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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing an embodiment
of a piezoelectric speaker according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a perspective view
showing a piezoelectric vibrator used in FIG. 1 and a supporting elastic body. FIG. 3 is a
characteristic diagram showing frequency characteristics of the piezoelectric speaker according
to the present invention. 11: frame, 13: diaphragm, 14: piezoelectric vibrator, 15: elastic body. −
The present invention relates to a broadband piezoelectric speaker using a piezoelectric vibrator,
and relates to improvement of the frequency characteristic thereof. Generally speaking,
piezoelectric speakers using pressure-wax wall mover are miserably operated with small power,
so energy saving inside 1) (+, /: 7 slots, etc.). From the viewpoint of practical use is desired, and
four proposals have been made on the structure, support structure of pressure 'II motor, support
material, etc. in γC. However, at present, there are advantages and disadvantages for broadband
applications, and in particular, there is a drawback that large peaks and valleys are produced in
the most important frequency characteristics as a speaker. For this reason, it is inferior to the
dynamic speaker generally open. This is due to the large peaks and valleys on the frequency
characteristics, which is a drawback of the 屯 speaker, due to the strong natural resonance of the
pressure Kski itself. Therefore, it is necessary to damp this natural resonance. For this reason, it
is conceivable that the pressure is supported by a very high support material such as metal and
the inner shoulder resonance '%: braking is performed. However, in this case, the lower limit
frequency is increased (2)), and the low efficiency is reduced. An object of the present invention
is to provide a piezoelectric speaker whose frequency characteristics are altered by attaching a
piezoelectric actuator to a frame via an elastic body adhered to its peripheral portion. The
invention will now be described with reference to an embodiment shown in the drawings. In FIG.
1, 111) is a frame and is formed in a striated shape, and a circular opening 121 is provided on
the bottom (11,) of the frame. [alpha] J is a diaphragm having a shallow conical shape with its
outer peripheral edge fixed to the illustrated upper inner periphery (11, 6) of the frame a '-and
its inner peripheral edge is the bottom surface (11, ) Fixed on the piezoelectric vibrator 114
brazed on top. u51 is an elastic body for support, and as shown in Fig. 2, contacts the peripheral
portion of (3) Li J 鑵 of the crush pregnant woman I. Then, the piezoelectric vibrator 1 is
attached and supported on the bottom portion (11a) as shown in FIG. The lead wire is connected
to the piezoelectric actuator I and applies an electric field thereto. Here, the elastic body for
support (for example, a rubber material having a hardness of about 60 ° is used as 151, and the
frequency characteristic of one having a diameter of 6.5 mm using this elastic body is shown by
a solid curve in FIG. 8). [Show. In this elastic body, control of the natural resonance on the
piezoelectric wR @@ side is also good, and as shown in the drawing, large peaks and valleys do
not occur on the frequency characteristics. In addition, the lower limit frequency was also
lowered by light, and the decrease in efficiency was also small, and the pair was also superior in
the experimental results.
The elastic body 119 is not limited to the above-described rubber material only, and any elastic
body having the same function (4) -1) may be used. For example, when relatively soft
polyethylene foam is used, its frequency characteristic becomes K as shown by a broken curve in
FIG. In this case, since the damping for the eigen-co-imaging of the pressure L 14 is slightly
weaker than in the case of the rubber material described above, the peaks and valleys of the
frequency characteristics are relatively thick (but the lower limit frequency is a sufficient amount
( Also, the decrease in efficiency was small, and the mounting efficiency was better than that of
the conventional configuration. As described above, according to the present invention, the
elastic body is adhered to the peripheral portion of the piezoelectric 動 mover, and this is
provided between and supported by the frame, so that the pressure in the ^ band having good
frequency characteristics. You can get a city speaker. Therefore, it becomes possible to put to
practical use the piezoelectric (5) speaker which operates with extremely low power and which is
extremely useful from the energy saving point of view.
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