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1, 5. : Name and address of Ming (location) Meguro 1-Chome, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 1-4-1-Name
(Name) (501) Pioneer Co., Ltd. Representative Ryozo Ishizuka (6069) Patent attorney Hideo
Nobuo 5, catalog of attached documents 2-company-wide, "" life · [phase] Japan Patent Office 0
JP 51-114118 ■ published Japan Japan 51. (1976) 10.7. 願 -J, F # ′ ′ ′ I [phase] application
date Shokkaku, (1975 ′ ′)], f / internal reference number Zδ 2 / specification 1, name of
invention 2) Pan molecular pressure-manufacturing method of speaker using film 2. In the
diaphragm where 1 It 11 side of the polymer piezoelectric film is provided with a single pole
section, the area of% impervious ice, its copy alone or in the speaker A continuous pulse or sweet
potato source having an arrowhead voltage value determined from the maximum input as a
speaker design value and a safety factor is applied to the diaphragm after the assembly ratio, and
an isolation generated in the upper eight diaphragm is generated. A method of manufacturing a
loudspeaker using a molecular piezoelectric film, which is a processing step of forcibly insulating
and self-healing a line defect S. 3. Detailed description of the invention The present invention is a
polymeric piezoelectric material, for example polyvinylidene fluoride (pyF2) tl-tumbling and
polarization treatment, and a diaphragm in the form of a film provided with electrodes on both
sides is framed on a frame I # relates to a method of manufacturing a defined speaker. The
cylindrical molecule piezoelectric film, which is a diaphragm that is f rivered into a loudspeaker
like the above, is formed to be as thin as several microns to several tens of microns, and its front
and back surfaces have conductive rosites such as aluminum. Fish chips or sputtering forms n1
which functions as an electrode. As shown in FIG. 1, it is desirable for the diaphragm to have a
constant film thickness and complete blank holes, but it should be noted that the manufacturing
process of the molecular piezoelectric film as well as the variation during the “## L misforming” If there is a problem in handling, etc. after the endpage: 1 is produced, or if Fi is
vibrated, the thickness unevenness of the pinholes and the wedge molecular pressure film H
body as shown in the second offense a% e 'Thickness of thickness of the electrode group- arises.
In other words, the film (1) has pinholes (1a) and the thickness of the image group (2) has nonuniformities, and the second problem, c. The thickness of the electrode group (2) is uniform or
non-uniformity occurs in the thickness of the film (1). Furthermore, in FIG. 2 dlc, pinholes are
formed in the film (1) and the electrode group (2) (La) (2a) is generated, and in FIG. 2e, a pinhole
(1-) is generated in the film U + at the bent part of the moving plate.
As described above, when vibration is used as it is for the speaker 4R 入 力 as it is used for the
speaker, when the input exceeding the critical voltage or H voltage which is primary depending
on the shape and size of the insulation defect portion, noise, tine source, letter generation The
interruption of sound occurs and not only the clear reproduction and theft can not be performed,
but also the short movement sound of the reproduction thread is blocked. As a force to stop this
tp, it is whether to use a lumpy & moving plate t1 without pinholes and without variation in
thickness, or to make the input signal voltage equal to or less than the pressure of the diaphragm
However, in the former case, it is very difficult to manufacture and there are disadvantages such
as fear of short stay 9 and, in the latter case, it differs one by one depending on the degree of
insulation voltage or insulation defect. Therefore, the allowable input voltage is largely different
V. Reproduction of uniform quality can be performed, and so on. The present invention is made
for islands in soft soil, and the first object is to use a diaphragm with a pressure exceeding the
maximum input of the speaker to be used, a strong pressure, and a strong break ## This makes it
possible to provide a method of manufacturing a speaker using a polymeric piezoelectric film
that has no generation of a wire-wound light and the like. Next, an embodiment of the present
invention will be described together with a failure (3): a pulse generator for generating a backfill
pulse or a 10-gram source such as a t-line source; (4) an amplification & i, f5 + an amplifier (4)
The voltmeter (6) is a diaphragm made of pressure film. A bustling fJJJ4 having an insulation
defect as shown in FIG. When applying a continuous pulse input or a sound source with a peak
value of the leg by the device of FIG. 6 to L (61 in FIG. It becomes like. That is, the turtle film (61)
K pinhole (Sta :) is generated, and the '4: m conversion (62) is a hole (62a) larger than the pinhole
(61a) of the' turtle film (61) ' It occurs. Therefore, this processing has been performed. There is
no need to create a forest or a spark for the humanity of In the case of performing a dead-time
expansion in a propulsive system, it may be performed after assembling the diaphragm (6) as a
speaker. Also, it may be performed on the diaphragm (6) itself. Cracks in the piezoelectric film
that occur when the diaphragm is assembled into a speaker as in ν1j or 2nd lAe, and in the case
of a pinhole, separation is performed after assembly. In this case, in particular, since it
approaches the acute angle of the “-electrode family”, the cut line pressure #IL 讃 decreases,
so VC performed after assembly fc is M young.
The signal voltage applied to EndPage: 2 or yc w wJ ((6) is divided into the design 1 section, from
the safety factor determined from the maximum input expected for the speaker and the range of
1 g. Immorality is a delayed pile pulse with a loss yA turtle pressure wedge determined from the
maximum input and safety factor temporarily designed as a speaker after assembly to an island
molecular piezoelectric film ratio body or a speaker as described above. Alternatively, by
applying a sound source to forcibly insulate and self-repair the insulation defect portion
generated in the diaphragm, the ratio directly within 1 to the input signal within the maximum
input level. The sound pressure radiation operation is carried out by bamboo, so it has a
discharge noise, discharge peaking furnace, and can have a small variation in performance, so it
can be used on a negative speaker.
4, Brief description of the drawing Figure 1 j! ! Fig. 2 is a cross-sectional view showing an
imaginary moving plate, Fig. 2 is a cross-sectional view of a vibrating plate in which a broken line
in the broken line is generated, and Fig. 6 is a block diagram of an apparatus used for the present
# cooking method. Fig. 4 is a sectional view of a temporary temporary withdrawal made by the
method of the present invention, and a fifth evil is a plan view of the same. (6)... Diaphragm (61)...
Polymer Piezoelectric Film (62)... 3
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