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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view showing an
embodiment of the present invention. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 иииии Sealed box body, 1a иииииииии
Recessed main body of metal casing, 1a ? иииииииии Diaphragm, 2 ииииииии Ultrasonic transducer, 3 иии ... ...
pillar. Correction Akira 54.7. ??
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a large, enclosed
ultrasonic processor. Sealed ultrasonic processing equipment used for ceramic equipment etc .:
? There is a large one that reaches up to 70 ? Qcs square, and it is expected to become larger
in history, but this ? ? sealed ultrasonic processing equipment There is a relationship in which
a large number of east imaging motions are implanted on the inner surface of the closed housing,
while one body that embeds a transducer has a relationship in which the ultrasonic imaging
motion of the imaging motions is transmitted to the external treatment liquid Due to the limited
thickness, it causes deflection, for example, 4370 m, horizontal jjOm. (1) In the case of an
ultrasonic treatment apparatus of gross weight co-O & f in which an electrostrictive transducer is
planted in a closed enclosure of height t 3 and thickness 3 cabinet, in the normal state, the
central part is l-1 It causes strange deflection, which promotes abnormal vibration in use and
promotes erosion and causes loosening or peeling of other vibrators-point. The present invention
is embodied to solve the above-mentioned drawbacks, and seven or more columns are implanted
in the main part between the one end face of the closed housing and the other shoulder facing
the diaphragm. This succeeds in preventing the deflection of the diaphragm, and a practical
example of the drawings will be described below. In the figure, / is a closed body made of a
concave main body / a of stainless steel or the like, and a rhombus l'o liquid-freshly arrived at the
opening surface thereof, where k is one end of the closed housing l, Here, with a large number of
ultrasonic imaging movers implanted on the inner surface of the concave body / a at its bottom /
a 'as the imaging plate! Pair of polarized barium titanate or titanium 111! Electrostrictive
elements represented by lead zirconate-based porcelain, ?a, and metal terminal plates which are
connected in series as they are mechanically connected in series, and electrically (2,) electrically
in parallel as opposed to the inner opposing surface usually. And the above-mentioned
electrostrictive element Ja, and the negative fi surface of one of the outer sides of the
electrostrictive element Ja, 2a and the diaphragm t, I to transmit the axial vibration of the
electrostrictive element to the diaphragm / IL ' The metal plate front plate 2c to be transmitted to
the treatment liquid of the ultrasonic treatment tank on the outer side, and the metal plate back
plate d which is also arranged on the other negative electrode face of the electrostrictive element
to adjust the grasping frequency Although it is not, it is constituted by a publicly known joining
means consisting of a clamping bolt which concentrically aligns and fixes the pair of
electrostrictive elements coa, -2a inserted with these terminal plates and the front plate 2c and
the backing plate 2d. Although an electrostrictive bed ultrasonic transducer is shown, the
transducer is not limited to an electrostrictive one, but nickel, ferrite It may be used in the
magnetostrictive vibrator. Next, 3 is an imaging plate / a'o on which a large number of vibrators
have been implanted / a'o A metal post on which a pot is implanted by welding 3a or the like at
an appropriate place. The full length dimension is set to prevent 'sagging (dropping) and the
other end is pre-drilled in the lid / h (3) through the through hole to weld 3b or not shown The
other end abuts on the inner surface of the weir lb without providing a hole.
In the drawing, for the purpose of simplifying the explanation, the planting distance of the
imaging actuator in the central portion is set to be slightly larger, and seven struts are provided
at the center. There is no need to increase the distance between the two, and a plurality of
support rods may be provided at appropriate locations depending on the size of the apparatus
and the number of transducers. Each t is inserted through a small hole lc provided on the side
surface of the concave main body / a! 9 shows a filling material such as a synthetic resin which
connects the terminal plates 2b of the kR motor in parallel and seals the positive electrode side
lead wire j, and the lead wire j is similarly connected to the metal block and the support of each
vibrator to be An oscillating circuit is formed by connecting to an external oscillator together
with a negative electrode lead conducting to the body l. Since the present invention is configured
to prevent the deflection of the moving plate of the housing through which the above-described
plurality of moving members are implanted, it is possible to eliminate the conventional
drawbacks and to solve the case (D) K is also increased in size, and a large amount of a large
weight oscillator is used to suppress the erosion based on abnormal vibration promoted by the
deflection K of the peristaltic plate, and furthermore, the oscillator may be loosened, and peeling
may occur. There is an excellent effect to eliminate.
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