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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a block diagram of an ultrasonic transducer
array, FIG. 2 is a side view showing an example of the electrode structure of a conventional
transducer array, FIG. 3 is a front view, and FIG. FIG. 5 is a side view showing the prior art, FIG. 5
is a side view showing one embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 7 is a front view
showing the same. 1
Conductive mold material Or conductive paint.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a compact, low
noise ultrasonic transducer. The block diagram of the ultrasonic transducer array is shown in
FIG. 1. 11 'i piezoelectric electrons, 2 is a common electrode, 3 is an individual electrode, 4 is a
beam former, 5 is a dahlia-1, #ha 2 y-amp, A common electrode 2 is disposed on one side of the
piezoelectric electron 1, and a plurality of individual electrodes 3 are disposed on the other side.
The common electrode 2 is grounded, and the output from the individual electrode 3 is in a delay
in,! The beamformer 4 is input to the beamformer 4 and beamformed and then input to the
preamplifier 5. The sound wave is received on either the common electrode side or the individual
electrode side, and the opposite side of each must be masked with a sound absorbing material.
An example of the electrode structure of a conventional transistor juicer array is shown in FIG. 2
and FIG. 3, 1 is a piezoelectric, 2 is a common electrode, 3 is an individual electrode, 6 is a lead, 7
is a sound absorbing material, 8 is an insulation The molding material 9 is a mold. According to
this conventional example, the common electrode 2 is placed outside the housing 9, i.e., on the
sound wave incoming side, and the individual electrode 3 is housed inside the housing 9. FIG. In
the case of such a structure, since the common electrode 2 is disposed on the outside to be
shielded, it is effective in reducing external noise, but the individual electrode 3 with a
complicated structure is 2- inside Therefore, there is a disadvantage that the processing of the
electrode and the drawing of the lead 6 are difficult. Furthermore, according to another
conventional example shown in FIGS. 4 and 5, 1 is a piezoelectric, 2 is a common electrode, 3 is
an individual electrode, 6 is a lead, 8 is an insulating molding material, 9 is a housing, and this
structure According to the above, the provision of the common electrode 2 on the outside is the
same as the above example, but the extension to the entire outside of the individual electrode 3
makes it easy to pull out the conducting wire 6. However, in this structure, the polarization
direction of the piezoelectric electron 1 is bent as shown by the arrow in FIG. 4, and as a result,
the sensitivity is lowered and the external noise is easily induced from the external individual
electrode portion. There is. Therefore, the present invention is characterized in that the individual
electrodes of the transducer array are on the outside and the electrodes are further shielded by a
conductive molding material, and the electrode processing of the transducer array is made easy
for that purpose. It is to reduce. 6 and 7 show an embodiment of the present invention, in which
1 is a piezoelectric, 2 is a common electrode, 3 is an individual electrode, 10 is a 3-ground
terminal, 11 is an individual terminal, 6 is a lead, 8 is a lead. Insulating molding material, 12 is
conductive molding material or conductive paint, 9 is a housing, connected to the ground
terminal 10 on the common electrode 2 whole housing 9 and connected to the individual
terminal 11 on the individual electrode 3 t housing 9 Make it work.
An incident ultrasonic signal is converted into an piezoelectric signal 1 into an piezoelectric
signal, applied from an individual electrode 3 to an individual terminal 11 on a housing 9
through a lead 6, and then transmitted to a beam former and further amplified by a preamplifier
and output Be done. The individual electrodes 3 are insulated by the insulating molding material
8 and covered thereon with the conductive molding material 12, which is connected to the
ground terminal 10 on the housing 9 to act as a shield against external noise. According to the
present invention described above, the position of the difficult-to-process individual electrodes is
on the outside of the housing, that is, on the sound wave incoming or outgoing side, and the
external conductive noise is completely covered by the grounded conductive molding material to
reduce external noise It is possible to carry out microfabrication of individual electrodes which
are difficult and difficult to process, and to take out the lead after attaching the transducer to the
housing 21. This has an advantage that the processing is extremely simplified. Therefore, it is
effective for use in transducers such as ultrasonic diagnostic apparatuses, ultrasonic inspection
apparatuses, sonars, etc., which require a high SN ratio. In the above embodiment, although the
case of a plurality of wave receiving play has been described, the thermodynamics is effective
even when the transducer is single or when it is used as a transmitter or a transmitter / receiver.
Although not shown, an insulating mold material may be further applied on the conductive mold
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