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Detailed description of the invention Piezoelectric porcelain) 'b1-xcax Ti1-y (Mn1 / 1 Sb2./3) yO3
absorbed, electromechanical coupling coefficient of motion, k,' -gas mechanical coupling
coefficient of radial direction ' The pressure container is characterized in that
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a piezoelectric
ceramic material for a thickness longitudinal oscillator. An ultrasonic transducer using a
thickness of a piezoelectric container plate # (ki is widely used in, for example, a marine
certificate measuring system, a medical ultra-high frequency f-test wr device t, and the like.
Usually, zircon-titanium-lead-based pressure 11ii, which has a large electromechanical coupling
coefficient, is used as the pressure t = tffi device material. However, in this material, since the
electromechanical coupling coefficient kt of the thickness vibrating rod and the
electromechanical coupling coefficient of the radial vibration have the same size as each other,
the thickness longitudinal vibrator has the same thickness and thickness. It is also possible to
excite a large number of corner machine tests due to cross-fowling. For example, in ultrasonic
transducers for imaging, it is desirable that the axotropic sub-pole be small, but if the thickness
due to the piezoelectric transverse effect is near the frequency, the vibration due to the
piezoelectric transversal effect may be a J image. In the wave number, the tombstone of the
tombstone was operated by the piston (par 2 (・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・
・ ・ ・ ・ ・ As a method of eliminating this drawback, a method of making a large number of
deep incisions in the direction perpendicular to the ridge and in the piezoelectric plate has been
pumped. This matter is described, for example, in the article "1 Dice Transfer Transformer-1976Child Week, Internal Medicine", "Mt. Component Materials Research Institute Yellow Material,
CPM 76-47". However, cutting into Uzawa Turiko is not a good buy from the standpoint of
industrial production. In other words, at the same time as the production process (this is Puppe,
one child is in the process of giving birth to one child with a risk rate of 15 phr). 7. : Insert cut d.
・ In Ll, every '1-pole' it + 'r is independent 6 ′' 2 g, l, electric I key 入 in / out EndPage: 1 m for
no force! The lJ-de must be taken out for each ball, which complicates the production process
and at the same time causes damage to the lead weirs due to external shocks and vibrations, and
cutting accidents, resulting in a reduction in reliability. In addition, even for transducers for
ultrasonic diagnosis lIT devices, it is necessary to select a size and shape close to the resonance
naval wave number of longitudinal vibration used by the resonance vibration of crush effect
vibration, and to select vibration and vibration. It was a major obstacle to child design. The
dimensions and shape of the thickness-longitudinal vibrator are greatly restricted for other
applications as well for the same reason. In contrast, lead-titanate-based pressure gauges and
equipment materials have large thickness longitudinal vibration aero-mechanical multi-reservoir
number, and radial direction vibration vJ '* gas scale factor, Is small. And it is also reported that
the size of 1 to 11 is around 13.
If such a material is used, the restriction on the dimensions and shape of the thicknesslongitudinal vibration exciter is reduced to 7%, but it is not 100% yet. The thickness of the
pressure squeegee plate is 1, 1,. = O is desired. -"It is necessary to provide a size-constraint Bconstraint to avoid the influence of the piezoelectric transverse effect (to provide a piezoelectric
conductor material for a thickness-loss ladder less than 1 mm). The composition of the 4
invention '+ -g material is characterized by rb,-, 1 ed, □-9 (corridor 173). In the present
invention, the ceramics y of the present invention are used for the super transducer receiver 7
(1) (L for the dimensions and shape of the porcelain plate other than the thickness of the
porcelain plate is a choice or self- It can be designed in the ideal shape according to the purpose
of the radiation area area and shape. Water surface-庄 祇 庄 祇 Φ 必要 必要 よ よ 必要 必要 必要
切 り 込 み ま で ま で ま で ま で ま で よ い よ い 1 good. In addition, the order * of the
porcelain plate is b by f L1 ii, and if the use frequency σ is squeezed, the flame 6 is applied to
the unambiguous bi '5. The following non-inventions will be detailed by Kakai O. One raw
material for obtaining the material of the present invention is as follows: (1) 1 (b) titanium oxide
('l' 1 u '), Rm calcium ((-aCox) manganese carbonate (Ran C03), Each powder of antimony oxide
(Sb2Q) was used. ここでeaC(J2. The IVffIco3 is required to have the necessary weight in
terms of CaO and MnO, respectively. Each powder was weighed by a predetermined amount,
mixed in a ball mill using pure water, and the mixed powder was pre-fired at 850 ° C. for 1
hour. After being milled, the premilled flour was compacted at a pressure of 1000 # / # 2Q) and
sintered at 1200 to 1260 ° C. for 1 hour, and then compacted into a disc having a diameter of
17 and a thickness of 0.511111. Silver 'electrodes were brazed on both sides, and a parting
treatment was performed by applying a direct current magnetic field of 8 KV / ws in an axial oil
at 120 ° C. for 1 hour. After standing at room temperature for a period of time electric machine
@ bamboo coefficient kt and to the "pond of the foot" was performed. FIG. 1 shows that the
composition of the present invention is ci + x with Pb □ -x (, ax '111-y (Mn 173 Sl) y), 03, X = 0
to 0.30 u as Y = 0.05. 2.) In the case of changing in the range, 憧 and 憧 are shown. ktl This,
according to the Mii L is Xυ Roh increase regarding Kabutofutoshi, maximum at X = 0.2~025,
more X are two 1 decreases and increases. The 11 虻 of kt that we visited here is up to 58% [this
also leads and the largest bow in conventional titanium l'M4 materials), so zircon titanium rH!
l Comparable to lead-based materials. -10,000 kp 4! As XQA * increases, it decreases, and takes a
strictly small value between x = 0.10-0.20, and increases by x = o and 20 over 1−. In all seven
cases, there is kp = u-c 'at least one block. There is no report on such materials. Fig. 2 shows kt /
kpt)) or more than 13 (or such "龜" and ("t / 3 SO 2 / s) bimit, and the diagonal i head c / 4
divided area T '(Mas') <(Kt7, z13, etc.) 4 hours of practice) It is clear that the material of the
present invention is kt / kp, and it is also possible to make this 11L out of order. is there.
According to the invention, if the material of the present invention is applied to an ultra-f wave
transducer utilizing thickness longitudinal vibration (L #: it is not necessary to apply a separate
shoemaker to the contactor, and ultrasonic radiation go and preb According to the purpose, it
becomes possible to set T on a white day, and 7 C. 1 Eastern 1 Kii + clothing is high 0 drawing B.
"4 J. Description 1st, 1 is a book of η family according to the present invention叱 S 叱 大 万 IE'J
振動 1 に 叱 を 叱 1 、 Page 、 EndPage: 22 22 本 明 材料 料 的 材料 度 和 を 的 電 気
kt 合
仕 方 kt 和 方法 1'u3 It shows a composition range exceeding the ratio kt / kp7J513 to the
electromechanical coupling coefficient kp of vibration. Memorandum 1 Figure (,, l) EndPage: 3
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