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Industrial Application Field The present invention relates to an ultrasonic ceramic microphone
that transmits and receives ultrasonic waves using a proximity switch or a remote control VC of a
television receiver. The structure of the prior art and its problems The structure of the
conventional microphone of this type is configured as shown in FIG. That is, the piezoelectric
ceramic vibrator 1 and the metal diaphragm 2 are bonded to form a bimorph vibrator, and the
conical metal resonator 4 is fixed to the central portion via the coupling shaft 3 to form a
composite resonator. The composite resonator is bonded and fixed to the central annular convex
portion 6 a of the terminal plate 5 via the elastic adhesive 6. The lead wires 8a and sb are
terminals embedded in the terminal plate 5 and the case 9 accommodates the composite
resonator and the terminal plate 5 in 7a and 7b. The scale 1o is a net attached to the open end of
the case 9 to preserve the inside. According to the above-described conventional configuration,
since the composite resonator is mounted on the terminal plate via the elastic adhesive, the heat
radiation of the self-heating generated when the composite resonator is driven is hindered, and
the drive voltage is high. If it is present, there is a drawback that the characteristic tends to be
unstable. In addition, because of the configuration in which the composite joint is attached via an
elastic adhesive, the workability can not be said to be good either. SUMMARY OF THE
INVENTION The present invention is to eliminate such conventional drawbacks, and efficiently
radiate the heat generated at the time of driving, to increase the withstand voltage and to
improve the workability of the mounting operation. The purpose is to provide Configuration of
the Invention In order to achieve this object, the present invention provides a metallic resonance
having a plurality of small 'J's) e at the center of a bimorph oscillator formed by bonding a
piezoelectric ceramic oscillator and a metal diaphragm. In the case where the element is fixed to
form a complex resonator, and the flange portion is provided in the hole at one end, the outer
peripheral portion of the metal resonator is brought into contact with the flange portion to
support and fix the complex resonator. And a terminal plate is fixed to the other end opening of
the case. With this configuration, the heat generated by the vibration of the bimorph oscillator is
dissipated through the metal resonator and the case, so the drive voltage can be increased and
the complex resonator is supported by the flange portion of the case. Since the fixing is made, the
assembling is easy and the workability can be improved. Description of the Embodiments
Hereinafter, an ultrasonic ceramic microphone according to an embodiment of the present
invention will be described with reference to FIGS. 2 and 3. FIG. A piezoelectric ceramic vibrator
11 is bonded to a metal diaphragm 72 to form a bimorph vibrator.
A conical resonator made of metal 13 is bonded and fixed to the central portion of the bimorph
oscillator to form a composite resonator. The composite resonator is supported and fixed in the
case 14 via the inner case 16 with the outer peripheral end of the metal resonator 13 being in
contact with the flange portion 14 a on the side of the opening of the case 14. The metal
resonator 13 is provided with a plurality of slits 13a, and the mechanical impedance between the
case 14 and the metal resonator 13 is lowered so as not to suppress the vibration of the
composite resonator. The complex resonator is supported and fixed in the case 14 through the
inner case 16 as described above, and when a drive voltage is applied, ultrasonic vibration
occurs, and heat generated by the kinetic energy of the bimorph oscillator is generated at this
time Since the heat is radiated from the metal resonator 13 and the case 14, there is no vibration
damping due to heat and the conversion efficiency of the ultrasonic wave is enhanced. 16 are
terminal boards, and terminals 17a and 17b are planted, and (lead wires 18a and 18bi drawn
from the upper and lower electrode surfaces of the Imorph vibrator are electrically connected to
the terminals 17a and 17b, respectively. It is configured to be fixed to the end opening. Here, the
shape of the metal resonator may be a truncated cone shape other than the conical shape shown
in the embodiment, a bevel-polished shape, or an ex-shar shape, the object of the present
invention can be achieved. It is an elastic adhesive applied for the purpose of vibration isolation
of 18a and 18b. According to the present invention configured as described above, since the
complex resonator is directly supported and fixed to the case, the heat due to the kinetic energy
at the time of driving is dissipated from the resonator and the case. Since the metal resonator
made of C, which can increase the vibration efficiency and drive voltage, is provided with a slit
and the mechanical impedance between the case and the complex resonator is lowered, vibration
interference is reduced. can do. Further, by reducing the number of parts and facilitating the
assembly with the above-described configuration, it is possible to provide an ultrasonic ceramic
microphone having good workability.
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a conventional ultrasonic ceramic micro-bon, FIG. 2 is a crosssectional view of an ultrasonic ceramic microphone according to an embodiment of the present
invention, and FIG. 3 is an exploded perspective view of the same.
11 · · · Piezoelectric ceramic vibrator, 12 · · · · · · Metal diaphragm, · · · · · · · · Metal resonator, 13a ·
· · Slit, 14 · · · · · · · · 14a · · · Head portion 16, terminal board.
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