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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a front sectional view of a conventional
ultrasonic ceramic microphone, and FIG. 2 is a front sectional view of an ultrasonic ceramic
microphone according to one embodiment of the present invention. '5 ииииии Metal resonance plate,
5a ииииии Vibration part, 5b иииииии Vibration suppression, 6 иииии Piezoelectric ceramic vibrator ииииииии и и и
(Tubular) case, 8 и и и и и и и Terminal plate, 8a и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и elastic resin.
[Detailed Description of the Invention] ? ? ? This one is super outdoor, such as a car rear
detector etc.! The present invention relates to an ultrasonic ceramic microphone used as a sound
wave sensor. 71'2 This type of conventional microphone will be described with reference to FIG.
A vibration case 1 has a structure in which a vibration impedance is improved by configuring the
vibration portion 1b to be thinner than the thickness of one side portion 1a to provide a
difference of mechanical impedance. The piezoelectric ceramic vibrator 2 is bonded to the
vibrating portion 1b of the vibration case 1 and the terminal plate 3 is fixed to the opening
portion of the lower portion of the vibration case 1 with the elastic adhesive 4 interposed
therebetween. ing. In the above-mentioned conventional ultrasonic ceramic microphone, the
vibration case 1 has the side portion 1a and the vibration portion 1b formed at right angles, and
the thickness difference between the side portion 1a and the vibration portion 1b is made large!
ll-I was trying to increase the shooting efficiency. However, since the side portion 1d vibrates
together with the vibrating portion 1b only with such a configuration, the energy of the vibration
of the vibrating portion 1b is absorbed, and the sound pressure of the sound wave emitted from
the vibrating portion 1b on the front surface decreases. By supporting the side portion 1a of the
vibration case 1, the p ? + иииии ? ? impedance characteristic is affected, and the characteristic
tends to fluctuate. In addition, since the vibration case 1 utilizes the difference in thickness
between the side portion 1a and the vibrating portion 1b, the squeeze processing with the
uniform 3 material can not be performed, and the processability is poor. The present invention
ameliorates the above-mentioned conventional drawbacks and provides a V-sensitive, broadband
ultrasonic ceramic microphone. One embodiment of the present invention will be described with
reference to FIG. Reference numeral 6 denotes a metal resonance plate, which is configured such
that a single vibration suppressing portion 6b is integrally formed with the vibrating portion 5a
at an outer edge portion of the vibrating portion 6d having a uniform upper surface. The cross
section of the vibration suppressing portion 5b has an inclined wave shape. The corrugations
have two or more abdomens. The metal resonator plate 6 is bonded to the lower surface of the
vibrating portion 6a of the piezoelectric ceramic vibrator 6 to form a coupled resonator.
Reference numeral 7 denotes a cylindrical case, and the outer edge portion of the castration
restraining portion 6b of the metallic resonance plate 6 is defined in the opening portion of the
upper portion of the case 7 while the lower opening portion of the case 7 is The terminal plate 8
having the reflecting portion 8d is inserted into the portion, and the opening of the lower portion
of the case 7 is closed by the bottom surface of the terminal plate 2 and closed. Further, the
space -7-7-f between the terminal plate 8 and the case 7 is sealed by the elastic resin 9.
Incidentally, the metal resonance plate 6 and the Coosuf can be integrally configured, and even if
they are integrally configured, the performance targeted by the present invention can be
Here, the dimensions of one embodiment of the present invention are shown in the following
table. Table Piezoelectric ceramic vibration outer diameter (Dl) О thickness (+,) (?) moving
element 68, 4?XO, made of gold plated outer diameter (D2) X thickness (t2) О angle (of (IIIl)
diaphragm 516?xo , 3 t X 3 Q 0 reflection portion 8 a and the 2 ░ 0 (') distance between the
piezoelectric ceramic vibrator 6 and the outer diameter 4. ??? The thicknesses 11, 12 and the
angle ? and the spacing C are shown in FIG. The distance A between the reflection portion 8a of
the terminal plate 8 and the piezoelectric ceramic vibrator 6 is preferably set at a position where
standing wave resonance can be easily obtained. In the calculation, constant pressure wave
resonance can be obtained at a position of ? / 4 (? is the wavelength of the vibration wave) or
more, but in practice, five are set by actual measurement because of the complex resonance
shape. According to the above configuration, it is possible to prevent the case 7 from absorbing
the energy of the V pickup movement by the one metal resonance plate 6. This is because the
metal resonance plate 5 is fixed to the upper end portion of the case 7 in the wavelike vibration
suppressing portion 5b, so that the vibration suppressing of the one vibrating portion 5a and the
vibration leakage from the imaging portion 6a are mitigated and stabilized. It is because a
vibration can be obtained. The metal resonance plate 5 includes a vibrating portion 5a having a
central flat portion and a vibration suppressing portion 5b formed by deforming the outer edge
portion of the vibrating portion 5a into a curved portion having a wave-like inclination. Since the
shape of the gum pad in which the shooting and moving part 5a is the bottom of the recess is
formed, it has a sound collecting effect and can significantly improve the acoustic conversion
efficiency. In addition, the distance between the piezoelectric ceramic diaphragm 6 and the
reflection portion 8d provided on the one terminal plate 8 is appropriately determined to obtain
the acoustic resonance of the vibration portion 5a, so that it has a high sensitivity and a wide
band. -A sealed ultrasonic ceramic microphone can be realized. As described above, the ultrasonic
ceramic ? coupi 6 crophone of the present invention is provided with a wave-like vibration
suppressing portion inclined to the outer edge portion of the metal resonant plate, and the metal
resonant plate is formed into a cylindrical case through this vibration suppressing portion.
Because it is fixed to one, the vibration efficiency is improved and one sound collection effect is
also excellent, and furthermore, the terminal plate is provided with a reflection part that makes it
easy to obtain resonance with the metal resonance plate, which is highly sensitive and
broadband. It has the characteristics. Such an ultrasonic ceramic microphone is useful as an
ultrasonic sensor used for a car rear detector etc., and industrial use value is large.
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