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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a
backing material for an ultrasonic probe, and more particularly to a backing material suitable for
dumping pulse waves. [Background Art] Backing materials used for conventional ultrasonic
probes include those containing metal powder and those not containing metal powder, but
backing materials such as silicone rubber and natural rubber filled with metal powder Only one
kind of metal powder is used as the metal powder to be mixed. Generally, as shown in FIG. 4, the
sound wave a generated from the ultrasonic probe is dumped by the backing material 1 such as
rubber as seen by the dotted arrow in FIG. As seen, if there is a scatterer C such as a metal
powder, it is scattered there and scattered in four directions, and is absorbed by the backing
material 1 more effectively. By the way, mixing metal powder in silicone rubber or natural rubber
and dumping the sound utilizes that the sound is scattered better by the metal powder. [Problems
to be solved by the invention] However, if the sound absorption effect of the backing material by
the ultrasonic wave is not good, the shape of the pulse waveform of the ultrasonic wave
generated from the ultrasonic transducer is broken or the pulse width becomes long, There is a
problem that accurate measurement can not be performed, and a conventional backing material
simply mixed with metal powder has a problem that a sufficient sound absorption effect can not
be expected. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention has been made in view of the
problems of the prior art as described above, and solves the problems of the prior art as well as
an ultrasonic probe having an excellent damping effect. It aims at providing a backing material
for. [Means for Solving the Problems] The means in the backing material for an ultrasonic probe
according to the present invention for achieving such an object is a powder material having at
least some sound absorbing properties different in diameter. Is contained in the backing material,
and more specifically, the above-mentioned powder material is a metal powder. [By the way, the
effect (degree of scattering) of the scattering inside the backing material by the mixed powder is
such that the size of the metal powder corresponds to the wavelength of the incoming ultrasonic
wave. The effect is weak if it is largest, considerably larger than the wavelength, and considerably
smaller. In ultrasonic diagnostic equipment, for example, pulse waves as shown in FIG. 2 are
often used as ultrasonic waves to be used, and metal powder is mixed in silicone rubber or
natural rubber to dump sound. Uses the fact that sound is scattered by metal powder.
The pulse wave is a wave existing within a limited range in time, which can be decomposed into
many sine waves and exhibits frequency characteristics as seen in FIG. Therefore, in order to
further improve the damper effect of the backing material, a metal powder having a system in
which the size of the metal powder is a continuous system of large and small sizes is more
effective than metal powder of the same diameter. However, it is quite difficult to obtain metal
powders of continuous and large and small diameters. As a result, metal powder having several
diameters generates a damper effect according to each frequency component, thus the damper
effect. Can be improved. An embodiment of the present invention will be described in detail with
reference to the drawings. FIG. 1 is a schematic cross-sectional view of an ultrasonic probe to
which the backing material of the present invention is applied. As shown in the figure, the
ultrasound probe 10 is provided with an acoustic matching layer 3 on the front surface of the
piezoelectric element 2 in order to efficiently radiate ultrasound to the propagation medium.
Furthermore, in order to focus ultrasonic waves on the front surface of the acoustic matching
layer 3, an acoustic lens unit 4 is provided, and the back surface of the piezoelectric element 1
has a damping effect for vibration suppression and is emitted. A backing material 5 having a
sound absorbing effect of absorbing ultrasonic waves is provided. Here, the backing material 5 is
made of silicone rubber, natural rubber, epoxy-based metal 1 finger or the like, and the inside
thereof is filled with metal powder 6 having many different diameters. The metal to be filled here
is, for example, tungsten, titanium oxide, alumina or the like, and one or more of them may be
used. What makes each diameter different and makes it a powder is used. In such a
configuration, the backing material 5 receives approximately half of the sound wave m of the
ultrasonic waves emitted from the piezoelectric element 2 and causes it to be dumped, and the
remaining approximately half sound wave and the sound wave reflected without being dumped
Are generated as sound waves n to be used normally. しかし。 As seen from the abovementioned frequency characteristics, various frequency components are scattered by the metal
powder of each diameter corresponding thereto and the energy is absorbed to obtain higher
damping effect and sound absorbing effect. As described above, the powder filled with the
backing material is not limited to metal, and various powder materials having sound absorbing
properties may be used. Also, they may be composed of different types of metals. Further, in the
embodiments, an example of a piezoelectric element has been described as an ultrasonic
transducer, but it is needless to say that other ultrasonic transducers may be used.
[Effects of the Invention] As can be understood from the above description, in the present
invention, since at least some powder materials having sound absorbing properties having
different diameters are contained, they have several diameters. The metal powder generates a
damper effect corresponding to each frequency component, and the damper effect can be
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 is a schematic cross-sectional view of an ultrasonic probe to which the backing material of
the present invention is applied, FIG. 2 is a waveform diagram showing an example of an
ultrasonic pulse generated from the probe, and FIG. Explanatory drawing of the frequency
characteristic of the frequency component of a sound wave pulse, FIG. 4 is explanatory drawing
of the dumping state of an ultrasonic pulse, FIG. 5 is explanatory drawing of the scattering state
of an ultrasonic pulse.
1.5 is a backing material, 2 is a piezoelectric element, 3 is an acoustic matching layer, 4 is an
acoustic lens portion, and 6 is a metal powder. Patent applicant Hitachi Medical Co., Ltd. Figure 1
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