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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of an existing
piezoelectric speaker, and FIGS. 2, 3 and 4 are cross-sectional views of the speaker of the present
invention, respectively. The diaphragm, 5 indicates a cone paper, 6 indicates a support,
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a piezoelectric
speaker. Piezoelectric speakers are widely used especially as high-sound speakers because they
consume less power, have better responsiveness, can be reduced in weight, have no magnetic
influence, and so on, compared to conventional electrodynamic speakers. It is getting worse. Fig.
1 shows a typical example of a type 11l E electronic speaker-". (1) is a metal or resin frame ((21
is a piezoelectric diaphragm whose peripheral edge is fixed to the inner bottom of the frame (1),
and a brass plate (31 is made of earth clay material plate (4) such as ceramic) It is (5) is a conical
cone paper 7-tIi / 2 in a substantially conical shape, and the top of the seven is a central part C of
the soil ′ ′ turtle diaphragm (2): adhesively attached, the periphery is a frame ing. Since the
piezoelectric speaker with such a configuration does not require a magnetic circuit, it is possible
to make it thinner by that amount, but to cope with the miniaturization of the forearm-oriented
audio equipment; The invention was made to satisfy such an essential point, and will be
described in detail with reference to FIG. (1) is a frame, (2) is a king's @ diaphragm, (5) is a cone
paper, and these are the same as the conventional kite 1j of FIG. The characteristic feature of the
present invention is the connection between the earth dragon diaphragm (2) and the cone paper
(5) (f). That is, one of the corn paper (5) [Ti ζ: post (6) of a resin cage is erected, and a pressure
tie plate (2) is adhered to the tip of this post (6). Incidentally, as is apparent from the reason, this
support column (6) is shorter than the depth of the cone paper (5) C, and the length which the
fine movement plate (2) can be positioned in the cone paper (5). It is. Acoustic signal to the
piezoelectric diaphragm (2)? The piezoelectric diaphragm (2) vibrates in the thickness direction C
by the supply, and the vibration is transmitted through the support column (6) to the cone paper
f5) C. 5 Make a voice. The third factor is a modification of the present invention, in which the
shape of the cone paper (5) is a conical P) +1 extra-polypolic cone, as compared to that of the
conical cone in FIG. Further miniaturization can be achieved. FIG. 4 also shows another
embodiment of the present invention, showing cone paper (51Y carpet, shaan, base such as
printed circuit board, etc.) which is internally covered with LE swing temporary (2) r post (6). (7)
solidify in the state of various laws, and cover the outer periphery of cone paper, 5) with a
protective fence) net 8) C1 Inside of acoustic equipment (when it can not be accommodated due
to the relationship of two spaces etc. (- Favorable structure? It is provided. As it is apparent from
the above description, the boiled @ is substantially conical co / paper inner bottom surface ≦
two posts?
Since the plant is erecting, and this post ≦ double pressure peristaltic plate is subjected to heat,
is it made 4 type of 庄 -type speaker? It is possible to take advantage of space benefits such as
audio equipment.
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