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[Technical Field of the Invention] The present invention relates to a method of manufacturing an
ultrasonic probe used as a transducer of an ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus etc. In particular, the
ultrasonic wave absorber on the back side of the probe electron of the folded electrode structure.
The present invention relates to a method of manufacturing a dam for improving an ultrasonic
probe provided. [Conventional art and problems] Conventionally, as a transducer for emitting or
receiving an ultrasonic wave for training in living such as an ultrasonic diagnosis, the return as
shown in FIG. An ultrasonic transducer with a scissors structure has been widely used. This
vibrator 1 is. In general, a part of the ultrasonic radiation side electrode 3 having a size of 1 FtJ
diameter 4 to 20 and a thickness 02 to 1 and concealed on the back side of FIG. It has the prayer
return part 4 formed in island shape in the form which entraps into a part. Further, FIG. 2
schematically shows an example of an ultrasonic probe 01 using the ultrasonic transducer 1 of
the folded one-pole articulator as shown in FIG. In the figure, 5 is a 2/4 layer for acoustic
matching, 6 is an ultrasonic absorber, 7 and 8 lead wires, and 9 is a case. The ultrasonic
transducer 1 of the folded electrode structure is easy to manufacture, and has an advantage that
the radiation side electrode 3 does not have a projecting portion as described later in FIG. 3 and
is formed on a uniform surface. Therefore, the 2/4 layer 5 with good characteristics can be
formed on the radiation side electrode 3 ′ ′ 2. The 2/4 layer 5H-, the ultrasonic energy
radiated from the vibrator 1 to the living body is reflected on the living body surface due to the
acoustic impedance mismatch between the vibration 11i1 and the living body, and the radiation
efficiency decreases. It is also required to have a uniform and accurate thickness (for example,
250 microns). On the other hand, an ultrasonic wave absorber (7) is disposed on the back surface
portion of the vibrator 1 to remove / reduce the noise signal due to the ultrasonic pulse (7) Tcord radiated from the back surface of the vibrator 1. Normally, the drive flj pressure i of the
vibrator 1 is 100 to 200 and the ultrasonic signal returned as echo from the living body is
generated in the vibrator 1 "? The i pressure is at a minute level of several tens of microvolts to
several millivolts. Therefore, the echo of the ultrasonic pulse emitted from the back of the
transducer 1 is. It becomes a large disturbance signal to living body measurement, which makes
measurement difficult and causes erroneous measurement. The absorber 6 is provided to absorb
ultrasonic energy emitted from the back surface of the vibrator 1 as a countermeasure 41. It is
an epoxy 4-component based oat. 1j Concono, vinyl 1111 fat / dye, injected and cured in ice 9.
To these 'f'). In order to increase the induced sound absorption rate, that is, the attenuation rate
(/ i =, gold r4 powder such as tungsten is mixed. In order to obtain an attenuation factor of 76 (,
If the amount of metal powder mixed is increased, it may be difficult, but at the same time, it may
become conductive. Therefore, a current flows through the absorber between the electrodes 2
and 3 to cause a current to flow, which causes a loss and a loss of 4 yen. In order to avoid such a
problem, the mixing ratio of metal powder is lowered to the method conventionally taken, or the
vibrator 1 is not made to have a folded electrode structure. As shown in 31st chapter 1, the leadout portion of the radiation side electrode 3. It is formed on the outside of the case 9 using a gold
foil 10 and connected to the lead wire 8 so as to electrically isolate the lead wire 7 from the case.
However, the former weakens the ultrasonic attenuation performance, and the latter, since the
gold foil is joined to the radiation side electrode surface, impairs the uniformity of the radiation
surface and adversely affects the radiation characteristics, There has been a problem of reducing
the performance of the acoustic matching layer 5 described above. [Object of the Invention and
Structure] The object of the present invention is to solve the problems in the above-mentioned
conventional ultrasonic probe, and a vibrator having a folded electrode structure which is
structurally excellent, and metal dust mixed with it. It is an object of the present invention to
provide a manufacturing method for preventing conduction between electrodes in an ultrasonic
probe combined with an absorber having a large amount of wrinkles and conductivity but having
a high ultrasonic absorption rate. The present invention uses a transducer having a folded
electrode in which the electrode on the ultrasonic radiation side is folded in one from the side
surface to the back surface in the configuration of the reservoir and 17 in this ultrasonic probe,
the folded electrode and The step of connecting a lead to the back side electrode, the step of
covering the connecting portion of the folded electrode and the lead with an insulating adhesive
to form a clad layer, and mixing ultrasonic waves with metal powder to have conductivity Fill in
the back of ultrasonic vibration 1fb child (~, and it will consist of the step of hardening! It is a
feature. [Embodiments of the Invention] FIG. 4 to FIG. W2O are nine explanatory views of an
embodiment of a method of manufacturing an ultrasonic probe according to the present
invention. FIG. 4 shows one stage of the manufacturing process of the ultrasonic probe of the
folded electrode structure shown in FIG. 1, and connecting the lead wires 7 and 8 to the radiation
side electrode folded portion 4 and the back side electrode 2, respectively. Represents the
situation. The surface of each electrode, core portions 7a and 8a exposed by removing the lead
wire and the coating on the tip of 8 and portions 11 and 12 for soldering form the entire
conductive surface and fill the absorber And cause the conduction.
FIG. 5 shows the first stage, and the folded back part 4. As core wire 8a, soldering electrically
insulates part 12. The state surrounded by the clad 13 of the insulating material is shown. These
insulating materials may be the same as those of epoxy adhesives or absorbers to be filled later
without mixing of metal powder. N: A scale is formed by l :. Fig. 2116 Fig. & I: I, 1 end 15: N is
shown, and the absorber 6 is filled and hardened. + -1 in Absorber 6. Epoxy Q, 1 fat, silicone
gono 8. Vinyl, etc. '7) Jk can use metal powder such as tungsten at a high rate K if ♂ 7 people /
and can use it, and absorber 6 can be clad 1; 3 and back side 100 L ( -5 <2 bonding or t- "-in
close contact, but it is possible to make insulation between two electricity 31 layers (:, +, -4-by
adhesion). Well, in operation, the approach part 4. + D:, both sides are the same electrode; l'r Z)
r'- even no h71 if bow 1N no L, so by screw-on 1 clad 13 '1, 1, dust jε- There is a change &: 'L
not. [Effects of the Invention] As described above f? 2) In the case of non-invention il is a negative
i1 ti 'means V, because between the mold bars 1 1 4 "is secured between iq, Z], so the prayer
main bar 1 1 l':; ::: i Conductor's back nn W'y-IJ! 7. Since the body Yc '-, r' K f old I- koto can be
made, and further the sound 〃 ("" matching layer can also be provided, 4 '1 p p い super-wave
squeezer j 提供I can do that.
Brief description of the drawings
Fig. 1 Q: An external view of a transducer with a folded electrode structure, and Figs. 2 and 3 are
structural views of a conventional ultrasonic probe.
4 to 6 are explanatory views of the embodiment of the present invention. In the figure, 1 is a
vibrator, 2 is a back side electrode, 3 is a radiation side electrode, 4 is a fold of the radiation side
electrode 3. Body 7, 8 is a lead wire, 7a, 8a is a core wire, 9 is a case, 11.12 is a solder (one part,
13 is a clad. Patent Assignee Fujitsu Limited Attorney Attorney Haseya Bun (1m outside)
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