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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows a Langevin-type vibrator according to a
basic embodiment of the present invention. FIG. 1A is a front view of a half section, and FIG. 1B is
a plan view of FIG. . FIGS. 2 to 5 are front views of four-quarter cross sections of Langevin type
vibrators according to another embodiment of the present invention. FIG. 6 is a perspective view
showing a state in which a plurality of piezoelectric elements and a terminal plate are housed in
an insulating manner. 1.2 s 11 el 2 s 2 L 22 s 3 L 32 t 41 p 42 и и и и и Piezoelectric elements, 3,
13, 23, 33, E и и и и и и и и и и Electrostrictive element consisting of a piezoelectric element and a
terminal plate, 4, 5, 14, 15, 24 g, 25, 34, 35, 44, 45 и и и и и и и и A pair of metal blocks, 7, 17, 27,
37, 47 и и и и и и и и и и и и Hollow insulating cylinder. "Fig. 1 A3 ? 36 \ \ 4 \ N \-1----1-1---..... Ma 7 и 22 noise 5 \ now ? if P ? 5 B Fig. 2 l3IltG'1 и ll7cL "j7?" "one ... ... 7 one---one"-, 7ll2 \ 1-14-P,
15-169-real opening 50-108378 ( 2) Fig. 3 и L nomon ~; ::::-. D ::: Hand U6 \ 2 ? 273k ? P22s
Fig. 4 Fig. 5 Fig. 6-170-
[Detailed description of the invention] A pair of metal blocks are fixed to the outer end of an
electrostrictive folding heavyweight-new Otobori * for the 4th lanrieban undercarriage liquid
liquid vibrator 111 of the specification t consideration A Lanschuffer oscillator Kk, characterized
in that it has a hollow e edge for concentrically inserting and holding the distributor element and
the pair O metal block. Self-child. J * o * mtsu + t zirconate titanate test bell system mis is
mechanically in a pair of piezoelectric elements in 1, electrically! A pair of metal pros and cons
are attached to the outer end 6 of the coulometric weight which is further formed in the i row via
an electron gate L1 This is also an electric element, and a metal block is integrally connected by a
welding rod It The mover is known, but since the ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? O j j j j ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?. The contact
causes the parts of the assembly to move in the radial direction and causes the dropout, so the
assembly contributes to the skill on the Kll side, '* * ? ? ? II II, metal boot and coulometric
element The six parts that make up the metal cost element have an eccentricity of 11 parts and
inferior frequency characteristics due to the contact surface resistance of 1 L performance 1 iK
fighting points. The proposal is to decorate the above-mentioned Oka a point and to eat, and to
make clear the following example for one figure. Manufactured in a circle III from a titanium
pirconate lead zirconer from Company P in ? tm, taking advantage of a pair of turtles (not
shown) in both drawings and polarizing in the thickness direction? m-like KIFl, electrical KldfiMK ? z z @ IIIL ? ? ? ?? ?? ?? ?? I I ? ? ? ?. The dream is after the outer edge
mK of the piezoelectric element 10 on one side of the I-like OT ? tatami mat, and the through
hole of different diameter is seen exactly @ / metal block, I is one piezoelectric element ? O
jacket Weld to yourself, that weld-1 center one screw? The first metal block made of LIm, 4 s10
metal block O through hole a and the electric element po each rude illegitimate each 1st metal
block 01 screw hole jaK (2) screw In the clamping holt which combines these electric j-folded
mat P and @ /, sugar-coated metal flocks and j together, so far, a #i conventional known OP4 # l
series langeeban knee oscillator is constructed. Next, 7 is a rubber, an acid-containing oil (11 fat),
the electrostrictive folding weight) and a metal bark of metal bark electrically connected to this,
and an inner electrode and an electrode to hold j over one core. In the case of a hollow insulating
part set to 1 size, as shown in 1O, if 41 island frock dream, JO outer diameter is obtained by the
electrostrictive element PO and III, the inner diameter of the insulating cylinder 7 is made into IL
distortion boron After PO and after insertion, the electrostrictive element P is continuously
inserted into one pair of metal flocks 41. jO A local station is inserted so as to be on the side of a
perfect crane 70-scissors, or conversely, when the outer diameter of the metal block is 4 h larger
than that of the turtle toy, as shown in a.
The inner surface of * / 7 has a small diameter hole 1 'and a pair of large diameter holes 7a
"extending to the opening end of these holes.? P P, J + ? ?, p 41 so ? hole / 7a 'l [1 ?? ??
metal flock l ? ? ? is is is O O O O O O O O ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? or JJ show As
you are-(3) vs 04It genus block cosan, ko! On the inner surface of the surface, the outer surface
of the turtle metal element P2 and the corresponding furrow groove #b, the surface
corresponding to this, respectively, this III surface surface $ b, Jjt + 1 (predicted electrostrictive
element p, interpolated The edge 111 of the 111i and the M-shaped insulation 111J7 may be K
inserted so as to be inserted. Porcelain, above-mentioned example # i. An electro-insulatively
inserted internal diameter surface of a dislike-like electrostrictive boron. Electrically silicon is
connected with a pair of metal plotters by a single bolt. It is possible to overuse the present
invention with regard to whether the motor is provided with an insulation-or a mode as shown in
III 411 ml and 91 as shown in Fig. 91 and various movements of m. That is, @ m- is a male screw
J engraved on the outer periphery of II / and the JO metal block J4411, respectively, and is
interposed between the pair of soft piezoelectric elements J7.3 and the wedge element 114 by
the bag-like nut 14 engaged with JjaK. The electrostrictive element F1 consisting of the solder
terminal plate JJ, @ / @ JQ metal block J note, J1 are joined and pierced in the vibrator, and
insulation-J7 is shown in the example of the above track J @ 0 and the configuration of Okajima.
It is a round case. The first step @ is a pair of 0 * pressure (? element I, ## and terminal board
reference month) ? ? ? P4 and ? 121! ?? The outer periphery of the aO outer edge Wa
contacts the outer periphery Ky flange 14Ia of the ? 4 4 Ia, 1 lja 4 @ /, crane co 0 metal block
ginseng, I I, the above 7 lanze pivot. $ JaK deceived multiple small? L ? a ', ja ja' ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? t 4t% and 414 4141 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? J @ JllO1 l Example Is a uniform configuration and climbs with 1 m (+ -mee case). Although
the present invention is applied to the inner stirrup type, outer diameter-g # o various kinds of
copan-inspired vibrators by itself, the two piezoelectric elements as in the example of J-ICII 11m
even in the case of the electric gold folding bulk 0 structure A combination of terminal plates of
1 and 1 K, for example, one having only 7 piezoelectric elements by omitting the terminal plate,
and 8 there are a plurality of rounded piezoelectric elements for obtaining seri ultrasonic waves.
A combination of individual terminal boards may be used. A pigeon that uses a piezoelectric
element imo, or Lm ? WA, which follows the center of the terminal plate JJO, as in Lm ? W, one
piezoelectric element J / and the 1st O metal of the image and this image. If you are configured
to draw out from the aslm (5) holes J / a and J # a provided at the center of each gate to the
outside, etc., IJIK has 11L storage of the electrostrictive folding weight for the insulating cylinder,
like 1st Iil In the case of using lead wire connection set 1a on the outer periphery and using
terminal plate J to store 9 coercivity boron P, for example, the terminal plate JO insertion rounds
by 1 apart, for example, when the terminal plate is i @ 0 The terminal plate is IP in advance, in
the longitudinal center of the longitudinal edge of the edge, so that the leg Ja will squeeze out to
the outside-insulation at the same time as the integrated Ell at the same time as the terminal **
Terminal plate J101111 on the matte edge de O-wall as shown by double 110 and self 11jlllK LlJ
& forming a 'slit 7a to ??' Shi (especially good knowledge, Tewi to the electroerosion II
arsenide and metal Butsuku O insert a spring birds.
The above O overpass proposal is a Lange-Epan ? oscillator Kk in which a pair of metal blocks
are fixed to the outer end of the charge accumulation, and the above-mentioned electric doublefold and a pair of metal blocks are inserted on both sides respectively G4 has a hollow 0
accretionary pack, so it can not be avoided at the time of the component OII layer or at the time
of attachment by the supplementary material. In addition to extremely high frequency
characteristics and nobleness (6), the insulation resistance of the outer periphery of the
piezoelectric element O is covered by the insulating cylinder, so that the inferiority of the
electrical insulation caused by the adhesion of dust and moisture, the road phenomenon There is
an excellent effect, such as no scam. Ceramics, in general, Langeban casket vibrators are often
used after being immersed in liquids such as cleaning of various products, reaction promotion of
medicines, mixing and dispersion, etc. Therefore, it is possible to process Ol # I11 around the
periphery of the electrode element In the present invention, one piezoelectric element and a
terminal plate of no are used in the present invention, and the terminal leg of the terminal plate
is penetrated outward from the center of the hand of the insulating cylinder in the lateral
direction. In case of threatening to one body, make sure to put turtle strained boron 1 as well as
dampening the above-mentioned moisture proof as you insert a stony stone metal block at both
ends-the opening of the insulating cylinder. Without considering it's possible to use in the liquid,
but filling silicone adhesive in the bonding direction of% llll 111 111 and jinbu block to K ? K ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?The effect and the electrical insulation effect can be further enhanced.
When multiple & terminals are used, as shown in 114111, the 11 legs are collected. ??1 ? (T)
mounting? is 9 insulating cylinder O slitting portion in the longitudinal direction of narrow slit 0
given by K11ll -In the present invention, if the insulating cylinder is made of a permeable
material, the internal 1lIO state can be obtained by 11I, and the excessive input power can be
applied, for a long time, due to the long-time over-current. Detecting the tSS of the
electrostrictive element to be relaxed, it is possible to handle it by itself. Fake-IiO ? II l l l ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? B ? ? B B B B B B Because it is a flat m
garden. Fig. 1 is a 7 / di-pan m-m oscillator related to the proposal O false 0 implementation, and
each is a half cut imoi art garden. The fourth garden is a perspective view showing a good state
by placing a plurality of O piezoelectric elements and a terminal plate in an insulating cylinder. t,
J, tt, t-z, Jt, ko, J /, JJL ? l, ? ииииии Piezoelectric element, J, / J, JJ, J4 J? иии single terminal 1 [ , P
excellent Pi # Ps + l h ? Pa = и w Piezoelectric element and terminal board ? ? ? ?, ?, 1.
????? J, 21. J, Jl, m-, $ 7-(2) A pair of metal boots,? , /? , J7. J ?, Z Z--Medium! Os rime.
Utility model model founder Japan 411 special pottery stock ? company representative Osamu
Ogawa (2) ? 1 A 2 ? to now 1647, doo ? / 11 = 174 "(f J 11 121, ((b, 17 'L P13a: P13a ', ?7-'
? 3 'Hiroshi "2, -5a" 2 1 5 Y 1 Figure 3 3 Figure, 6 x 7 7 \, 7 / 3?7 ? ? P23 ? mouth, \. ?,
pa и j) 8.3-(6E Fig. 4 Fig. 5% system type% :: near 3 practical model ? ? ? friend) ? 2 special
silicon ? ? naked ? L 1 ? ? ? ? small ? 1! :-Next 1 Other than the above O inventor f fya w
? ? I ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? N 4 N JN @ ^ ? ? ? ? v vh ? ?-- V Ya Aichi Prefecture Saio *
Ikacho south 15 nights fOc) J Ya! -Yuji Yamashita Shuji t Villa vp # # / Sai Noi poetic horn 1 #
Name Tomb city Nakause ward Shimoyuki-Color town out / 1 address I ? ? ? ? (J)
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