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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an explanatory view of a conventional
piezoelectric speaker and vibrator, FIG. 2 is an explanatory view of a piezoelectric speaker and
vibrator according to the present invention, a third factor is a comparative example, and FIG. This
is the case of this device. FIG. 5 and FIG. 6 show frequency characteristics in the embodiment,
and FIG. 5 shows a comparative example and FIG. 6 shows the case of this invention. In the
figure, 1 иии и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и fixed part, 5 и и и и и и и и и и и и и. Diaphragm,
7 иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Speaker case. 5 and 6
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION This invention relates to the improvement of an
excitation device using a piezoelectric bimorph oscillator having a cantilever structure, and is
suitable for the reproduction of a sound whose high frequency has been moderately attenuated
along with the expansion of the low frequency reproduction capability. Piezoelectric speaker
having frequency characteristics и A piezoelectric speaker using a piezoelectric bilf transducer as
a drive source having a 15 cantilever configuration is, for example, a piezoelectric plate similar in
shape to a rectangular metal plate (1) as shown in FIG. (The minus end of the vibrator (3) to
which the paste is attached is fixed to the fixing portion (4) such as the speaker case, and the
other end is a speaker frame (и) K frame (page 1> /,! ???? '-Connected to the center point of a
cone-shaped diaphragm (@) attached at 5'-. Quadrature.-1 '. Therefore, in general, the lower
reproduction limit frequency of the vibrator (determined by the length of the set is approximately
equal to the diameter of the diaphragm (6) since the tip of the vibrator il + is connected to the
center of the diaphragm (и) It is limited. Moreover, since the frequency characteristic utilizes
mechanical resonance of such a vibrator, higher-order resonance tends to occur (sound output in
the high region tends to increase. That is, a piezoelectric speaker using a cantilever-structured
vibrator generally exhibits a reproduction frequency characteristic shifted to the high frequency
side, which is not preferable in the case of audio reproduction. In addition, it is not preferable in
terms of S / N ratio, sound quality, etc. in reproduction of synthetic speech and the like.
Therefore, this consideration is to provide a piezoelectric speaker suitable for sound reproduction
by providing an appropriate attenuation characteristic in the high frequency band together with
the expansion of the low frequency band. That is, according to the present invention, in a
piezoelectric speaker using a piezoelectric bimorph am element having a cantilever structure,
substantially one of gl car 21 lever members in which one end is limited and the other end is
connected to the center point of the diaphragm (page 2) It is a piezoelectric speaker
characterized in a configuration in which a vibrating tip of the vibrator is l-coupled to a central
portion. Hereinafter, a piezoelectric speaker according to the invention will be described based
on the drawings. As shown in FIG. 2, the periphery is fixed to the center point of the frame 5
frame (a cone-shaped diaphragm ($) fixed to Il) of the speaker case and the end is fixed to a
fixing portion (4a) such as a speaker case. In the vibrator 1 ((3)), the distal end portion of the
lever member () freed at the other end is connected, and-the blind end is fixed to the fixing
portion (4) and the free end is the vibrating tip It is assembled in a configuration coupled with
the tip and preferably the central portion of the lever member (7) described above. With such a
configuration, the length of the conventional transducer il + corresponds to the effective length
between the coupling point of the fixed part (the autopsy and the diaphragm (6), but in the case
of this invention, lj Is extended to the connection point with the lever member (D), so that the
effective length of the transducer i11 is long (the low frequency reproduction lower limit
frequency can be low (can be made).
Furthermore, the diaphragm (@) is movably and elastically coupled to the vibrating tip of the
vibrator (3) through the lever member (1), and thus X (4 О 3) is 124 m-j. The mechanical loss in
the region is large, and one high-pass attenuation characteristic can be easily obtained. In order
to obtain the above effects, it is preferable that the lever member (7) be light in weight and high
in rigidity and less in flexural vibration, and a material such as a metal having this property is
used. The thing which was formed in the shape of a letter is also scolded by utilization. Further,
the coupling position between the lever member (1) and the vibrator ts + is not limited to the
central portion of the lever member (ma), but the required effective length of the vibrator, the
attenuation amount in the high region, the material of the lever member It is good to select
suitably according to etc. Next, an embodiment according to the invention will be shown to
clarify its effect. The vibrator used in the embodiment uses one having a main vibration portion
width wider than the width of the fixed portion of the vibrator, and the frequency characteristic
is wide-band and flat lid cover, and the effect of this invention is obtained. To make it clearer. A
0.1 mm-thick phosphor bronze plate is used for the metal plate (1), and a fixed end of 15 mm in
length and 3 mm in length is projected on a semicircular 1 circle portion of 33 mm in diameter
to a speaker case fi + Fixing (page 4) ? ^ a 6 co-parts, using a piezoelectric plate (in this case,
use 80.1-zircon-lead zirconate-based porcelain for the plate, and use a metal plate (1) with a
diameter of 20 mm A cone-shaped diaphragm made of Mylar 5 film with a diameter of 38 # and
a diameter of 38 # attached to the tip of the full length gowxcD @ motor (3) bonded to the main
vibration part including the above projecting part and the speaker case + Il And a piezoelectric
speaker for comparison (Fig. 3). Next, using a diaphragm (@) and a speaker case (8) identical to
the above, one end is fixed to a speaker case tl +, and a lever member is formed of a phosphor
bronze plate (thickness soIim, length lams)]. Bond both ends of (1) to the center of the diaphragm
(-) attached to the top of the speaker case (3) and the inside of the speaker case ill, and make the
length of the metal plate (1) equivalent to the above-mentioned vibrator m The vibrating tip of
the vibrator i11 shown in FIG. 4 having only 27 tones and the center of the above-mentioned
lever member (Ding) 1 were joined to each other to assemble a piezoelectric speaker according to
the present invention. An alternating voltage 1 v was applied to the speaker for comparison and
the speaker according to the invention, and the sound pressure level at 10 m on the axis was
measured. The small thing frequency 2 (page 5)? ? '1249 plant' '**! ????????? ? ?
54 ,. One case is shown in FIG.
Comparing the frequency characteristic diagrams, in the case of the speaker according to the
present invention in which the diaphragm and the vibrator are coupled via the lever member, the
lower limit reproduction frequency is lowered by 1 (lower without lowering the output
frequency). The attenuation characteristics are shown. An easy-to-hear balanced sound was
obtained in the audio reproduction.
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