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The present invention relates to a piezoelectric speaker used as a piezoelectric vibrator and a
drive source. FIG. 1 shows a conventional piezoelectric speaker. In FIG. 1, (1) is a disk-like
piezoelectric vibrator, and when an electrical signal is applied, a concentric nodal circle is formed
to cause bending vibration. It is (21 is a bottomed frame, and the piezoelectric vibrator (1) is
flexibly held in the bottom inner portion of the bottomed frame (2) via a flexible material layer
(3) such as maltobrene. (4) is a conical cone paper, the top of which is adhesively bonded to the
center of the disk-like piezoelectric vibrator, and the periphery thereof is locked to the open side
of the upper ε-bottom frame (2) . In such a conventional piezoelectric speaker, the cone paper
(43 is driven by the displacement of the central portion of the piezoelectric vibrator in which the
acoustic signal is applied and the bending vibration is generated, the amplitude of the cone paper
(4) Is restricted by the structure of this type of piezoelectric vibrator formed by laminating a
piezoelectric thin plate to a brass thin plate. For this reason, while a large swing is required, only
the high range is reproduced with high sound pressure, without the low range being reproduced,
and this type of piezoelectric speaker is used only as a loudspeaker for high frequency range It
had been. Such a piezoelectric speaker has excellent features such as low number of parts, low
manufacturing cost, low power consumption, no magnetic influence, etc. compared to a speaker
using a magnetic circuit and a voice coil There is a demand for the development of piezoelectric
type speakers for middle and low frequency ranges. The present invention has been made in view
of the above-described two circumstances, and provides a piezoelectric speaker having a function
of converting the vibration amplitude of a piezoelectric vibrator into a large amplitude.
Piezoelectric Speaker V of the Present Invention As shown in FIG. 2, (5) is a disk-shaped
piezoelectric vibrator, which forms a circle-like nodal circle when an IE burn signal is applied.
Flex and vibrate. And +6) is a cylindrical body, the diameter of which is approximately 0, 68 脩 of
the diameter of the above-mentioned disk-like pressure transducer (1), that is, the diameter of the
nodal circle. The lower end opening part of) is closely attached to the nodal circle position of the
piezoelectric vibrator (1). (7) is a bowl-shaped frame, the bottom (8) of which is fitted into the
upper end opening of the cylindrical body (6) to cover the opening. (9) is a dome-shaped
movable member attached to the central through hole at the bottom (8) of the frame (7), and is
formed by an elastic rubber thin film. uQ is the above-mentioned piezoelectric vibrator (5). The
cylinder (6), the bottom (8) of the frame (7), and the movable member 0.
Is a liquid filled in a chamber formed by using, for example, water. (The reference numeral 111
denotes a conical cone paper, the top of which is connected to the top of the dome-like movable
member (9), and the eight curves thereof are engaged with the open side of the bowl-like frame
(7) . 1 is a terminal plate attached to the iuj of the frame (7), and the terminals (131 (11 and both
electrodes of the piezoelectric vibrating insulator (5) of the terminal plate Q; a.alpha. It is linked
by four. Such a piezoelectric speaker is the above-mentioned pressure transducer (5). From the
cylindrical body (6), the bottom (8) of the frame (7) forming the eleven bodies, the movable
member (9), and the liquid di filled in the close chamber formed by these members The driving
portion is formed and one double-pole (13 (L3 (-the acoustic wave input to the piezoelectric
transducer (50) is applied, the pressure oscillator (5) is a cylindrical body (6) Since bending
vibration is generated with a nodal circle position K coupled with the opening, as a fulcrum,
pressure is applied to the amenable material (9) through the liquid O1 according to the second
vibration. Although this causes the movable member (9) to expand and contract. The product of
the surface area of the dome-shaped movable member (9) and the displacement of the top of the
movable member (9) is the product of the sectional area of the cylindrical body (6) and the
displacement of the piezoelectric vibrator (5). If the surface area of the movable member (9) is
set approximately to the cross-sectional area of the cylinder (6), the displacement of the top of
the i +] moving part 祠 (9) It is four times that of a child. Accordingly, the amplitude of the
movable member (9) of this drive part is an amplitude increase of the piezoelectric vibrator, and
the cone paper a connected to the top of the movable member (9) is driven with a large
amplitude. Be done. The frequency characteristic curve of the piezoelectric speaker of the
present invention is shown by a solid line in FIG. 6, and that of a conventional pressure '74 type
speaker is shown by a broken line. The piezoelectric speaker according to the present invention
exhibiting such characteristics is a 1-disk-shaped piezoelectric vibrator having a diameter of 21
mm and a cylinder whose inner diameter is 14 '' and an inner diameter of a through hole
provided at the bottom of a frame which is a body. That is, the outer diameter of the V-shaped
movable member is 31II. The outer diameter of the cone paper is set to 40 mm, and the
conventional product uses the same piezoelectric 4M motor and cone paper as this. According to
the figure, according to the figure, the cone paper, which is the diaphragm of the speaker of the
present invention, is driven with a large amplitude compared to that of the conventional product
C, the back pressure in the high range is lowered, and It is clear that the back pressure is the
same and 1-sed. As apparent from the above description, the piezoelectric speaker according to
the present invention transmits the vibration of the piezoelectric vibrator to the movable member
through the sealed liquid, and the vibration of the movable member increases the vibration of the
piezoelectric vibrator. Because it will be a width.
This movable member C: It becomes possible to drive the coupled diaphragm with a large
vibration, and the same as the reproduced sound pressure in the middle and low range can be
measured. Therefore, the piezoelectric speaker for the middle and low range can be heated at an
actual temperature.
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a conventional piezoelectric speaker, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional
view of a piezoelectric speaker of the present invention, FIG. 3 is a frequency characteristic curve,
and (1) and (5) are piezoelectric vibrators.
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