12 and the metal plate 16, as described
above, the piezoelectric body Since the stress 12 is given a rolling stress of compression in the
use temperature range, even when the tensile stress is exerted during the movement, the tensile
stress becomes small as a whole by the initial stress of the compression. Remember, before a
holiday to pressure, as mentioned above, the tensile strength is a strong ball. Although the tensile
stress is offset and reduced although the temperature is only 1 / 1o, the risk of cracking of the
piezoelectric body 12 can be reduced only by the initial stress of the compression, and the life of
the @ is extended. It becomes possible. When manufacturing a flexible vibrator 511 having such
an initial stress (d1 heavy metal body 12 and metal plate 13 having mutually increased thermal
expansion coefficients, stress generated by differences in respective thermal deformations is
used. It can be used. Specifically, the thermal expansion coefficient of the metal plate 16 is
thicker than the thermal expansion coefficient of the piezoelectric 12, and both are pasted
together at a high temperature above the operating temperature range, and then used @ bright
area return You can also do so. At this time, the piezoelectric body 12 and the metal plate 16
have a curvature radius to a certain extent in order to make the imaging element 11 flat in a
state of returning to the use temperature region. The use temperature range can be made to stick
at a high temperature of 7 and then be made flat in the use temperature range. Figure 6 shows
an example of the step of bonding the l: E current collector 12 and the metal plate 13 so that
they have a curvature radius of a2. 12 are disposed, and the metal plate 13 is disposed on the
side of the concave curved jig 16 side, and both are tightened by the bolt and nut 17. At this
time, a high temperature curing type adhesive 14 is applied to the bonding surfaces of the
piezoelectric body 12 and the gold 6 vanes 13, and the whole is kept at a high temperature to
cure the adhesive 14. In this hot zone, the metal plate 16 is thermally expanded more than the
piezoelectric body 12, and the adhesive 14 is cured with such a shape or crease.
Next, in the process of returning to the temperature range, the metal plate 16 is intended to
shrink more than the i collector 12, so tensile stress is generated in the metal plate 13 and
compressive stress is generated in the piezoelectric body 12. Do. At this time, although the
imaging moving element 11 is deformed as a whole, since it is deformed in advance as shown in
FIG. In the condition, it is flat. FIG. 7 shows a flexible insulator 21 according to another
embodiment of the present invention, wherein a metal plate 26't- of a large thermal expansion is
used slightly with respect to the IE rod 22 and both of them are solder pastes. The structure is
made by brazing 24. In this case, the coefficient of thermal expansion of the metal plate 23 can
be changed by slightly changing the composition of the above-described impal (also referred to
as amber). 7 In this example, since the thermal expansion coefficients of the two are small, higher
temperature dust is necessary for the metal plate 26 to perform thermal expansion sufficiently.
For this reason, brazing is employed in which the lE heat body 22 and the metal plate 26 can be
bonded with high temperature dust. In addition, even if it is an adhesive system, it can be used
without any problem as long as it can have a high temperature VC @, and in addition, one glass A
point glass can be used again. In the flexible imaging forceps 21 in this example, since the
difference in thermal expansion coefficient between the piezoelectric body 22 and the metal
plate 23 is small, the deformation due to heat of the imaging forceps 21 in use @ degree is
considerable It has the advantage of being able to be made smaller. It is needless to say that the
piezoelectric members 12 and 22 can be appropriately selected and used from various known
materials having the piezoelectric effect of bent water as appropriate. As described above, in the
case of the flexible type chopped vibrator of this scheme, the royal earth body is made to have
compression and metal plate initial tension stress respectively in the region of use @, so that an
imaging movement occurs and it is not In particular, it has the very excellent effect of being able
to effectively prevent the occurrence of cracks in a piezoelectric material, which is particularly
vulnerable to tensile and bending stress, and to significantly extend the useful life as a flexible
vibrator. sell.
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