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Specification 11 Title 2 of the Invention, Feature 1 of Calculus II, Piezoelectric Thin Film 1 Made
of a Seven-Mix Material, Nine Electrodes 2.3 Formed on Both Major Surfaces of Thin 1 [1 and the
Thin FII 41 There is at least a frame S material 4 holding the periphery and an electric signal
application means for applying an electric signal to the electrode 2.3, and the acoustic emitter
plate 5 is disposed around the frame member 4. And a piezoelectric ceramic transducer having a
koruguson 16 provided on at least one surface of the upper and lower surfaces of the acoustic
emitter 5.
Crushed ceramic transformer
3, Detailed Description of the Invention This invention uses a piezoelectric thin film-nine
transformers? In particular, the present invention provides a structure for obtaining uniform
frequency characteristics. In response to the downsizing and thinning of radio and tape recorders
and the like in recent years, this type of pressure-sensitive ceramic transformer tick-vrx is rapidly
being adopted in terms of its small size, flat plate and small power. However, the conventional
pressure sensor has a mechanism for preventing piston movement and exciting air by the
bending mode of the pressure sensor thin film itself, so that the mechanical strength of the
piezoelectric ceramic film is taken into consideration. In the nine cases, it is inappropriate to use
a large aperture shape for rounding, although high-pitched band characteristics can be obtained,
but sufficient characteristics can not be obtained in the low-pitched band range, rounding is
limited, and the use range is limited to a single high-pitched band or small pitch It applies only to
machines used in sound pressure. In order to obtain the above-mentioned circumstances and to
obtain uniform frequency characteristics, the present invention transmits the vibrational energy
of the piezoelectric ceramic thin film to an acoustic emitter plate made of a metal having high
rigidity and low density or synthetic bJLIIll, etc. The present invention provides a structure that
flattens the frequency characteristics by increasing the acoustic radiation resistance to air and
enhancing the bass region and suppressing the EndPage: 1 acoustic radiation resistance in the
high region. That is, according to the present invention, a piezoelectric thin film made of a
ceramic material, electrodes formed on both main surfaces of the thin film, a frame S formed by
holding the periphery of the thin film, and electricity for applying an electric signal to the
electrodes An acoustic emitter plate is disposed around the frame S and at least one of signal
application means, and a corrugation is provided on at least one surface of the upper surface of
the acoustic emitter plate. In order to reduce that the high frequency vibration of the relatively
high sound pressure generated by itself disturbs the low frequency vibration of the acoustic
emitter plate portion, the obtained frequency characteristic (hereinafter referred to as Ft
characteristic) is made uniform. It is something to try. Hereinafter, embodiments of the present
man will be described with reference to the drawings. In FIG. 1, 1 is a piezoelectric thin film
consisting of a pressure-zone ceramic vibrator of the pb (ZrTi) 03 series and has a substantially
disc shape, and silver electrodes 2.3 are baked on both main surfaces of this thin film.
Alternatively, the multi-periphery is held by a polycarbonate-made 11 fat ring-shaped frame
member 4. By setting the diameter of the frame member 4 to be slightly smaller than the
diameter of the disk-like thin film l, the thin 1 [1 is stretched and held in a dome shape. 5 is an
acoustic emitter plate portion (hereinafter referred to as AE plate portion) made of foamed resin
such as foamed polysilicon a-ruya foamed polycretan, and a circular recessed portion 6 is formed
in the center portion in the form of a first-pass plate, It has a substantially uniform thickness over
the entire area, and a thin-walled 7 cunge portion 7 is extended to the outer peripheral edge 8
integrally with the Al plate portion 5.
In the concave WA6, the frame member 4 of the thin-film tension-retaining form-like mentioned
above is tightly fitted to the extent that the AE plate fs5 is distorted) or the bottom of the concave
s6! 9 is provided with a window 10 penetrating to the back surface, and has a spring property at
the tip end thereof. Is attached. The tip of one lead plate 110 is on the back side mold 43 of the
flat film 1, and the tip of the other lead plate 12 is on the top face negative pole! I'm touching II.
The other end of the lead plate 11.12 is inserted into the outlet box 13 by forming in the shape
of a plug blade K, and contacts and receives electric power to the wedge plate 14.15 in the
Plunge box 13 Become. The feed plate 14.15 is supplied with an electric signal from an electric
signal generation source (not shown) such as an audio amplifier, and this electric signal is
supplied from the Mill plate 14 ° 15 to the electrode 2.3 of the thin film l through the lead plate
11.12. It will be applied. Thus, when the thin film IK dry air signal is applied, the thin film 1
expands and contracts along the main surface direction, and the thin film 1 itself is curved along
with the generation of a force to push the frame member 4 outward. It will be transformed into K
to be pronounced. Here, thin 11 [1 itself is small diameter due to the restriction of mechanical m
degree, for example, it is possible to radiate enough to small diameter, for example diameter 30
繻 @ degree, in 2 W or more, high range, but 40 ~ IQQQIIZ No audible sound pressure can be
expected in the low to mid range. However, the force received by the frame member 4 by the
expansion and contraction of the thin film l is formed outward and transmitted to the 9 ^ E plate
portion 8, and the size of the shape of the Al plate portion 5 promotes radiation in the low
frequency range. It is By providing the Al plate portion 5 in this manner, sufficient sound
pressure radiation can be obtained from the low range to the middle and high range. On the
other hand, it is not worthwhile to say that not only the sound pressure that is sufficient but also
the point of making the f characteristic even is important for the essential tL demand as a
tokunsu dea. If you set up gass to the above, there are only nine transformers-9K, not only lowrange sound produced by thin film IK, but also mid-range sound and round-off propagated to
high-range sound, middle, high-range sound is thin [In addition to the sound pressure due to 11
itself, even if a uniform electric signal of 1 @ is applied due to the sound pressure due to the AMplate s6, the middle and high frequencies tend to be emphasized and the sound i will be difficult
to hear. A solution for this rounding is achieved by forming the Al plate portion 8 as follows. That
is, the frequency at which the Al1-plate portion 8 can propagate is determined by its own
stiffness and mass. In the case where the propagation frequency is selected by adjusting the mass
EndPage: 2, it is preferable in terms of production and cost that the AI plate portion 8 be made of
a substantially uniform material over the entire surface. !
1) He is appropriate. As shown in FIG. 1.2, the wood example increases the compliance by
forming the koruguson 161.162 ° 163 in the vertical direction of the M-plate portion 8 as a
means for adjusting the rigidity from such a collating point, as shown in FIG. 1.2. In the middle,
the propagation of the high range is suppressed. The corrugations 161.16 and 2.163 are
arranged concentrically around the thin film l, the innermost corrugation 161 is on the upper
surface side only, the middle, the outermost korugushion 167163 is in the symmetrical position
of the upper and lower surfaces. It is formed. The characteristics shown in FIG. 3 are obtained as
a result of applying the same electric signal and comparing the characteristics of the AE plate
portion 5 in which the corrugations lsl and 162e 163 are formed with and without the i. 3) has a
pull gauge 1), and the B characteristic has a form a + に も even at the innermost peripheral
corgauge 1 n 161 at the symmetrical position (2 points in FIG. 2) on the lower surface side. So,
there is no C characteristic at all. As is clear from these results, those provided with koruguson
16p 162. 163 can obtain remarkable average -f characteristics as shown in the A characteristics.
Korugusikoon 16. , 162.163 are arranged concentrically, uniform f characteristics can be
obtained regardless of the position of the listener. The sound pressure difference appears in the
middle range by comparing the case 9 characteristics and the B characteristics. This is rounding
in which the AE plate portion S is reversely bent and vibrated by expansion and contraction of
thin @ 1 which is a butterfly vibration source of the B characteristic, and rounding in which the
bass range propagation is attenuated more than necessary. Of course, a corrugation shape such
as a grain, a position line, a plate thickness of the AE plate 8, an area, or a thin mine! It should be
set according to the diameter of I41. As described above, according to the present invention, the
piezoelectric thin film 1 made of a ceramic material, the electrodes 2.36 formed on both main
surfaces of the thin film l of gauze, and the frame holding the periphery of the thin film l A
member 4 and at least an electric signal applying means for applying an electric signal to the
electrode are provided, and a ^ L plate 6 is disposed around the frame member 4 and at least the
upper and lower surfaces of the AGE plate 5 By providing a corrugation gate 16 on one side, it is
possible to obtain a uniform i characteristic.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a partial cross-sectional perspective view of an
embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view of the main part of the
embodiment, and FIG. 3 is a characteristic comparison diagram with the prior art. DESCRIPTION
OF SYMBOLS 1 ... Piezoelectric thin film, 2.3 ... Electrode, 4 ... Frame member, 5 ... Acoustic
emitter plate, 16 ... Corrugation. Representative Applicant Kyushu Hitachi Mari Co., Ltd.
Representative 襦 Bo Ryuji EndPage: 3
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