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(A) Field of the Invention In the present invention, for example, ? [sensor or vibration l! JL's JT
electromagnetic polarization apparatus relates to polarization treatment of piezoelectric ceramics
of polycrystals and ceramics, such as silicon carbide, alumina, nitrides of f1 and 4i, which I'll
report. (N) Back of the Invention In the prior art, the piezoelectric ceramic polarization device 1'1
or the example ? is as follows. In other words, in the silicon A-IL (provided with a pair of jr
'electromagnetic transducers between the pair of polarization electrodes arranged in the evening
and j direction), for example, 5 He) и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и However, in the abovedescribed conventional apparatus, there is a problem of 'C1,1 following J,. That is, in the
conventional device of the above configuration, when polarization processing is performed on a
large number of piezoelectric devices simultaneously, the plane accuracy of the polarization
electrode below 1 and the thickness precision 1? of the piezoelectric ceramic become
unnecessary 111, temporarily In the case where there are the above-mentioned components (in
the case of a ship's pole (this unevenness or the thickness of the piezoelectric ceramic is
different) I, Polarizing electrode: A good contact with the electromagnetic device is obtained, so it
is not good to have uniform and uniform power 911 for a large number of piezoelectric ceramics.
There has been a problem that electric appliances and so-called 'rti pastes are not produced by
good polarization processing. (C) Purpose of the Invention In the present invention, the abovementioned polarization electrode [? ?! In the case of the surface precision di (if it is related to
the thickness accuracy of the fa device, it is necessary to polarize a large number of F1 cells at
once by uniform electric field supply. Russo City porcelain minutes 14! [11 Follow the game. (D)
Summary of the Invention In the present invention, a plurality of piezoelectric ceramics are
disposed on one polarization electrode. A plurality of (1) pieces of piezoelectric material (a
piezoelectric ceramic component (an electrically conductive device formed so as to be capable of
coming into and coming out of contact with each other) individually) You (E) Effects of the
Invention According to the present invention J, if the other polarization electrodes individually
(four touchable l) corresponding to a plurality of 11 electromagnetic devices are used for each
piezoelectric ~ N ? // Individually adjust the pressure if 1a? 1) surface accuracy of the 1-i 71 i
polarization electrode) f ?Relationship with thickness ? of the V + 1 1 device? ? ? ? ? ? I I
? ? ? ? ff 1 l jli ?#? can be supplied, and in this connection, a large number of 11
electromagnets can be used in the same manner;
(F) Embodiments of the invention--Embodiments of the present invention will be described in
more detail in the following: i. In the drawing, the piezoelectric polarization device is used. In FIG.
1, this piezoelectric-like device polarization device is a polarization electrode on the small side
(hereinafter simply referred to as first electrode (abbreviated as -J) 1, 1 (The second electrode 18
is simply referred to as the second electrode 18 below) 2 (a plurality of 11 electromagnetic
devices 3 arranged in the j direction and disposed on the first electrode 1). For example, an
elevated month of 1 to 10 KV, preferably 5 to 61 <V, is applied to the air, and (polarization
treatment J to formation E) ░ C. is obtained. Here, the upper 1i1i (I) 11-diode 3 is formed
integrally from polycrystal 1 = remix [the electrode films 1 and 6 are integrally formed on the
upper and lower surfaces of the first-order slats 1 Each of the piezoelectric ceramics 3 и и и is
housed in the first electrode 1 at the bottom of the first electrode 1 / j recessed positioning
recess 7 и и и 121 separately 1 insulating bamboo 11 The use of the '/ f ? I deciding member is
abolished (2 as a factor of the IJ charge and <i> occurrence of air bubbles i 1 is prevented. By the
way, when the insulating positioning member described above is used, during the in-oil
polarization treatment, air bubbles which are retained between the positioning member and the
first electrode 1 are generated from the positioning holes of the positioning portion H to cause
discharge Although the cause is, the above-mentioned 4; if fF! Directly to the first electrode 1 of L
171i. The formation of the determination recesses 7 prevents the storage and generation of air
bubbles. By the way, 'Mjf described second electricity [12 (a large number of piezoelectric ul
devices 3 и и и и in the portion corresponding to the movable 11 "contact arrangement 71.8 ...
respectively A plurality of movable press-contacts 9... In the form of 11-rods are provided in the
plurality of moveable press-contacting and distributing holes 8. G) each movable contact 9 of the
book has the flanges 9a and 9b integrally attached to the upper and lower portions thereof (a
lower contact flange 9b and a second electrode are formed by J 1) and the lower end of each
movable pressure contact 9 in a series of two in the multiple piezoelectric ceramics 3... The first
electrode films 5... It should be noted that, instead of the above-described rod-shaped movable
pressure-welding element 9 иии, a small screw-like movable pressure-welding element 9 иии may be
used in Fig. 2. In this case, the movable pressure contact arrangement 5 one-step hole 8. <; 1jf
Same movement support 1h ? ? 1 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
K K K)))))))))))) Turn the 2 and turn the insulating hook 12 centering on the support shaft 14!
IIII 1! , And in the oil (C, 1 and 1 are configured to be set in the state shown in FIG. The
illustrated embodiment is constructed as described above (c), and the operation will be described
below. Figure 1 and Figure 2 show the moon 1 vA polarization device 1 ? ? ? 1 oil reservoir
(shown 1!). ") A predetermined hot stone /: inside the ? A 100100 (? ? 's), insert a high
voltage of 5-6 KV, for example, between the first and second electrodes 1 ░ 2 The direction of
each 1 (one dipole moment и in each piezoelectric ceramic 3 in each piezoelectric ceramic 3 is
changed from an ambience state before polarization treatment to a predetermined direction
stable to an electric field). The polarization process to be aligned is IK. Here, the above-mentioned
high voltage is applied to the corresponding piezoelectric ceramic 3 ... via the movable pressure
contact 9 ... disposed on the second electrode 2, and each ii1 motion bar connection of li: li 9 ...
every month '? Since each of the eight shells 1... 3 is individually Y [contacted with C 1-11-1
adjustment ability, the j 'l j ? of each of the first and second electrodes 1 and 2 described above
is also Llll gear or (1 of each 1 electromagnetic device 3 иии II) ? + a regardless of ииииииииииииииииииииииии
Equal to a large number of L11 electrical devices 3 иии There is an effect that he can supply Sono
Soo, and as a result, there is an effect that a large number of 11 electromagnetic devices 3...
?????????? i. In particular, it has an effect of 0.1 polarization S Ill 'b circular curvature
of the IT electromagnet 3 in the form of an I shape ? ? curved. FIG. 3 is an electric circuit
diagram showing another embodiment of Fl-electromagnetic device 41M + j9f, wherein an F
[electromagnetic device 3 protection circuit 15 which series circuit is connected between the first
electrode 1 and the second electrode 2a. For both Vt ll I + I and 9 + 1) and other components,
high-voltage power supply terminals 18. 19 are connected to each of the a44 + 1, 2a via the
high-voltage lead plates 16.17. . 1 and 2 Ki? and 1? configuration of FIG. 3 described above
and woman = I I:? ,, 1! 1 and 2 is replaced by an insulator, and a second lightning pole 2a is
separately provided in front of the protection circuit 15 (J). The circuit configuration of each of
the above-described protection circuits 15 is as shown in FIG. In other words, in the line 20, a
normally closed relay 1a point 21 and a resistor 22 are provided, and the resistor 22 described
in 1 described above is interposed between the resistor 24 and the resistor 24. The pace
electrode of the transistor 26 is connected. 1- 1-Hectar electrode 26 described above-"" Lectar
electrode, relay 27 and C via water circuit 28 below-(-Buno circuit electricity 1 III!
Connected to terminal 29: 1) [Mita lightning pole of syn-sister 26 is connected to the secondary
side of front-end switch 23 and the other circuit power-supply terminal 30 of front-end switch
23; Furthermore, connect the pace electrode of the above-mentioned 1 heran resistor 26 and the
line 31 on the side of the double mitter [1, 1.1 to 12 for connecting the protective T-n diode A-de
32] A self-holding, normally closed relay contact 33 is connected in parallel with the first
transistor 26. The above-mentioned protection circuit 15 is configured. This protection circuit 15
opens only the piezoelectric ceramic 30 circuit where dielectric breakdown has occurred during
the polarization process, and the circuit of the piezoelectric ceramic 3 does not cause any other
dielectric breakdown. For that, it is a circuit that should continue the J polarization process. j: The
display circuit 2B connected in series to the above-mentioned relay 27 is formed by a series
circuit of the LED 34 and the resistor 35, and in the event of a breakdown, the light emission of l
E I) 3 / l J: It is a circuit of V] which performs the extraction of the defect 11 electromagnetic
device by indicating which piezoelectric vlt device 3 of the large number of piezoelectric
ceramics 3... The operation of the piezoelectric It device polarization direction configured as
described above will be described below. The device L [is applied to the first and second
electrodes 1.2a from the application power supply terminal 18.19 via the high voltage lead plate
16 ░ 17, and in the same manner as described above, each piezoelectric it unit 3 is polarized
However, if insulation breakdown occurs in any of the 41 ff solenoids 3 during such polarization
processing, a large current flows in the line 20 of the corresponding protection circuit 15 and the
resistance 25 capacitor 23 which insulation 1 III 1 breaking detection unit J, 1 is applied to the
pace electrode of lithonon disk 26 detection frj 1 Therefore, 1 to 2 of the above-mentioned
resistor 2 (3 is), relay 27 is excited, this relay 27 The normally closed relay contact 21 is turned
off to hear the line 20 b'l. At the same time, the normally open January no-contact 333 of the
relay 27 is turned on to self-hold the C1 and no 27. Energizing the display circuit 28 in a rough
manner 1. J, V), [) 34 emits light J in 1 of the circuit 28. As a result, only the 30 circuits in which
the insulation breakdown has occurred are 1)! Automatic opening h (processing and other
dielectric breakdowns occur at January no contact 21 of 1i), and FF electrical illuminant 3 ... ?)
circuit t4 nit -C can continue the polarization processing as it is Since this can be done, for
example, when a dielectric breakdown occurs in one piezoelectric ceramic 3, the disadvantage
that the polarization process of all the piezoelectric devices 3 becomes impossible is eliminated.
Whether the dielectric breakdown occurred in the If electromagnetic device 3 of the long time of
only 0, a large number of piezoelectric ceramics 3 ... can be J: -ig-a to the luminous display of the
above L F l) 34 people Therefore, after completion of the treatment, only the defective
piezoelectric ceramic 3 can be extracted 1 and i [piezoelectric ceramic 3 which is always
subjected to polarization processing 1]. FIG. 5 shows another embodiment of the i 1% circuit, in
which a normally closed relay contact 21 and a resistor 36 are interposed in the line 20, and a
relay IB fish 21 in the 1i Ji is a resistor 36 which has a + ',' + 37 is connected to an S-R flip flop []
stub circuit (in the above, [: abbreviated in the following) 3E3 [t end terminal via a resistor 25].
81k, one circuit power supply terminal 29 is connected to l ? ? 1-38 via line 39, and the 0
output terminal of this 1- ?38 is connected to the base electrode of the transistor 26 via the
buffer circuit 40 and the resistor 41. Connected Furthermore, the upper 1) X1 light emitter
electrode of the 1st to 26nd resistor 26 is connected to the other circuit power supply terminal
30 via the display circuit 28 consisting of resistors 35 and J, and 1?IE r) 3 / I 1) The rector
electrode of the contact 26 is connected to the circuit power terminal 29 of-/ J described above
via a relay 27. Furthermore, the resistances 25 and 11-38 of the aforementioned resistors 1 1
+7) 17 ') +', <42 G, 111 :! Oi + ir30 side >> in: 31 (1) (circuit (2) ?2 circuits of the river, 1-guiode
32 and the above-mentioned protection circuit 11) ((111) -C). The operation of the protection
circuit 15 will be described below with reference to FIG. During the polarization process, a large
current flows in the line 20, and a large current flows in the line 20, and a detection signal
including a resistance 36.25 is detected at the IF t1 to terminal 3 of 3B. Is applied. The output
signal of the l и transistor conduction signal is output through the buffer circuit / IO and the
resistor 41 from the above-mentioned [0 output terminal of 138], and the +-transistor 26 is
turned on, and the relay 27 is excited. Ru. 1 J: when the relay 27 described above is energized J:
The normally closed relay contact 21 of this January no 27 is 0 [[-Activates the line 20 when the
line 20 is opened] ??, energizing the display circuit 28 By the same circuit 2 B 1. -FE D 3 / I
emits light. As a result, the protection circuit 15 shown in FIG. 5 has almost the same function
and effect as the protection circuit shown in FIG. In addition to the effect that the force of the
circuit in which the dielectric breakdown has occurred can be dealt with, the above-mentioned
relay contact jj, the support 21?C ? ? h?l and the dielectric breakdown 1 Large size (good
piezoelectric material can be confirmed by light emission display of l-ED 34 ('), so that defective
piezoelectric material can be extracted.
Of course, in place of the above-mentioned 1F I) 3 / I, it is possible to use a display device other
than a blind, and to use a fuse as the whole of the protection circuit 15. In the following, the
plurality of movable pressers 9... Corresponding to the plurality of piezoelectric ceramics 3... 1-1
can be adjusted individually so that it can be adjusted by n -1, regardless of the plane accuracy of
each of the first and second electrodes 1.2 and the 19 accuracy of the piezoelectric ceramic 3
according to Figs. 1 and 2 The electric field can be supplied uniformly to a large number of
piezoelectric ceramics 3... At the same time, and this results in the simultaneous polarization
treatment J of a large number of ff electromagnetic devices 3. effective. = 13-Correspondence
between the configuration of the present invention and the embodiment in the series C-C1 The
polarization electrode of the present invention corresponds to the first electric rod 1 of the
embodiment, and in the same manner, the other polarization The electrode for this corresponds
to the movable pressure contact 9, but the present invention is not limited to the configuration of
the above embodiment, and C is not limited.
Brief description of the drawings
The drawings show an embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 1 is a sectional view of a
piezoelectric ceramic polarization device, FIG. 2 is a sectional view of another embodiment of the
piezoelectric ceramic polarization device, and FIG. 3 is a piezoelectric ceramic polarization device
FIG. 4 is an electric circuit diagram showing a protection circuit, and FIG. 5 is an electric circuit
diagram showing another embodiment of the protection circuit.
1 ... 1st train 1! i 3 и и и Piezoelectric porcelain Fig. 1 Piezoelectric porcelain и Jiuzhaigou! Sectional
view of 1 ... Chen 1 electric field 3 ... Piezoelectric transmission line 2 Figure 9 '░' 'JIQ' '' 'other
pressure of the evanescent pressure differential device ? ? ? ? 3 -Serological 1 of the
piezoelectric ceramic polarization device 1 и и и j j spit 63 и pressure @ porcelain 9 и и и ? ? ? ?
(Y) procedure correction inside <Spontaneous) [,
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