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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross sectional view showing an embodiment
of an ultrasonic vibration apparatus according to the present invention. FIG. 2 shows another
embodiment of the present invention in the same way as the main part sectional view. 1, 11:
Support plate, 2, 12: Ultrasonic transducer, 4.14... Covered cylinder, 5a, 5b, 15a, 15b = A thin
tube for supplying cooling air and discharging. Fig. 1 Fig. 2-175-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an ultrasonic
vibration apparatus that uses ultrasonic cavitation to clean articles in a liquid or to atomize a part
of the liquid. In this type of ultrasonic vibration device, ultrasonic waves are applied to the liquid
in the tank by the ultrasonic vibrator disposed on the outer surface of the bottom of the liquid
tank to cause cavitation. In the case of large changes in power, it is likely to be overheated due to
a large change in load, and the acoustic output is reduced, and when oversized, defects such as
generation of porcelain cracks can not be avoided (1). The present invention has been made to
solve the problems, and an embodiment of the drawings will be described below. FIG. 1 shows
the basic embodiment of the present invention, in which 1 is a support plate made of metal, 2 is a
lead zirconate titanate zinc bonded to the lower surface / iL of the support plate 1 by an adhesive
3. Upper and lower electrode surface 2 & more. 2b is a plate-like electrostrictive vibrator, and the
support plate l to which the electrostrictive vibrator λ is attached is not shown, but the opposite
surface / b of the support plate l is provided at the opening provided on the bottom of the liquid
tank. The support plate 1 is not essential, and the above electrostrictive vibrator is directly
attached to a portion of the bottom surface of the liquid tank O as a support plate. It is also
possible to paste In order to seal the electrostrictive transducer on the lower surface / a of the
support plate l, the cover is made of plastic, etc. fixed by adhesive, welding etc. A pair of thin
tubes communicating with the hollow II4 in the cylinder! &、! It consists of b. The pair of thin
tubes za and zb serve as an air supply pipe and a discharge pipe for supplying air to the air gap 4
in the cover cylinder to cool the vibrator core. Next, FIG. 2 shows a laminated body of
piezoelectric ceramic / Ja, / 2a and an intermediate terminal plate /, 2b as a pair of metal blocks
/ 2C instead of the single type electrostrictive vibrator 2 shown in FIG. In the case of using a
Langevin-type vibrator lco held under pressure by ld and ld, another embodiment to which the
present invention is applied is shown, and the above-mentioned Langevin 皺 screwed to the
lower surface lla of the support plate // by the stud screw 13 The vibrator lco is sealed by a
horizontal cylinder lμ, and the outer face of the machine l ≠ is made as in the embodiment of
FIG. It is a combination of JEL and IZb. In FIG. 1, the upper and lower electrode surfaces 2a of the
electrostrictive vibrator, a pair of conducting wires 7EL and 7b connected to cob, and the
intermediate terminal plate 12b of the Langevin type vibrator lλ and the metal block lco C in
FIG. Nine pairs of 4 # 17a + / 7bFi are connected to each other and are drawn out through
bushes th, fb, trh, irb provided at / $.
(3) As described above, in the ultrasonic vibration apparatus in which the ultrasonic vibrator is
fixed to the support plate, one method is configured so that the vibrator is sealed by the cover
cylinder and the cooling air is circulated in the cover cylinder. In addition, since the vibrator is
forcibly cooled, it not only prevents performance deterioration due to overheating, porcelain
cracking, etc., but since the vibrator is completely disconnected from outside air by KW, the
vibrator due to adhesion of moisture, smell, etc. In addition to being able to prevent fouling, short
circuits and the like, there are many effects such as being able to prevent breakage of the
vibrator due to mechanical impact and stress.
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