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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of an ultrasonic ceramic
microphone according to a conventional example, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view showing an
embodiment of the ultrasonic ceramic microphone according to the present invention, and FIG.
FIG. 4 is a diagram showing sensitivity frequency characteristics and impedance characteristics
of the microphone, and FIG. 5 is a cross-sectional view showing another embodiment of the
present invention. 6.61 и и и и и и и и Bimorph oscillator, 8, 8 'и и и и и Conical resonator, 8A, 8A' и и и и и
Curved portion, 9 и и и и и и и complex resonance Child 12, 12 иии terminal ?, 13 и и и case и 14 и и и
coupling shaft.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is to provide a remote
control device for television set t, an ultrasonic wave ceramic microphone having wide band
characteristics which can be used for multi-channel universal motor control or equipment. . A
conventional microphone of this god will be described with reference to FIG. Terminal plate 3 of
the bimorph oscillator 1 is circularly pressed at the top of a cone-shaped resonator 2 made of
kettle or resin to form a composite resonator, and the front 6 self-opportunity resonators are
attached by an elastic adhesive 5 And a case 4 covering the composite resonator. In the
conventional structure, the conical resonator in the center of the bimorph oscillator 1 is high
because the bimorph oscillator 10 has a high level of vibration and there is no matching card 'n
with the acoustic intrinsic impedance of air required at the time of conversion By adding 2 and
selecting the material field of the conical resonator 2, the acoustic conversion efficiency is
enhanced to enhance the sensitivity g8. ?????????????? ???? Due to the
common form, the damping of sensitivity is canine at other than the resonance point, and the
wide band can not be broadened at the same time. Was more than 2 and the peripheral limb U
stability was bad. ? ? The present invention proposes an ultrasonic ceramic microphone
having a wide band characteristic M, which improves the problems of the above-mentioned
conventional products. The following is the truth of this arrow! MIHJl'l will be described with
reference to FIG. In FIG. 2, 6A is a pressure% value oscillator-sB is a pressure Ifff excited vibrator
made of metal and resin that does not have piezoelectricity. Then, it is bonded to the piezoelectric
beaker vibrator 6A and #fN is applied to the bimorph vibrator 6, and the input / output of the
signal is performed via the lead edges 7A and 713. When an alternating current signal is added
by 1 "through the lead wires 7A and 7B, the bimorph oscillator 6 generates a flexural vibration. 8
is a conical resonator made of Sparrow (or made of resin), and has a shape in which 1 i 11 part
8A is covered on the side [II] F-1 circumference band, and the central portion of 1 ("6 6 bimorph
oscillator 6 The tops of the seven are attached with an adhesive or the like, and a composite
resonator 9'ff is formed by this. The conical resonator 8 is divided into a portion that receives
direct vibration from the bimorph oscillator 6 and a portion that receives 1i + i tangentially. The
impedance characteristic of the composite resonator 9 having the conical resonator 8] and -7'4 is
the same as the mechanical doublet of the conical resonator 8. A complex resonance formed by a
peak resonance characteristic and a bimorph resonance characteristic, that is, one which has two
or more resonance points, is widely available.
According to this embodiment, the conical resonator 80 has an outer diameter of 6 to 8 with an
outer diameter of 6 to 8 and an angle (fan town) connecting one point to the bottom is 130 to
1500. The pitch of the cross-sectional bimodal shape is one to three. The impedance
characteristic of the composite resonator 9 at this time is such that the first resonance point
frequency Ffr + is about 34 and the second resonance point family wave number fr2 is about 46
KH2. However, the frequency of the bimorph oscillator 6 is set to about 42 to 47 KHz. The
equivalent circuit of this impedance characteristic is as shown in FIG. In FIG. 3, C1 and L1 are
capacitors for series sharing and coil + R1 is the internal resistance of the bimorph oscillator 6,
C2 and L1 are capacitors and coils for series resonance, and R2 is an additional resistance for the
conical resonator 8. C1 is a capacitor which forms parallel resonance with the capacitor C1 and
the coil L1, and M is a coupling inductance of -1. Therefore, the vibration transfer factor of the
above-mentioned curved portion 8A is larger than one hill, and what is closely coupled
resonance. Therefore, the resonance points of the resonance curve are divided into two, and fz1
'= and fr2 "= d.tau." ? .sigma.2.pi.W [; I [. Thus, the composite resonator 9 of the present
invention has impedance characteristics with two resonance points as shown by the resonance
[ll] line a in FIG. 4, and in acoustic characteristics as shown by b in FIG. A sensitivity frequency
custom-made countering the two resonance frequencies is obtained, and it exhibits a wide band
and high sensitivity. The impedance between the first joint point and the second resonance point
is almost redundant, and the high sensitivity region conventionally shows resonance
characteristics and the impedance changes rapidly, whereas the present invention takes stable
impedance. It is possible to In m5X of FIG. 2 above, 10 is an elastic adhesive for attaching the
double-piece forceps 9 on the terminal plate 12 on which the external terminals 11A and 11B
are implanted, the lead rods 7A and 7B are the bimorph oscillator 6 The upper and lower middle
pole LTtl and the external terminals 11A and 11B are electrically connected to each other. 13 is
the composite resonator 9. It is a case which covers lead wire 7A, 7B with the terminal board 12.
FIG. FIG. 5 shows another embodiment of the present invention, in which a coupling shaft 14 is
provided at the central portion of a bimorph oscillator e ', and the curved section 8A. The conical
resonator 8 'provided is connected to the anvil 14 by means of a hole formed at its central
portion and mounted on the bimorph oscillator 6'. The equivalent circuit of the impedance
characteristic in this embodiment is the same as that of the above embodiment, and the
sensitivity frequency characteristic etc. is also the same as that shown in FIG.
Then, according to the configuration of FIG. 6, while increasing the focusing power by means of
the coupling llN 1114, the conical resonator 8 '(+? As it is attached to the connecting shaft 14, it
has the advantage that the sensitivity frequency characteristics can be easily changed by
adjusting the distance. As described above, according to the configuration of the present
invention, an ultrasonic ceramic microphone with high sensitivity and 7 'sound band (about twice
9' ? 'и' 7 'or more compared to the conventional resonant microphone) is provided. It can be
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