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DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of an ultrasonic transducer. -Generally, ultrasonic cleaning machines using piezoelectric Langevin
vibrators or ferrite vibrators are known, but in recent years ultrasonic cleaning machines using a
piezoelectric bimorph vibrator as an ultrasonic oscillation source have come to be put to practical
use The The typical structure of the piezoelectric bimorph vibration element is shown in FIG. 1
below. The structure of the picture element is as follows: Q2i (121 is a lead wire, and the
electrodes fl! i11 piezoelectric plate (two t poles 11.111: a gold plate (5 through the bottom of
the cleaning tank t81 KI! It is a combined asymmetric type piezoelectric bimorph oscillator. In
addition, the structure in Fig. B is a QZa 'magazine that is a leader line, and has an 11 & at the
both sides 7), (a year 1 +-, a piezoelectric plate (2)) !! When the conventional bimorph vibrator
described above is used, the vibrator is small in size, which is a symmetrical type piezoelectric
bimorph vibrator formed by combining 1 and joining the upper surface of the piezoelectric plate
(2) to the cleaning tank bottom (6) K Due to its light weight, it has a drawback that stable
vibration can not be obtained by the combination vibration of the cleaning tank and 5. An
example of the frequency characteristic is shown in Fig. 2. As shown by the regenerative dotted
line (,), a large number of sub-resonances occur near the main resonance fo, and a practically
stable resonance state is obtained because the resonance admittance is low. Nah, C. The reason
for this is that the piezoelectric bimorph oscillator and the cleaning tank are connected at 11
parts (portions with vibration displacement) of elastic vibration with large vibration amplitude, so
that the coupling resonance with the cleaning tank becomes strong. The mountain-shaped dotted
line in FIG. 1 indicates the & tI vibration at the fundamental resonance of the bimorph oscillator,
but the same applies to high-order oscillations. This device is L &! In order to eliminate the
defects, the bonding between the washing tank and the second sheet is strengthened by bonding
the piezoelectric bimorph oscillator and the washing tank near the t-vibration node (portion
without vibration IIIJ resistance). It is an object of the present invention to provide an ultrasonic
transducer characterized by obtaining a very stable resonance state in which there is almost no
resonance 1 and a high resonance admittance than K. An embodiment of the present invention
will be described with reference to FIG. 3A to FIG. 5 below. FIG. A shows a piezoelectric plate (2
with an adhesive (3,... Through a convex portion) having electrodes j +) jl + on both sides (4;
joined to the bottom of the gold film plate ill contained), the convex portion 14+ of the abovementioned gold film plate and the sweat bath bottom portion (6) through the adhesive (7), the
vibration node (# J5 figure As shown in the figure, it is an asymmetric type piezoelectric bimorph
oscillator formed by bonding 10 in the vicinity of a portion without vibration displacement.
Figure B shows a piezoelectric plate with electrodes + 11111 on both sides (select the size close
to the node size of vibration, join the electrode (1) through the cleaning tank bottom (6) K
adhesive (7), and Electro @ 1 tl K is a non-symmetrical, single symmetric piezoelectric pimorph
oscillator 1 in which a gold film plate (b is joined via an adhesive (3). Furthermore, the KO
diagram is a piezoelectric plate with turtles & (+1 + on both sides (2 (2 bonded with an adhesive
(81 and a gold-plate (about 60 A symmetrical piezoelectric bar formed by joining a plate (2 and a
cleaning tank bottom (61 with an adhesive (3 (ma))). (The third shell immol oscillator is. In the
case of an ultrasonic transducer attacking from the above structure, since the ultrasonic waves of
the same phase are radiated into water, the radiation efficiency of the ultrasonic waves is greatly
improved unlike in the case of the conventional transducer, and FIG. Not only the bimorph
oscillator of the fundamental vibration shown by the solid line (b1 as shown in the resonance
characteristic of this embodiment, but further improved to the resonance characteristics and the
point shape of the mountain shape in FIG. The effect is improved to about 411111. jl! Fig. 4
shows another embodiment of the present invention, in which the pressure plate having the
electrode illill on both sides is bonded to the metal plate 1h + via the adhesive (3), and the *
portion on the upper periphery of the gold mti (9) is provided, and an elastic body such as an
annular sponge is fitted, and the metal plate is attached to the bottom of the cleaning tank (when
it is joined to 61 with the adhesive 171K, it is attached to 4 and 7). It strengthens the bonding
degree with the vibrator. In the above description, the case where the Fi vibrator is used for the
ultrasonic cleaning machine Km, ie, the case where ultrasonic waves are radiated into water, is
described, but the same effect can be obtained when radiating other than water. Furthermore,
although the effects of this invention have been described by limiting to the piezoelectric (4th, 7
bimorph oscillators only), it is also possible to use a structure according to this invention for the
other elements such as a flat nillite oscillator ◆ other oscillators as well as K An effect is
obtained. As described above, this invention joins the piezoelectric bimorph vibration wJ 5 and
the cleaning tank up to the vicinity of the node of vibration (VC) and strengthens the coupling
with the cleaning tank. It is O at which a very stable resonance state can be obtained, which has
no noise and high resonance admittance. 1
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