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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of an essential part of a
conventional Ohden type electro-acoustic transducer using a foam having a single bubble as an
amniotic material, and FIG. 2 applies this invention FIG. 18 is a cross-sectional view of an
essential part showing an embodiment of the full band piezoelectric speaker. 1 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и
41B Figure 1 Fig.2-93-Japanese Utility Model Application Publication No. 50-110239 (2)
Correction 50.3.6 Drawings Fig. 1-Fig. 2 are corrected as follows. Fig. 1 316 Fig. 2-94-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a piezoelectric
electroacoustic transducer which requires tension and / or elasticity for a film diaphragm having
a piezoelectric property, and the tension and elasticity are As a structural means to be given to
the film-shaped diaphragm, the elastic material pressed by the curved or uneven pressing
member is brought into direct contact with the stretched film-shaped diaphragm, and a-; 1) This
is a book to improve the characteristics of the device. In the piezoelectric type electroacoustic
transducer which conventionally requires this kind of tension and elasticity, #! As shown in FIG.
1, an elastic material 3 is coated on a base 6, and the upper surface of the elastic material 3 is
bent by a support member 2 so as to receive an appropriate pressing force from the elastic body
t3. By providing them, the film-like diaphragm 1 is designed to be given appropriate tension and
elasticity. The piezoelectric type electroacoustic transducer having such a configuration has a low
acoustic f-conversion efficiency, and the contact between the elastic material and the film-like
diaphragm is likely to be uniform at each portion of the diaphragm, so that the frequency The
characteristics (especially the low frequency characteristics) are affected by KM very much. This
invention is free from the fabrication of various parts and the assembly of this kind of
piezoelectric electric sound-converter K11ld female, and aims to improve the acoustical
properties in order to eliminate such conventional drawbacks. As a result of each research
experiment focusing on the pressing member which gives tension and elasticity to the film-like
diaphragm via the film, the desired characteristics (ideally in the piezoelectric electroacoustic
transducer desired, the elasticity) A holding member formed in a curved or uneven shape presses
the film-shaped diaphragm via the elastic substance so that the film-shaped diaphragm receives
different contact on the affixing surface with the substance, and the bending or the holding
member By giving tension and elasticity to the film-like diaphragm in accordance with the
unevenness, the present invention has been completed by wholesaler of the above-mentioned eye
r1. The present invention will be described in detail with reference to the drawings based on an
embodiment of the present invention. FIG. 2 applies this invention to an all-band piezoelectric
speaker by using a foam 3 having a single bubble as an elastic substance, and a curved part in
contact with the elastic substance as a shape of a pressing member. FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional
view of a main part, in which a film-shaped diaphragm treated so as to have piezoelectricity when
the IFi polymer film is used, and 2 holds the film-shaped diaphragm 1 to be stretched. It is a
support member which consists of a rigid body to fix. Reference numeral 3 denotes a foam which
is an elastic material, which has a single bubble in the absence of external force and has a
rectangular parallelepiped shape (support).
A pressing member comprising a rigid body having a curved shape in contact with the 4Fi foam
and provided with pores of a predetermined size and number, and 5 is a spring for pressing the
pressing member 4 The pressurization can be made adjustable. Thus, the film-shaped diaphragm
1 is stretched on the support member 2, and the foam 3 is brought into contact with one side of
the stretched film-shaped vibrating rod 10 to oppose the film-shaped diaphragm 1 via the foam
3. Then, the pressure member 4 is pressed by the spring 5 so that the film-like diaphragm IK is
given appropriate tension and elasticity. In this case, the film-shaped diaphragm 1 is pressed by
the foam 3 in a direct contact form, but is pressed by using the curved holding member 4 which
is abutted by the single-bubble foam 3. Therefore, as shown in FIG. 2, the foam density of the
foam 3 changes in accordance with the bending of the pressing member 4, and the density of the
foam 3 increases in the center and becomes sparse as it goes to the outer portion. Thus the filmlike & 1lll & 1 is pressed by the foam 3 with experience different contact Correspondingly
curvature of the pressing member 4, a suitable (in whole - given the tension and elasticity. In this
embodiment in which the present invention is applied to a full-band piezoelectric speaker, a
curved pressing member is used to obtain the desired characteristics, but this shape is curved
and limited to nine. In order to obtain the desired characteristics of each sweat electricity If If-?
? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? f f, f 6 is their continuous Even if it has a shape, it is
a book showing the same action. Also, the elastic material and foam used in this invention are
limited to only the foam used in this invention. It is possible to enclose all materials having
properties as an elastic body, and in the embodiment, the elastic substance is in a frame order
that shoulders a single property (foam). There is no need to be limited to these four, and several
II may be used. As described above, in the FF city-type city noise noise converter in which the
elastic material is welded to the film diaphragm and is subjected to L1 tension and elasticity, the
pressing member for pressing the elastic material is formed in a curved or uneven shape. This
invention is characterized by the improvement of the frequency characteristic in a piezoelectric
speaker such as a piezoelectric microphone such as a piezoelectric microphone using a film
diaphragm having the same structure as that of this type. (In particular, low frequency
characteristics) and high sound pressure level (high conversion efficiency) can be obtained in
that region, which has the effect of rapidly improving the blue tatami characteristics.
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