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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of an essential part of a
conventional piezoelectric electroacoustic transducer using an elastic material of a single
property, and FIG. It is a principal part structure sectional view showing an example of a speaker.
DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 иииии Film diaphragm, 2 иииииииииииииииииииииииииии Elastic material, 3a, 3b ииииии
Foam C elastic material) v ring, 6 ииииии Substrate. Fig.1 Fig.2-81-? (2) Correction 50.3.6 Drawing
Fig. 1 Fig. 2 is corrected as follows. Fig. 1 316 Fig. 2-82-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a piezoelectric
electroacoustic transducer which requires tension and / or elasticity for a film diaphragm having
a piezoelectric property, and the tension and elasticity are As a structural means to be given to
the film-like diaphragm, a plurality of elastic substances are made to abut directly on the
stretched film-like diaphragm to improve the characteristics of this type of piezoelectric
electroacoustic transducer. Furthermore, in order to obtain the desired properties and property
improvements (1), the thickness direction of the stretched film-like diaphragm using several
elastic materials having different properties under the same conditions In the configuration,
several elastic substances having different properties are brought into contact with each other.
Conventionally, in a piezoelectric-type electric blue-out converter requiring tension and elasticity
of this ridge, as shown in FIG. 1, an elastic substance 3 of a single property is provided on the
base 6 and the elastic substance 3 is provided on the upper surface of E. (4) The film-shaped
diaphragm 1 stretched by the support phase 2 & C is provided with a suitable tension and
elasticity by being provided so as to receive an appropriate pressing force from the It was a
configuration to try. In the piezoelectric electric sound box conversion gain of such a
configuration, the effect of conversion of sound 111 is low in configuration a, and the contact
between the elastic material and the film-like diaphragm is likely to be uniform 1 m in each
portion of the diaphragm, Therefore, the frequency characteristics (especially low frequency
characteristics) K have a very bad shadow. This C и ? proposal has no merit in the manufacture
of frame parts and in the assembly of the piezoelectric electric blue converter of this group, and
the acoustic characteristic is trained to overcome such conventional defects (2) As a result of
various research experiments focusing on the elastic material which gives tension and elasticity
to the film-like diaphragm for the purpose of achieving the purpose, it is ideally used in a
piezoelectric-type electroacoustic costing device in which desired characteristics are desired. Is
the thickness direction of the film diaphragm, t! Completed this invention by knowing that the
above purpose can be achieved by abutting so as to be loaded with elastic # qualities of I J #
different in J and g, and applying tension and elasticity to the film-like diaphragm It came to The
present invention will be described in detail with reference to the drawings based on an
embodiment of the present invention. FIG. 2 shows that the invention is applied to an all-band
piezoelectric speaker using a plurality of elastic substances having different properties and foams
of 211 types having different properties and a polymer film as a film-like diaphragm. FIG. 2 is a
cross-sectional view of a partial structure, in which 1 is a film-shaped diaphragm in which a
polymer film is treated to have piezoelectricity, and the film-shaped diaphragm 1 to be tensioned
is It is a support member which consists of a rigid body to hold and fix.
Each of Ja and 3b is a foamed (3) body which is an elastic material and is in contact with the
surface of the film-like diaphragm 10 so as to be laminated in the thickness direction, using
books of different properties. In this embodiment, the foam 3a having a soft property is abutted
against the thickness direction of the film-like diaphragm 1, and the foam 3b is harder than the
foam 3a so that nine layers are formed on the flame 3a. ': I have one cherry. It is a pushing
member consisting of a rigid body in which 4 pores of a predetermined size and quantity are
installed, and a spring which applies pressure to the 5 # 'i pushing member 4, the pressure can
be adjusted by an adjustable C. It can be done Z. Incidentally, as the foam 3a + 3b indicated by Ml
in this embodiment, one having the same group vJ as an example is used, and one having the
above-mentioned properties can be easily obtained depending on the size of the bubbles. The
film-like sheet 1 is stretched over the supporting member 2 and the foam 3 as a foam 3 b is
brought into contact with one side of the stretched film-like diaphragm 1 so as to be inspected
respectively. The film-shaped diaphragm IL is pressed against the film-shaped diaphragm IL via
the foams 3a and 3b by a pressing member 4 pressed by a spring 5, and the film-shaped
diaphragm llIC is given appropriate tension (impact and elasticity. In this embodiment, the
present invention has been described in detail using the piezoelectric speaker K11l for the entire
band, but for the respective bands (for the bass, for the middle sound, for the high sound)
pressure M3 speaker which receives the designated band. The same can be applied, and in this
case, in order to obtain a desired sound quality, improvement of low frequency characteristics
and frequency characteristics within each band by arbitrarily replacing individual strong
substances with different characteristics. Achieved. ????????? Thus, a plurality of
elastic materials having different properties are abutted against each other in the thickness
direction of the film-like diaphragm so as to be laminated, and this invention which gives
appropriate tension and elasticity to each part of the film-like diaphragm is Pressure 'R type
speaker company Of course, in piezoelectric type electroacoustic transducers such as
piezoelectric type microphones using the same film-like vibration l1JJ & as this mouth
configuration, improvement of frequency characteristics (especially low frequency
characteristics) and high in the band Sound pressure level (high conversion efficiency) can be
obtained, and it has the effect of being able to improve the blue tatami characteristics splashily.
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