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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing one
embodiment of the present invention, and a rear view showing the second part back cover
removed. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ... Body, 2 ... Buzzer unit, 3 ... Back cover, 4 ..., Battery
cover, 5 ... Disk-like frame, 6 ... Diaphragm, 7 ... Piezoelectric Element, wedge, annular groove, 9:
rim, 10: 0 ring, 11: fixing ring, 13: patkin, 14: foot, 15: sound outlet, 16
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a sound emitting
structure of a watch with an alarm. There is a timepiece having a sound generator (nose) at the
lower part of the watch body and a sound emission port provided at the side of the lower part. In
such a watch, the sound emission port may be blocked by the close contact of the arm and the
case at the time of portability, and the buzzer may be extinguished. It is intended to be provided.
For this purpose, the sound emitting structure according to the present invention protrudes from
the case in order to attach the band (1) //, 73 Ge between the two legs so that the sound emitting
port is not blocked by the arm. It is characterized in that it is provided. This will be described
below with reference to the drawings. In the figure, 1 is a watch case body, and the unitary fuser
2, back cover 3 and battery cover 4 are respectively attached to the back side of the watch case 1
or 2 and the disc frame 5 and the diaphragm 6 are attached. The frame 5 to which the
piezoelectric element 1'-7 is fixed is provided on the back side 1 of the diaphragm, and has an
annular groove 8 and a flange 9 on the outer periphery, and the in-groove-shaped KL ring 10, the
peripheral edge of the diaphragm 6 and the fixing ring 11 are overlapped, and the flange 9 is
crimped and fixed to integrate the feather device. In the frame 5, communication holes 12 for
electrically connecting the electric circuit in the main body and the piezoelectric element 7 are
provided at four places-[the frame 5 has a hand touching the diaphragm during assembly] It is
possible to prevent the camera from moving and the moving plate to flex by the water pressure
of the infiltrating water-it is possible to make this unitized buser uninot 2 so that this unit is
made via the banoquino 13 (2) The Buzzer Unit is fixed Wd close to the pair of feet 14 for
connecting one of the two arms, and between the feet 14 A venting eye 15 communicating the
inside and the outside is formed by a notch at a position where the arm does not get cold when
carrying. The back cover 3 is fitted and fixed to the back of the body so as to close the opening
911 + ? и и и side of the sound emission port 15 The back cover 3 is fitted to the body by the
projection 16 At the position corresponding to the sound emission port 15, the sound emission
port 20 by a notch is provided. Openings 12L and 22 for housing the pond and the city are
provided on the ear tips 1 and the back lid 16, respectively, and the battery lid 4 is fitted to the
double openings 11 via the O-ring 18 and is not It is fixed at the same time, and at the same time
the back cover is also fixed to the body. Because of the structure as described above, the one-ram
sound generated by the buzzer unit 2 passes blindly through the sound emission 120.15 from
the space 19 between the back cover 3 and the outside.
Since the sound emission port is in a position where it is not blocked by a weir, the sound does
not become weak. In addition, since the sound emission port is not visible from the front (3) It
does not interfere with the tesing. Furthermore, since the buzzer device is provided on the back
cover side, it is advantageous to widen the display surface of the watch. is there.
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