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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 show the cross-sectional structure of
the main part of a conventional piezoelectric electroacoustic transducer, FIG. 3 shows the crosssectional structure of the main part of one embodiment of this invention, FIGS. 4a and 4b are
schematic views of the metal diaphragm, and FIGS. 5 to 7 are views showing the cross-sectional
structure of the main part of another embodiment. 11 иии Piezoelectric ceramic thin plate, 12 иии
Metal diaphragm, 13 и и и Housing, 14.15 иии Electrode lead signal line, A, A1. A2: Groove by
[Detailed description of the invention] This invention is' tl! ?? The present invention relates to a
chimney-type electroacoustic transformation Mid to be incorporated into an i-machine or the
like. ??????????? 1i% N; j и Conventionally, as a piezoelectric electroacoustic
transducer of this type, as shown in FIG. 1, a piezoelectric ceramic thin plate l is adhered to a
metal diaphragm 2 with an adhesive or the like, and the periphery of the metal diaphragm 2 is
enclosed. It is known that it is supported and fixed to the body 3 and it is a memorial. 4 and 5 are
electrode lead signal lines. Generally, a thin circular plate with a diameter of 1 o-3 oms and a
thickness of 0.1-0.4 m is used as the piezoelectric ceramic thin plate l, and a metal vibrating plate
2 with a diameter of 15-4 o + us, [m ol-o 4 + w Used. The resonant frequency is as high as 2 to
10 KHz. By the way, when the structure as shown in FIG. 1 is used, in particular, when the flat
gold @ pregnancy moving plate 2 is used, the co8 wave number at which the electroacoustic
conversion efficiency becomes a prisoner is inversely proportional to the square of the diameter
of the metal diaphragm 2 In proportion to the thickness. (2) In order to reduce the size of the
whole metal diaphragm 2 in order to incorporate it into a telephone or the like, and to reduce the
overall size, there is a disadvantage that the% jill% number becomes false. Special V this
telephone etc. 1 use electro-acoustic conversion, integration, ?, ?, ? ? ? ?) buzzer, that 10:
sn?11 ? frequency is the diameter of the metal diaphragm 2 In all cases, 2.5 KHz or less is
desired. For this reason, various processes are added to the metal diaphragm 2. It is necessary to
reduce the resonance frequency as much as possible with the same diameter and the same
thickness. As one of them, as shown in FIG. S2, a method is proposed in which a groove-shaped
recess 6 is provided by pressing or the like on the inner periphery from the support fixing
portion of the metal diaphragm 2 with the housing 3. This method is to machine the thin metal
diaphragm 2 so as to reduce stiffness in the vicinity of the supporting and fixing portion.
However, in the structure of FIG. 2, (the thickness of the metal diaphragm at the concave portion
6 is the same as that of the other portions, so the stiffness does not decrease, and the effect of
reducing the frequency is small. It is difficult to provide a very small concave portion, and the
entire metal loss plate is warped due to I31 brace processing. It has the disadvantage that it is
difficult to feel the flatness required for bonding of the piezoelectric ceramic thin plate. This
invention provides a compact, low resonance frequency piezoelectric electroacoustic transducer
charging excluding the above-mentioned drawbacks 031,. Aim to be a small hand. This invention
is characterized in that the grooves are formed in the metal diaphragm by etching, thereby
reducing stiffness and effectively reducing the wave number of the wave number.
An embodiment of this invention is shown in FIG. 3. JJ is a disk-shaped piezoelectric ceramic thin
plate which is attached to the central portion of the disk-shaped metal diaphragm 12 with an
adhesive or the like. The groove A which is etched by etching is provided on a part of one surface
of the metal diaphragm 120 having a uniform thickness, which is larger or slightly smaller than
the outer periphery of the piezoelectric ceramic thin plate 12 attached portion. Like this ditch,
Fig. 4 falt take fbl. Runs are continuously provided in a chain. In order to obtain such a metal
plate 12 with grooves A, a desired metal plate @A may be patterned and etched in advance on a
single metal plate, and then punched by a circular die. Reference numeral 13 denotes a housing
for fixing the metal diaphragm 12. Use metal or plastic to fix without loosening with caulking or
adhesive etc. 032, ') co, 1. ?????? 14.15 is an electrode deposition signal line of the
piezoelectric ceramic thin plate JJ. As described above, when the groove A by etching is provided
on the metal imaging plate 12 having a uniform thickness, the substantial thickness at the
portion of the groove A is reduced, and therefore the stiffness of the boundary condition with the
housing 13 is It becomes smaller, and it becomes possible to reduce the frequency of the
grasping frequency. In addition, since such a structure can form a portion thinner than the
thickness on a single gold-diaphragm plate (for example, brass) of uniform thickness, it is
possible to lower the frequency than the uniform thickness metal diaphragm. In addition, a flat
metal imaging plate free from warping and distortion is obtained, and bonding of the
piezoelectric ceramic thin plate can be easily performed. If the piezoelectric ceramic thin plate I
is attached to the surface having the groove A as shown in FIG. 5, the piezoelectric ceramic thin
plate 17 can be accurately positioned at the central portion of the metal diaphragm J2.
Furthermore, since fine grooves can be accurately formed because of etching, uniform
characteristics can be obtained with little variation, and 033 and t can be obtained. Also, as
shown in FIG. 6, on the surface of metal diaphragm 12 IIIA, as opposed to A. 7 is an example in
which the positions k of the grooves A, A are made true on the front and back surfaces of the
metal diaphragm 12. Depending on the mutual relationship 11 between the grooves A, A, it is
possible to further reduce the stiffness of the grooves A, A, 1lll. Furthermore, as a gold J4
diaphragm and this V-sticking 4 as a dry sheet. Although an inner plate is usually used, it is
effective to apply this invention even if it is rectangular.
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