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FIELD OF THE INVENTION This invention relates to ultrasound generated radiation devices, in
particular for ultrasound therapy. [Prior Art] An ultrasonic head comprising an ultrasonic
transducer, an electric signal generator for supplying an electric signal to an ultrasonic
transducer of the ultrasonic head to convert an electric signal into an ultrasonic wave to be
radiated, and An instrument of this kind comprising an alignment device for aligning the
ultrasound head with the electrical signal generator is known, for example, from EP 0 017 813
13 A1. The ultrasound head can then be designed, for example, for a combined therapy of
ultrasound and current stimulation. The ultrasonic head of this instrument is equipped with a
resistive potentiometer, the alignment of its variable contacts enables an alignment between the
integrated ultrasonic head and the electrical signal generator. A similar device has been known
since 1983 with the doctor's manual "Impulsaphon-U, ultrasonic treatment device M 100 J". An
ultrasound ultrasound head with ultrasound transducers, in particular without alignment parts in
the head, is also known from DE-A 33 24 575. With this known device, which can be matched by
means of resistance potentiometers, it is technically difficult to match directly at the place of use,
such as a hospital or a doctor's office, which is usually done at the factory. SUMMARY OF THE
INVENTION The invention aims to improve the device of the above-mentioned kind, for example,
so that direct alignment at the point of use by a service engineer is possible quickly and without
technical difficulties. I assume. According to the invention, this object is based on the invention
that the alignment device comprises an easily replaceable matching unit formed by a removable
IC base, which matching unit is likewise easily replaceable. This is achieved by aligning and
attaching the acoustic transducer, and when the ultrasonic transducer is replaced, this alignment
unit is also replaced and fitted into the ultrasonic head. According to the present invention, the
matching device and the ultrasonic transducer incorporated in an exchangeable manner form a
constantly matched pair. The ability to easily replace the old pair with the new pair allows the
ultrasound head to be automatically aligned with the electrical signal generator at the point of
use. Therefore, any deviation from the original alignment will be resolved immediately in the
now be described in detail by way of example with reference to the accompanying drawings
showing an embodiment of an ultrasonic radiation generator according to the invention. In the
principle circuit diagram shown in FIG. 1, the electrical signal generator is indicated by the
symbol 1 and the ultrasonic head by the symbol 2.
The ultrasound transducer 2 is coupled to the electrical signal generator l by a cable 3 and a
cable connector 4. The electrical signal generator 1 comprises in particular an oscillator 5 (which
supplies for example 875 kHz), a filtering and limiting circuit 6, an amplifier 7. Current
measurement device 8, voltage detection device 9, multiplexer 10. An A-D converter 11 and a
central processing unit 12 are provided. The ultrasonic head 2 includes an ultrasonic transducer
13 to which a wide band transformer 14 is connected in advance. The ultrasound head further
comprises a matcher 15, which is a component of the device consisting of ohmic fixed resistors
R1, R2, R3. Parts 8 to 12 are at least partially dependent on the matching device in the electrical
signal generator. The component 16.17 is a smoothing capacitor, and the component 18 is a
rectifying diode. Here, an ohmic fixed resistance is indicated by the reference R4. The matching
unit 15 in this embodiment comprises a removable pluggable IC base, on which an ohmic fixed
resistor R1, R2, R3 is brazed (see also FIG. 2). Therefore, the matching device 15 can be easily
replaced based on the spirit of the present invention. The ultrasound head 2 is such that the
ultrasound head is correctly coupled to the electrical signal generator 1 via the cable 3 and the
cable connector 4 (i.e. the ultrasound transducer is controlled according to the regulated output)
A light emitting diode 19 is provided to indicate that. In the respective circuit arrangements in
the electrical signal generator 1 and the ultrasound transducer 2, only the circuit components
necessary to understand the structure and operation of the invention are shown. Also for the
signal leads 20 to 34 in the electrical signal generator 1 or for the corresponding (coupled via
the cable connector 4 and the cable 3) signal leads 23 ′ in the ultrasonic head 2, 241. The same
applies to 261.27 ', 321.331.34'. In the device shown in FIG. 1, the oscillator 5 generates a high
frequency electrical signal which is transmitted via the filtering and limiting circuit 6, the
amplifier 7 and the corresponding signal conductors and the broadband
transformer 14. Thus, the ultrasonic wave is supplied to the ultrasonic transducer 13 of the
ultrasonic transducer 2. The ultrasound transducer 13 converts the supplied electrical signal into
ultrasound and emits ultrasound (e.g. into human tissue during ultrasound therapy). As long as
there is no failure of the ultrasound transducer (eg mechanical failure or repolarization due to
heating or electrolytic erosion of the treatment surface of the transducer support during
ultrasound and current stimulation therapy), ultrasound Hrad 2 and electricity The signal
generators 1 are well matched to one another via matching devices 8 to 12.15.
That is, the voltage divider voltage of the resistors R1 and R2 is led to the voltage detector 9 via
the rectifying diode 18 and the smoothing capacitor 16 in a manner known per se.
Correspondingly, a compensation signal is obtained via the parallel circuit of resistor R3 and
capacitor 17. This compensation signal is via signal conductor 271.27 (the output signal of
voltage detection device 9 is also via signal conductor 29) a multiplexer Supplied to 10 The
multiplexer 10 alternately samples the supplied signals (as well as the output signal of the flow
measurement device M8 at 7) and inputs the respective results to the central processing unit 12
via the A-D converter 11. The central processing unit generates a signal by comparison with the
stored correction data, and this signal is filtered via the signal line 20 in order to align the
ultrasound head 2 and the electrical signal generator 1 as desired. The transmission
characteristics of the combination limiting circuit 6 or the amplifier 7 are changed. However, in
the event of a failure that requires replacement of the ultrasound transducer 13, the new
alignment required with the replacement can be made directly on site, for example in a hospital
or in a doctor's office. To that end, it is sufficient for the service engineer to remove the old
ultrasound transducer and the matching device 15 and to incorporate a new pair (ie a new
ultrasound transducer 13 and a new matching device 15 matching it). As such, the mutually
matching parts of each pair are prepackaged as a pair by the manufacturer or distributor of the
appliance so there is no risk of confusion during maintenance integration. Thus, depending on
the number of instruments to be repaired, the service engineer only needs a corresponding
number of already unwrapped pairs of ultrasonic transducers 13 and matching device 15
mutually aligned at the installation site. 0 Other tools such as eg expensive measuring
instruments are unnecessary at the installation site. As already mentioned, the matching box 15
is easily replaceable as a pluggable IC base. However, as will be described in more detail with
reference to FIG. FIG. 2 shows an embodiment of an ultrasound head 2 according to the
invention, wherein the ultrasound head 2 can be pressed at least partially onto a case portion 40
(for example made of plastic) close to the main body And a case portion 41 (e.g., also made of
plastic) far from the main body. In FIG. 2, the case portion 40 close to the body is shown mainly
in longitudinal section, and the case portion 41 far from the body is shown partially broken
away. The case portion 40 close to the main body has an opening 42 on the treatment side, and
in this jMlo an ultrasonic transducer 13 consisting of a transducer support 43 (e.g. aluminum)
and a ceramic diaphragm 44 adhered thereon It is inserted from the inside.
The vibrator carrier 43 is then seated on the inside shoulder 47 of the case portion 40 close to
the body via the packing ring 46 with its edge 45 bent towards the outside. Perforated thin metal
plate 48 (for example steel), perforated thick metal plate 49 (for example steel), retaining ring 50
and for example a total of three (metal) stops for pressing the oscillator support 43 A pressing
mechanism using a screw 51 is used. Each of these set screws is adjustably disposed vertically in
the threaded hole 52 of the perforated thick metal plate 49. During assembly, a Patkin ring 46 is
first placed on the inside shoulder 47 of the case portion 40 near the body, inside the case
portion 40 near the body. Subsequently, the ultrasonic transducer 13 (the transducer support 43
and the ceramic diaphragm 44) is inserted into the treatment-side opening 42 in the manner
described above. The perforated thin metal plate 48 and the perforated thick metal plate 49 are
then inserted, and the retaining ring 50 is inserted into the ring groove 53 along the inner wall of
the case portion 40 close to the main body. Each set screw 51 has a slit 54 for a screwdriver.
Each set screw 51 moves in the direction of the arrow 55 when it is rotated by means of a
screwdriver, so that by means of the retaining ring 50 as a support seat for the perforated thick
metal plate 49 a thin metal sheet in which all the set screws 51 are perforated. The ultrasonic
transducer 13 is sealed and pushed through the plate 48 into the treatment side opening 42 of
the case portion 40 near the main body. The case portion 41 remote from the body with the
illustrated end of the cable 3 comprises a printed wiring board 56 on which the main electrical
components of the electrical circuit of the ultrasound transducer 2 are mounted. In particular, on
the printed wiring board 56, an IC base equipped with the ohmic resistors R1 to R3 of the 1M
coupler 15 is also detachably mounted. The printed wiring board 56 moves along the two
longitudinal grooves 57.58 inside the case portion 40 close to the body when pushing the case
portion 41 far from the body onto the case portion 40 close to the body. Part 59.60 is a spring
loaded contact bin for the contact of the ultrasound transducer 13. These spring loaded contact
bins are brazed on one side onto the printed wiring board 56 so that they are in electrical contact
with the conductor track 61.62 for the voltage supply. The spring-loaded contact bins contact on
the other side via spring-loaded contact legs 63. 64, on the one hand the surface of the ceramic
diaphragm 44 and on the other hand a perforated thick metal plate 49, a set screw Electrical
contact is made with the vibrator support 43 via the thin metal plate 48 having the holes 51 and
the holes 54.
In the event of a failure, the ultrasonic transducer 13 (the transducer support 43 and the ceramic
diaphragm 44), which is defective, is disassembled in the reverse way as already described for
the assembly, and thus easy with the new intact ultrasonic transducer 13 Can be replaced by
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 is a circuit diagram showing the principle of an embodiment of an ultrasonic wave
generating and radiating device according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a partially cut
away longitudinal sectional view of the ultrasonic head shown in FIG.
1: Electric signal generator 2: Ultrasonic head 8: Current measurement device 9: Voltage
detection device 10: Multiplexer 11: AD converter 12: Central processing unit 13: Ultrasonic
transducer 15: Matching device 56: Printed wiring board R1, R2, R3: Fixed resistance
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