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[Summary] An ultrasonic probe used as a probe of an ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and used
for transmission and reception of ultrasonic waves, which is simultaneously arranged by
alternately arranging ultrasonic conversion elements having different wavelengths. Ultrasonic
waves of different frequencies can be transmitted and received. [Industrial field of application]
The present invention is used in an ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus i? The present invention
relates to an acoustic probe, in particular to an arrayed ultrasonic probe. The ultrasonic
diagnostic apparatus transmits ultrasonic pulses from the outer surface of the human body to the
inside by sector scanning or linear scanning, receives the reflected wave, and measures the
distance to the reflection point. Is a device that observes the state and movement of organs and
the like on a certain plane. The sector scan sequentially transmits ultrasonic waves from one
point in a fan shape, and the linear scan sequentially transmits ultrasonic waves 1: (onwards in
parallel). Both sector scanning and linear scanning can be performed either mechanically or
electronically, and the former mechanically rotates or mechanically rotates an ultrasonic probe
consisting of a small number of, for example, 1 to 3 ultrasonic transducers. The latter are those
that transmit and receive ultrasound while moving linearly. Each element is electronically driven
using an arrayed ultrasonic probe composed of a plurality of ultrasonic transducers arranged in a
straight line. Recently, electronic scanning has become mainstream for both sector scanning and
linear scanning, and for example, 300 to 400 piezoelectric elements are arranged at a pitch of
0.3 to 0.4 mm for linear scanning, and for example 32 to 30 for sector scanning. An array of
6411111 piezoelectric elements arranged at a pitch of 0.2 to 0.3 mm is used. In the case of an
ultrasound probe for an ultrasound system. Appropriate sound, a piezoelectric element is used as
an ultrasonic transducer (ultrasound transmitting / receiving element) that composes this, on one
side of which is a matching layer for matching the acoustic impedance of the piezoelectric
element and the acoustic impedance of the human body . Further, on the opposite side, a back
absorber for absorbing ultrasonic waves is provided. By the way, as described above, in the
ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, the distance to the reflection point is measured by the reflection
method using an ultrasonic pulse, so the shorter the wavelength of the ultrasonic wave, the
higher the resolution (and the first wave The longer the distance is, the smaller the attenuation in
the human body, and the longer the distance is. At this time, it is desirable that in the ultrasonic
probe, both the two resolutions and the reach distance be satisfied. [Prior Art] Conventionally, for
example, 2.25 MHz, 3 ° 50 MHz, 5.
OO MHz · 7.50 M11 z, etc., each with a single frequency is used, depending on the application.
For example, a low resolution may be sufficient, so when observing a wide eyebrow from the
surface layer to the deep layer of the human body, when observing an ultrasonic probe at 2 25
MHz, or when observing a place near the surface layer with high resolution. A 5MIIz ultrasound
probe was used. [Problems to be Solved by the Invention] That is, conventionally, a singlefrequency ultrasonic probe is replaced and used according to the purpose, and a plurality of
wavelengths can be simultaneously measured by the same ultrasonic probe. There is a problem
that it can not be observed by ultrasound. Therefore, an object of the present invention is to
provide an ultrasound probe which can simultaneously use ultrasound of different wavelengths.
[Means for Solving the Problems] FIG. 1 shows the principle of the present invention, in which 1
is a first ultrasonic transducer, and 2 is a wavelength λ1 of the ultrasonic wave generated by the
first ultrasonic transducer 1. The 2nd ultrasonic transducer which generates the ultrasonic wave
of short wavelength (lambda) 2 is shown. The first ultrasonic transducer 1 and the second
ultrasonic transducer 2 are alternately arranged at the same pitch on the same straight line.
[Operation] That is, the same ultrasonic probe is configured to be able to transmit and receive
two types of ultrasonic waves having different frequencies. For example, when observing the
surface layer portion with high resolution ultrasonic waves with a shorter wavelength At the
same time, it is possible to observe a wide range from the surface layer to the deep layer, even if
the resolution is low, by the longer wavelength ultrasonic wave. FIG. 2 is a block diagram of the
embodiment, 11 is a piezoelectric element constituting the first ultrasonic transducer 1, 12 is a
matching layer of the first ultrasonic transducer 1, 21 is a second Piezoelectric element
constituting the ultrasonic transducer of the present invention, 22 is a matching layer of the
second ultrasonic transducer, and 3 is formed in common to the first ultrasonic transducer 1 and
the second ultrasonic transducer 2 A back absorber. Note that the width -1 of the arrangement
direction of the piezoelectric elements 11 and the width 112. The arrangement pitch p of the
second ultrasonic transducers 2 is set to a third-order value. wl-0. l0 mm 匈 2- (1, 10 mm r)-0, 25
mm In addition, λ to the ultrasonic wave generated by the first ultrasonic conversion element 1
and the wavelength λ 2 of the ultrasonic wave generated by the second ultrasonic conversion
element 2 And λ + -0, 75 mm λ 2-0.43 mm and L). p <[2 i / (] + 2 i)] λ,------(1,1 of the strip ('l is
satisfied. In a sector scan with arrayed ultrasound probes.
For example, by driving 48 ultrasonic transducers electronically while delaying, the direction of
emission of ultrasonic waves is deflected to scan a range of 9 usually, -45 degrees to 445
degrees. As the deflection angle increases, radiation waves, which are referred to as grating lobes
(Rratin IXlobe), are generated in directions different from the direction of itQ repulsive force due
to the ultrasonic waves emitted from the respective ultrasonic transducers. However, by
constructing so as not to satisfy the condition of equation (1), grating lobes can be emitted to the
back absorber side and absorbed by the back absorber, so reception of virtual images can be
prevented, reception accuracy Can raise [Effects of the Invention] As described above, according
to the present invention, ultrasonic waves of different wavelengths can be transmitted and
received at the same time, so observation using the characteristics of ultrasonic waves of short
wavelength and ultrasonic waves of long wavelength is performed. be able to.
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 is a principle diagram of the present invention.
FIG. 2 is a block diagram of the embodiment. In the figure. 1 is the first ultrasonic transducer. 2
is a second ultrasonic transducer. 11 and 21 are pressure 7 Ii elements, 12 and 22 are matching
layers. "! "2 L 12 il Ll,-,-, 1 chanting T easy drawing
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