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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS The drawing shows a cross-sectional view according to
an embodiment of the present invention also E: holding frame, 3a: recess, 4: electrode ring E: и
Lower end rim, 8 и и и и и и и elastic ring. ?????????
?Detailed description of the invention? Shikishi is a vibrating electrode on the back electrode
and more condenser! The modified wrlll Ihu, 47-36232-022, in general, in a condenser
myurophone, the propriety of the tension of the percussion electrode has its characteristics and
extremely dense WP characteristics, and its meticulousness in the tension TIk For this purpose,
each member holding the pole # 11F is to be placed in a concavo-convex alignment, so that the
method is a simple and effective method, but it is thick * When V contact light and each member
tube are brought into pressure contact with each other, this contact force is not uniform. When
the tension from l ? ? is written on the real-f7) sense of R 'HU Q' M number characteristic of
the recondenser microphone is fixed. ?????????????? This problem has been
solved by referring to the drawings, and the details thereof will be described with reference to
the drawings. The conductive layer is formed by squeeze flllils + ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? # # # ? ? ? ?? ?? Electrode Ill against the back electrode 1! B) A large
number of through holes-inside of the holding rod 11 made of an electrical insulating material-on
the rim of the supporting rod h its terminal leg c 21)-on top of the through hole of the holding
frame I11- Busy standout, improvement I! -Electric! ?? The polymer film of E) is self-elastomer
with an electret 7 m-e ladder and a state of 47-36232-033. Is it a thick groove? f, the electrode 1
+ 4 'fft! in contact with the conductive layer in the Ii-electrode. ! The concave portion 11 (3formed on the upper end surface of the joint holding rod 1 with the convex portion 41 saponified
when the evil (41) is reminiscent is formed, and the net 161. Space link 11 :, W pole II 741 741,
a swinging electric shock port :, back electrode I! I can be inserted from the holding rod 1, rubber
'k' from the material of ?? ?? chronic 11 nk 1 ? and ground terminal tank ? terminal for
the terminal 0 ? ?% ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 91 91 Bottom end of seal V case +
61 (5! L) The inner side is clamped and is a book. This caulking (therefore, electrode + ring 4) is
fitted into the concave portion 6 of the convex portion (4 &) and the holding groove 3I, and the
vibration electrode Ill is stretched without any slack on the back gII pole 11 by this joint. In
addition, this siding is caulking B ? ? power to 31 ? ? 31 11 81? Since the transmission 11t
is carried out, the combined force of the convex portion (4a) of the electrode 11 neck 141 and
the concave 11 (3, L) of the holding rod I 'is all i! l Busy regained 1 1 ?, and h busy 4 I!
Since the tension from the @ superior product of the life electrode Ill is uniformed 47-36232044 in all cases, there is no occurrence of a minute IIl, and it is ideal -K. In the embodiment
shown in the drawing, the back electrode C21 is slightly pushed outward. It was set up in 1 and 2
and it was softened and it was set up, but in the end ? # I these backs 1111 It is possible to
form a concave portion on the surface of the above-mentioned surface roughness--now yk% -III
electrode. ? It is clear from the explanation with 4 or more-I think it is busy according to Sir
Mike. Dynamic W Decrease force produced by caulking of the inner edge of the holding part 11
and the cohesion force of the convex part and the concave part F seal f case f1 lower end mouth
part by a single line of the motion W gradual convex part and the concave 1 part? ll I sex-? ?
? ? ? ll ll Ill5 +! Therefore, this caulking 112 is uneven at various points on the lower end 11-1
of the seal V case, and this unevenness of the above-mentioned unevenness # II ^! IP now power
is captured on all li1 and equalized, ie, swing M? The tension from the same buttocks is
extremely good 9 without creating a uniform 5 over the entire one. This is a large scale that
contributes to the improvement of the number characteristics, and therefore f ') 0 is extremely
simple and easy to work with, and has a great effect on cost reduction and productivity b No 64
v! : The Jclil + wheelset explanatory drawing is a detailed example of Bei-Ji's case. H '? ? ░ ?
? 111 ? 2 + ░-? ? 131 ░ ? ? 0 o иии recess, +4 to и electrode + 1 ring, (4-и и, protrusion и gift и
Seed ? ? F case, ( 5,) ... lower end port # part, Ls +-41 rings. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 17,,, = X ? 4717-i-n 4 4 / z 7 438 dom th 'utility model applicant applicant Sanyo Denki Co., Ltd .: 1
representative Ikei Kei и -1 2323 ░ 1 outside
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