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The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for manufacturing a bimorph
diaphragm used for, for example, a piezoelectric buzzer. In a pressure chamber buzzer or the like,
an asymmetric bimorph vibrating gold 1 as shown in FIG. 1 VC is used as a sounding body), an
image pickup 1ih2, and an EI: type element 3 such as ceramic stuck on one side. In most cases,
vibration-like 2 and piezoelectric element 6 are fixed by an adhesive such as Eboki 7 or the like,
but according to this bonding method, the weight and stiffness of the adhesive increase, and the
vibration frequency is high on the high frequency side. There is a drawback of being misplaced.
In addition, the resonance frequency varies depending on the amount of adhesive applied, etc.
The note is bad. There are various techniques for bonding different parts to plastic films
generally, such as thermal f6 bonding, ultrasonic bonding, high frequency bonding, etc. Using
such a technology for bimorph vibration ms is The cost characteristics or the dynamic
characteristics of the imaging itself as a diaphragm deteriorate, so it is hardly analyzed.
Therefore, the present invention is invented in view of the real condition, and the% is an enemy.
In the reaction of polymerization and condensation polymerization of the thermosetting resin to
be 戴, FtE cold element 1r is closely bonded [7 to about 2, in combination with the manufacturing
apparatus of one embodiment of the present invention, the manufacturing method This will be
described according to the drawings. There are 11 different types of apparatus known as film
forming equipment [4 and there are various types of 11-in this embodiment shown as an
example, container sheet 5 such as a metal band etc. , From the delivery drum 6 through the rolls
7 to 14 to the winding drum 15 at a constant speed. A hopper 18 is disposed above the bench
17, and in this hopper 18, Evokin. -A gel-like material (dope) 19 of thermosetting resin such as
phenol, ester 1) ester, polyimide is contained. The gel-like material 19 is cast on the gel-like thin
film 20 with a predetermined width and a uniform thickness on the container sheet 5 being
transferred from the jet nozzle 20 under the hopper 18. 21 is a reinforced sort material such as
glass fabric or paper, which is fed through a roll 10 to a gelled thin M20. The reinforcing sheet
material 21 is impregnated with the gel-like thin film 20, and when passing through the roll 11
° 12, defoaming and film thickness adjustment are performed. An upper container sheet 22 of
the same material as container 7-5 is placed on top of gelled film 20 between rolls 11.13. The
container sheet 22 is wound on the take-up drum 24 from the delivery drum 23 via the rolls
The thin film 20 which has already been cut is transferred by being supported by Condenan-)
5.22 from the upper and lower sides, and at this time, the thin film which has passed through the
preheating device k24 passes through the preheating device Mt24. The film thickness of the
sheet 20 is further adjusted by the roll 13.14, and the container sheet 5.22 is peeled off by the
winding drum 16.24F (taken by one roll V). The container sheets 5 and 22 may be endless. The
thin film 20 coming out of the film forming apparatus 4 is passed over the table 25, and the
piezoelectric elements 5 are supplied one by one at a constant interval from the Wang Shi
element supply device ff 126 which is disposed above it. Then, the piezoelectric element 3 is
lightly pressed against the thin film 20 'by the auxiliary roll 27.28 provided behind the table 25
and thereafter passed through the main heating unit @ 29. The main additive% 29 VC heats the
thin film 20 to a sufficiently high temperature, whereby the curing reaction of the polymerization
and condensation polymerization proceeds completely, and the thin film 20 becomes a
completely cured thin film 20 '. Sometimes the pressure 1E element 3 is tightly bonded to the
membrane 20 '. After that, the continuous thin film 20 'is sent to a pressing device, and the
bimorph vibration IE11 of the desired shape as shown in FIG. 1 (a) is aligned with the position of
the piezoelectric element 5 by the fixed mold 50a and the movable mold 30b. You will be
punched out. After the bimorph diaphragm is punched out, the slack material 20 ′ ′ is wound
by a scrap winding drum (not shown). The above 1! In some cases, the reinforcing sheet material
21 and the preheating device 1i 24 may be omitted in the embodiment. According to the method
and apparatus for manufacturing the non-invention bimorph diaphragm described above in
detail, FEi! Bonding of the elements can be achieved without the use of adhesives and the effects
of the adhesives on properties can be completely eliminated. Furthermore, distortion and
deformation of m1Flfii itself can be reduced as compared with other bonding methods, and there
is no influence on the characteristics of the pronunciation and the movement. Moreover, since
the page can be continuously produced, the productivity is excellent and the production cost can
be significantly reduced.
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 (a) is a front view of an example of a bimorph vibrating tank, FIG. 1 (b) is a cross-sectional
view thereof, and FIG. 2 is a schematic view of a manufacturing apparatus of the present
Y · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · film forming
device 5 · · · · · · container sheet 18 · · · ----- hopper 19 ...... gel-like material (heat-hardening resin)
20.20 '...... thin film 22 ...... container Nto 26 ...... pressure Chissoko supply 29 ...... main heating
device 30 ...... press device than on the applicant Co., Ltd. Kozue]: building representative patent
attorney Mon soil Tsutomu
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