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1. Name of invention Uo. Yu, Yue. [1] [Japanese] Patent Office of Japan [Japanese Patent Office]
JP-A-51-107 680 680 Japanese patent application 51. (1976) 9.22 ■ l l −-シ 2 ≠ / Office serial
number Specification invention name alarm watch invention invention name alarm watch
A 2-· j system 2 1. イ。
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The invention relates to a watch. Hitherto, as a
watch alarm, in mechanical watches, a method of striking a bell with a spring torque or striking a
diaphragm has been used, but not only a good tone can not be obtained with these methods, but
the watch It was necessary to seal the movement to keep it waterproof, and it was not possible to
obtain a sufficient sound pressure level. In recent years, electronic timepieces that use natural
vibration of quartz crystal as a signal source are becoming mainstream, and a complete
electronic timepiece using liquid crystals or light emitting diodes as a time-stamped display has
been realized. Such electronic wristwatches are largely attributable to the contribution of
integrated semiconductors such as MOS-LSI, and micropower is in the process of increasing
nowadays, there is a demand for increasing the number of aFs of watches. One of the first
candidates for this multifunctionality is to have an alarm symptom, but a sound generator that
fits in a limited space as a watch and has sufficient performance as a speaker has not reached
practical use. . If it is tried to arrange an electromagnetic type EndPage: 1-car as an
electroacoustic transducer, the space property is bad, the efficiency is "dearly, and the structure
of the sound generator tends to be complicated. . In addition, a so-called bimorph type sounding
body in which a piezoelectric ceramic 2 such as PZT (zirconate titanate) shown in FIG. 1 is
attached to a metal plate 1 supported by diaphragm supporting members 3a and 3b is efficient.
Although it is self-sufficient in terms of fineness and fineness in thin films, its own inherent
resonance point appears in the audio frequency range, and the characteristic as a speaker has
never been satisfactory. The present invention has been proposed to solve the above-mentioned
drawbacks, the first object of which is to provide a alarm for a good arm bamboo as the watch
becomes multifunctional, and the quality of the eyelid power and the move, the quality of the
mentment To provide a sound generator for a watch that meets the condition of ensuring
waterproofness in order to increase the In addition, the second object is that, with the
micropowering of electronic parts such as integrated semiconductors and solid batteries,
products such as wristwatches have begun to take on a multi-functional aspect as portable
information devices from products simply displaying time. It is to provide a good awakening
sound variation Ha <that can withstand information of many buildings. The structure of the
present invention which is suitable for this purpose will be described.-Electroacoustic "--as a
polymer piezoelectric thin film known as 1-g IJ-yy (hy 1 'minutes, etc.) as a converter; The
piezoelectric ceramic such as PZ'T 'is hard, its mechanical impedance is large, and the sounding
body with the structure shown in Fig. 1 has sharp resonance regardless of how much, but it is
soft and has a thin film of several tens of μ It is possible to obtain good speaker characteristics.
In FIG. 2, the impedance is almost determined only by the impedance capacity of the polymer
piezoelectric thin film. 43, Zl and FIG. 4 show an embodiment in which the 1: polymer pressure
film is placed on the back of the 1 @ watch, and in FIG. 6, 4 is considered to efficiently emit
sound. It is an outer cover piglet having a shape in which the space between the sound release
hole 5 and the polymer piezoelectric thin film 7 is also considered. It is a support that supports
the 6Fi polymer pressure-bonding 4 membrane 7 and that its periphery can be fixed to the outer
and back pig 4 to keep the waterproofness 4. 4 shows a part of the plan view of FIG. According
to the above-mentioned structure, the sounding body is effective as it is a back pig and
constitutes one unit. FIG. 5 and FIG. 6 show an embodiment for the fully electronic time 31 and
as shown in the outline view of FIG. 5, the area for the display on the front of the full electronic
watch is small, so the remaining area is left. The sounding body is arranged in the area of. 6 is a
cross-sectional view taken along the line A-A in FIG. 5, which is a child piezoelectric thin sniffer,
supported by a support 11 and having a proper gap with the case 8; It is arranged along the
outer shape. The support 11 also continuously cuts the outside air and the movement 14 so as to
maintain the waterproofness of the movement 14 of the watch. Reference numeral 12 is a liquid
crystal display element which displays time, and a display element comprising a light emitting
diode, 13 is a glass case, and 16 is a back pig. The alarm of the watch by the sound generator
using the polymeric pressure-sensitive thin film 10 having the structure shown in FIGS. 5 and 6
The electric circuit block diagram of the complete electronic watch will be described based on
FIG. explain. The rm rm path is a circuit that produces a high-stable time standard signal due to
crystal oscillation or the like], and the divided iol path is a circuit that divides the signal into a
frequency that indicates the time display. The display circuit 1 is a circuit that displays time
using a crystal or light emitting diode. Here, as a booster circuit, in general, an oxidation
daughter battery of 1.5 volts is used in a wristwatch, and for example, when liquid crystal is used
as a display element, blocking oscillation is provided to require high pressure in its iE'll1 It is a
booster circuit which consists of a voltage rating system with the same rating or a capacitor and
a diode. Further, the alarm time is set, and the memory circuit storing the time and the EndPage:
2 coincidence circuit for detecting the coincidence of the alarm time stored in the memory circuit
with the display time of the display circuit coincided with each other. It is an I1 system that emits
an alarm sound at time.
The above-mentioned mechanism is well known as an alarm Ichiko watch, but driving a polymer
piezoelectric film requires a relatively high voltage to drive its own high impedance, so it
generates an output of a booster circuit. It is added to the drive circuit. The waveform control
circuit is a circuit which takes out outputs of various frequencies from the intermediate output of
the divider circuit and performs waveform control of these frequencies to provide unique alarm
codes such as intermittent sound and frequency modulated sound. . The sound generation drive
circuit is a circuit that drives the island molecular earth thin film and generates an alarm sound.
The eighth step is to extract a signal of 1024 H 2 (a, "> s, 512 Hz (b) and 1.6 Hz-(c) frequencies
from the output of the dividing stage of the dividing circuit, as shown in Cd). 1024Hz and 512Hz
signals? The waveform 11ii which performed the operation to be alternately performed at 16 Hz.
This is an example of tapping. Such waveform operation is difficult to obtain sufficient sound
pressure levels for both frequencies in the sounding body of the type shown in the iIA. It is fully
possible according to the proposal of the present invention. According to the above-described
configuration, it is possible to meet the waiting 1 as a good speaker with the first-to-one
structure. That is, if it is going to obtain a small good speaker with an electromagnetic type
speaker, the number of high magnetic materials, @ → -1 cross-section plate straddle parts also
increases, and the structure becomes complicated. On the other hand, according to the present
invention, an ultra-thin sounding body can be provided, and the back pig of the watch or the
complete electronic watch of the watch can be arranged on the curved surface of the watch with
the butterfly fitting the space of the watch. . In addition, a waterproof structure is also possible
with a simple structure as shown in the embodiment. Put the sound-producing body described
above in the inside of the watch. -And, not only can be made beautiful timbre or unique timbre
easily, it has the advantage of being able to display a variety of information from the alarm
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows the structure of a conventional bimorph
sound generator using PZT. 1 shows a cross-sectional view of one embodiment of the present
invention. FIG. 4 shows a plan view of FIG. FIG. 5 shows an overview of an embodiment in which
a high-molecular pressure thin film is arranged on a complete electronic watch: meat. FIG. 6
shows a cross-sectional view showing the structure of FIG. FIG. 7 shows a block diagram of the
'electric circuit when the alarm mechanism is added to the complete electronic watch. FIG. 8
shows an example of the waveform operation of FIG. 4 · · · Outer and back pig 5, 9 · · · · · · · · ·
sound emission hole 6.11 · · · · · · to the support, 10 ',-' High polymer piezoelectric thin film
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