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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an explanatory view of an embodiment
according to the present invention, FIG. 2 is an explanatory view of how to use it, and FIG. 3 is an
explanatory view of a state during its operation. Explanation of symbols -1 ... probe, 2 ...
transducer, 3 ... cable, 4 ... ultrasonic flaw detector, 5 ... outer case 5a ... sleeve, 6 и и и и Inner case,
7 и и и Contact medium, 8 иии Contact medium replenishment tank-9 и и и Hose.
The present invention relates to a probe of an ultrasonic flaw detector, and an ultrasonic flaw
detector related to a probe structure characterized in that a contact medium is automatically
supplied from the probe is inspected. When transmitting and receiving an ultrasonic wave to an
object, it is general to minimize the attenuation of the received wave by providing a contact
medium between the transducer and the transducer. As the couplant, a liquid that transmits
ultrasonic waves of oil, glycerin, hydraulic lass, water, etc. well is often used. In the conventional
method, a contact medium is applied to the inside flaw detection surface of the object to be
inspected with a brush or the like in advance of the flaw detection. Tsuku 7-It is common, so it
has the following drawbacks. (1) It tends to apply extra to apply the couplant in advance. (2) If a
defect is found in the middle of flaw detection, it is necessary to detect a defect at an
unscheduled place to confirm it, and in this case, the application of the contact medium is
required again on that portion. (3) The application of the contact medium is set up for flaw
detection and requires simplification. The purpose of this proposal is to eliminate the application
of more than necessary 11 in the supply of the couplant and to provide a structure that enables
more efficient measurement. Supply the couplant. In the following, one embodiment of a
vegetable will be described with reference to FIG. 1, FIG. 2 and FIG. 3, but the same parts will be
assigned the same reference numerals and descriptions thereof will be omitted. Reference
numeral 1 denotes a probe, the tip of which has a transducer 2 for transmitting and receiving
ultrasonic waves, and the other one is in communication with the ultrasonic flaw detector 4 via a
shell 3. <2> <The outer case 5 is made of a transparent plastic etc. and made visible to the inside
of the <1>, and the <2>-part is made visible. A sleeve 5a made of rubber, vinyl or the like is
provided, and an inner case 6 made of a soft comb or the like is further provided on the inner
side so that the contact medium 7 does not easily leak in a stationary state. Further, the contact
medium 7 is structured so as to be able to be replenished from the contact medium
replenishment tank 8 through the hose 9 to the portion of 7. FIG. 2 shows the condition of use,
and in the case of flaw detection, the outer case 5 is held with a finger and moved in an arbitrary
direction while being lightly pressed against the surface of the object to be inspected 10. Probe, (.
When the child is removed from the object to be inspected, the portion of the sleeve 5a is
strongly held with a finger and held together with the probe 1 inside. When the contact medium
is lost, the outer case 5 is transparent so that the state can be seen at a glance. Also, when
automatic feeding of the contact medium is not required 15, the probe 1 and the cable 3 can be
disconnected and the part of the contact medium feeder can be removed easily.
FIG. 3 shows the supply state of the contact medium, and when the probe is held by moving the
outer case 5 in the direction of the arrow 11 and the button is turned, the friction force between
the vibrator 2 and the inspection object 10 causes the inside 2U ? ? The case 63 is collapsed,
and the 6b side is crushed to form a gap on the 6C side, and the contact medium 7 is supplied to
73. That is, the contact medium can come out in front of the moving direction of the probe which
moves arbitrarily, and can be easily supplied between the vibrator 2 and the inspection object 10.
As a result of the above, the setting operation of applying the contact medium in advance can be
omitted, and the inspection efficiency can be greatly improved.
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