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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a front view of an electronic watch according
to the present invention, FIG. 2 is a sectional view taken along the line A-A of FIG. 1, and FIG. 3 is
a plan view showing the shape of a transparent piezoelectric ceramic. is there. DESCRIPTION OF
SYMBOLS 1 ... Electronic clock, 3 ... Cover glass, 4 ... Opening frame, 5 ... Transparent
piezoelectric ceramic.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of the buzzer for electric j '15 piece 1 which directly vibrates the cover collar by bonding the
piezoelectric element to the inner surface of the cover collar. In recent years, the spread of digital
electronic timepieces has been remarkable, and the reasons for this include multifunctionality
and price reduction, which are characteristic features of DA / TAL's Ichiko. Among the additional
functions of the digital electronic last Bt, in particular, the practical alarm function has become
an essential function, and is a component for this alarm machine a -8: Kh (1) 12 A variety of
buzzer structures have also been developed and put into practical use, and representative ones
are IFIs in which an imaging plate 6 is immersed in 1flll of a front cover having a sound emission
hole, and piezoelectrics and elements are grown. Mountain buzzers, sound emission holes 6'I-, 4 ',
F case in front of the f, two-handed type' [Magnetic buzzers are widely adopted, however, the
above buzzer structure is either There is a problem with the waterproof performance, and there
is a drawback that the cost is high due to the large number of components. The cover crow's
inner surface as a solution to solve the defects and complete waterproofness [11-and achieve low
cost] J 'Seal contact with hL, this pressure' il + element ic 'tl I love you. The hard application
causes the cover crows to vibrate directly. Sesame (~ present I + '-generally 1 ψ t "(I'm titanic
acid di JL conic acid' ArPb (ZrTr) fl, IE small element of yarn (Soil, B, '% B + 1 , Cover crow (Table
C, j, l Set up a closeout frame to limit the dll's to L method such as printing 1 In order to create a
small pressure 'd' ceramic in 1111 of the department + I 's one square, the town b (S 1 j j 山 気-+'
& (& (2) '8: s, h 換 換 促 十分 ら ず ら ず ら ず 十分 十分 十分 音響 ((十分 な か っ 十分 十分 ((L
could not be. -Development of i4 light piezoelectric ceramic that can be driven by attaching it to
all the curves of a bar crow is underway, but it has been used in practice because the efficiency
of the machine is low and the sufficient transparency is not obtained. What was not able to be
made, but with the progress of the I surgery, to withstand practical use Transparent pressure '44,
Tramics will be developed (f. This transparent frosted ceramic is obtained by processing
lanthanum (r, a) added to Pb (ZrTi) Os, which is element 1 of the precursor impermeable
piezoelectric ceramic, and is not suitable for opaque piezoelectric ceramic, but it is sufficiently
practical Conversion efficiency and 80% transparency.
An object of the present invention is to provide a buzzer structure for a watch which uses the
above-mentioned transparent piezoelectric ceramic and does not have a reduction in display
effect. The gist of the present invention for achieving the above object is that the transparent
piezoelectric element adhered to the inner surface of the cover glass marks an upper air signal to
generate an acoustic output. The display range is divided into a plurality of (3) 8: i: r, and the
number of divided ranges is also one place i 'Z ago n 1. 'It is characterized in that an area where
the transparent frosting element is not adhered is provided. The following will explain the pHfy
application of the present invention with reference to the drawings. Fig. 1 is a front view of the
present invention (electron + I gauge in τ, Fig. 12 is a sectional view taken on line A-A of Fig. 1,
Fig. 3 is-J !! #+! It is a view showing the shape of It-small ceramic, 1 is a heavy watch, 2 is a
case, 3 is a cover crow, and the inner surface of the cover crow 3 has a display as shown by
oblique lines in FIG. The W cutting frame 4 is provided to limit and divide into a plurality of
display ranges, and the parting gutter 4 forms the transparent display windows 4a and 4b and
the opaque window 4c. . 1 ') on the inner surface of the cover crow 3:' = 'MK, -1 (-: i-shape (")
transparent) The ceramic 5 is in the position shown by the dashed line in FIG. 1 (2) It is glued.
Transparent 1t E 'J + ten lamiramic 5 The window 5a is adhered in a state in which the window
5a coincides with the display frame 4a. T is a component cell of a digital display device, 8 is a
module for a fastener 1 ′ ′-6 [9, 9 is a water tank for power supply, (· II '8: for 10.11.12 is an
operation button and The piezoelectric ceramic 5 attached to the cover glass 3 is structured such
that electricity 18 from the module 8 is supplied by a connector represented by 13). In the
double timepiece 1 having the upper aL + configuration, the information excited in the liquid
crystal cell 1 is displayed in the display windows 3α and 3b of the closing frame 3 as shown in
FIG. 1 and FIG. That is, in the present embodiment, the main display information 'time
information is displayed on the display window portion 4aKQ as P, l # 11 o'clock, 38 minutes, 24
seconds, and calendar information or function as sub display information. Marks are displayed
on the display window 4b as in June and 26 (IFEI), and king display information displayed at the
node of the window 5a of the transparent piezoelectric ceramic 5 is displayed through the
transparent piezoelectric ceramic 5 The display state is clearer than the auxiliary display
information. In this state, an alarm set in 7 joules 8 by one work of operation buttons 10.11.12!
At the time of day, an electrical signal for acoustic drive is applied to the transparent
piezoelectric ceramic (5) '8 J °' through the mM body 13 as a result, and as a result, the cover
glass 3 is made efficient by the transparent piezoelectric ceramic 5 Well vibrated +1 produce a
large sound output.
As described above, according to the present invention, in the method of directly vibrating the
cover crow, a transparent piezoelectric ceramic provided with a small public residence in the
display portion of the main display information may be attached to almost the entire surface of
the cover crow to perform mold movement. Since it can be performed, it is possible to provide a
high waterproofness (and a large sound output, a low-cost Alano, a low cost, or a zero cost)
without interfering with the display effect of the main display portion. Furthermore, since the
identification of the display information is easy by differentiating the display effects of the main
display information and the sub display information as in the present invention, an IIP user can
easily use the digital Ichiko watch (it becomes easy to use) Have the effect of
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