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The invention relates to electrostatics in the telephone set V between an electroacoustic
transducer and an operator provided behind a receiving and / or transmitting capsule with an
acoustic passage opening. The present invention relates to a flashover voltage protection device
based on charging. Prior art flooring and synthetic garments generally cause strong charging of
the human body. The power lE does not reach the value of V at 20, and is extremely high in
extreme cases. In addition to physiological impairments, impairments of the functionality of the
telephone may also occur, such as flashover from the human ear to the handset internals through
the handset opening. Particularly dangerous are integrated circuits in the case of modern
telephones. This is because flashover may cause damage to the IC provided in the integrated
circuit or malfunction in digital telephones in particular. Problem to be solved by the present
invention The problem of the present invention is to eliminate or at least mitigate the risk of
telephone handset set-up over at least one of the components, for example an electroacoustic
transducer. . SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION According to the invention, this object is achieved
by at least partially covering the metal area adjacent to the exterior of the transducer capsule
with a plastic sheet. This makes flashover less likely to occur due to the insulation of the
conductive member. As the sheet is not normally conditioned on structural changes of the
transducer itself, no costly structural changes are necessary. This protection against flashover
voltage consists, for example, in part of the metal area by the support of a transducer plate with a
piezoelectric layer, facing the outside of the transducer plate and covering the entire surface of
the transducer plate with a thin plate It is advantageous in the case. The sheet is then inserted
only into the space above the transducer plate and is fixedly supported on the carrier together
with the transducer plate. However, it is also advantageous if the thin plate is glued to the
transducer plate. In that case, a thin plate is already provided before the plate of the transducer
plate is integrated into the transducer capsule, so that the next assembly procedure does not
have to be enhanced. Another component that is at risk for flashover voltage is the blade contact.
Therefore, it is advantageous to cover the blade contacts which are led to the converter plate in
the region between the frame sealing the transducer capsule and the blade contacts by a plastic
sheet inserted between the frame and the blade contacts. is there. DESCRIPTION OF THE
PREFERRED EMBODIMENT The invention is explained in more detail below on the basis of two
The figure shows the cross section of a half of the transducer capsule provided behind the
earpiece 12. The capsule comprises a casing 1 as well as a support member 2. A resonator ring 3
is provided above the support member 2. The above capsule is sealed by a frame. The transducer
plate is fixedly supported on the bearing rings 5, 6 between the support 2 and the resonator ring
3. The transducer plate has a support 7 made of metal, on which the piezoelectric layer is
provided. Two connecting straps (connecting straps 9 are shown) electrically contact the
electrodes of the piezoelectric layer to the blade contacts (cutting contacts 10 are shown).
According to the invention, a plastic sheet 10 is inserted in front of the transducer plate between
the metal support 7 and the resonator ring 3 and the frame. This sheet is supported on the
bearing ring 5 with the edge area of the transducer plate. The outside of the transducer plate is
therefore completely covered by this sheet. In the embodiment according to FIG. 2 a thin plate 11
is inserted between the frame and the resonator ring 3 and the support member 20. The blade
contact 10 is thus coated in particular in the area at risk of flashover voltage. According to the
invention, at least a component, for example an electroacoustic transducer, is configured to
improve the dielectric strength without structural changes of the telephone handset, whereby
electrostatic discharge causes flashover. Risk is excluded or at least mitigated.
Brief description of the drawings
Fig. 1 is a cross section of a thin plastic plate of the transducer plate; this coating is covered with
a half of the transducer capsule; FIG.
DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ... Casing 2, 2 ... Support member, 3 ... Resonant ring, 壬 ... Frame, 5
憂 6. 6 Supporter ring, 8 ... Piezo layer, 9 ... Terminal small parts, 10 ... blade contact, 11 ... plastic
sheet, 12 ... receiver opening, IG IIG 2
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