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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of a loudspeaker
according to the present invention, FIG. 1 is a perspective view, FIG. 2 is a partial sectional view
of the main part, and FIG. It is a frequency characteristic view with the speaker concerning. 板
board, 5 ..... Elastic belt. -51-Japanese Utility Model Laid-Open No. 51-107322 (2) Fig. 3, y "=. M't
no Δ ^ r 4 \ 1! 5, l 'I υ · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · RK, (Hz) raw X ° C 0-52
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is a speaker, in particular a
polymer piezoelectric film as a diaphragm, which is superior to a speaker of good thermal
directivity. The polymer piezoelectric film is an untreated polymer material (for example,
Hohifuno bini) Stretch processing to 17 den PVF 2). Although it can be obtained by applying a
wound treatment etc., it is necessary to apply and maintain a constant tension on the diaphragm
in order to use this piezoelectric film as a diaphragm of an acoustic transducer. In the
conventional method, a piezoelectric film is used as a diaphragm and a dead metal is used as a
speaker. For a directional speaker, an elastic material such as foamed 9 resin is used on the
outside of the frame j # of cylindrical punch 7 metal and the upper 11 [8 t ′ ′ There is a barn,
but in the case of this speaker, the structure of the diaphragm itself and its shape as
omnidirectional (insufficient tension can not be obtained, and tension is not uniform across
vibration 4 Therefore, split resonance occurs in the diaphragm and a deep dip occurs in a certain
number of 1IIIi (about 12. o 004 as there is a dotted line in Fig. 5), resulting in a defect that
variation in the wave number characteristics The The present invention intends to suppress the
drawback of the present invention, and its purpose is to provide a speaker capable of obtaining a
flat article number characteristic by eliminating deep dips which occur in a specific number of
equalizing numbers. . Next, one practical example t of the present invention will be described
with reference to the drawings O ... which is a cylindrical bunched metal frame whose upper and
lower ends are bent outward, felt inserted in 12 + Ha 17 lam mountain, glass 9-le etc The human
noise material, the dragon 3) is 1111 KI outside the above frame (1), k * ltm Ovpy @ () @ @ "L" 'C
"l" @ @ O plate-like body e141 Is a diaphragm made of a piezoelectric material such as
polyfluorinated bifurcated or the like subjected to a treatment such as a drawing treatment and 1
minute treatment to form a diaphragm in the form of a film, and is wound around the elastic
material (3: aspect). (5) is an elastic bell (e.g., foam rubber) K, and is wound around the upper and
lower ends of the diaphragm (4). The elastic belt +51 has a thickness of about 1-degrees, and the
width is slightly different at the height of the speaker main body and-of the diaphragm, or about
6 degrees to 11 degrees is excessive. (6) is an integrally molded pace of plastic or the like, and
the V upper wedge-shaped piece wraps the elastic belt 15) @ direction 171 is a lead wedge
connected to the diaphragm + 41 . In order to explain the operation in the above configuration,
since the upper and lower ends of the frame (11 are bent outward), the elastic member (3) in that
portion acts as a force to push the upper and lower ends of the diaphragm + 4 from the inside.
The upper and lower ends of the vibration 4N + 41 are pressed from the outer circumference by
elastic bells ils +, so that they are dumped from the edge of the metering 11141. Therefore,
resonance vibration at the edge of the diaphragm 41 is suppressed. As shown by the solid line of
the crane 5 figure, there is no deep tip at 4I constant wave number, and 1000m l1m1 #!
A number characteristic is obtained. In addition, since the diaphragm (the part to which the
tension is held is only the ellige part, the decrease in sensitivity is also small. Therefore, if the
width of the elastic bell) +51 is made too large, the movement of the diaphragm (4) may be
suppressed and the overall sensitivity may be lowered. In the above embodiment, only the upper
and lower ends of the 7 frames (1) are bent outward, but when the diaphragm 14) is long, the
above-mentioned 7 frames (1) are overlapped. It is also possible to use a part of the father 1which is bent outward while the frame is advancing. In this case, it is a matter of course that the
elastic belts (5) are attached to the outside stations of the navigation plate (4) corresponding to
the portions bent outward. In the present invention, by dumping the top and bottom 1 of the
diaphragm from the front and back as described above, the resonance vibration at the edge
portion of the diaphragm is suppressed, and the dip at a specific pigeon wave number becomes t
and flat. It has the effect of being able to obtain the grandmantability characteristic.
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