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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of a conventional
condenser microphone, and FIG. 2 is a longitudinal sectional view of one embodiment of the
present invention. No. 9, ..... Diaphragm frame, 10.11 ..... Hole. Fig. 1 Fig. 2-83, No. 51-57631 (2)
?Detailed description of the invention?-+, Name of the invention Name of the device for the
condenser microphone l New invention tatami brass Radius range Attach the diaphragm with the
distance of the rear pole of the range back pole ? In the case of a circular condenser
microphone, the outer peripheral portion is blown out and bulging outward to make a dish shape
on the front surface of the diaphragm, and a plurality of holes are formed in the bulging portion
to provide a plate frame. A condenser microphone characterized in that the diaphragm is adhered
to the outer peripheral portion of a crucible diaphragm. The invention relates to an improvement
of a condenser microphone ossb @ brazing-minute. The conventional condenser microphone
structure will be described with reference to ? 1gK. 1 is a case in which the cross section is Ushaped and the end 1111a is crimped inward at the final stage of the Jomon, and 2 is drilled in
the front of the case 1 In the inside of the case 1, a diaphragm 4 whose outer peripheral portion
is falsely attached to a part of the annular diaphragm frame (1) 5 has the 11IIIIIi frame 3 side
positioned outward. It has been fitted. A back electrode 6 having a T-shaped cross section is
attached to the back of the diaphragm 4 via an annular spacer 5. Reference numeral 7 denotes a
hole for air flow which is drilled in the back electrode 6, and 8 denotes a frame for supporting
the back electrode 6. In the conventional condenser microphone of such a structure, the welding
operation between the vibration 11 and the diaphragm frame 5 causes a rounding deformation
in which the mm * rod S is thin and small, and the vibration is strained by this. In the point of
wearing the plate 4f *, the skill is folded, and there is a drawback that the rear plate 4KL, and the
occurrence of slack may occur, and the case 1 and the diaphragm frame 6 are separate members.
There is a problem in stabilizing the frequency characteristics in which the volume of the
chamber to which this partial molecule tcs is influenced is influenced. This invention is the book
which solved such a fault and a problem. Hereinafter, one practical example of the present
invention will be described with reference to FIG. 2 (2). In this case, the case 1 'is open at the
front and has a hole 10 in the back. As shown in the figure from the opening in the front of the
frame 8, the back pole 6, the spacer 5, and the diaphragm 4 and the vibration plate frame 9 to be
described later are loaded. After filling, crimp all the inside of the front edge of the case.
Reference numeral 11 denotes a hole formed in the diaphragm frame 9. The ms plate frame 9 is
formed into a protuberance-like shape by squeezing the outer periphery S and bulging outward
as shown in the drawing, which is more likely due to lR second processing or half punching.
Then, the @ moving plate 41 is attached to the diaphragm frame 9 by force, and then it is loaded
into the case 1 'as described above.
The microphone configured in this way can be bonded without causing deformation K << and
thus vibration-114t-L and the like because the diaphragm frame 9 is dish-like, and thus made! #
Birds and large and small spots occur in terms of product uniformity. Furthermore, since it is
easy to make the chamber volume * gr of the diaphragm 4 constant, it is possible to obtain a
product stable in frequency and frequency. When the case 1 'is crimped on the front side, it can
be reduced to a size equivalent to 10 holes which is superimposed on the back, and an effect of
making the effect of electrostatic charge large can be achieved. tS plane a pigeon single esc ming
1E151 is a longitudinal section #Im of a conventional condenser microphone. The second sI is a
longitudinal sectional view of an embodiment of the present invention. 1'... Case 4 - - shooting
first plate 6 ... backplate 9 ... vibration - plate frame IQ, I + иии hole utility model registration
applicant Japan piezoelectric CO., LTD. 1 ? ? 4 clerks patent attorney ? good padded core
'(other 5 people) (4) Fang 1 figure 423? 2 Fig. 1411 и 57,631 Agent ? Yumi ? ? ??? Agent
image layer Tokyo ? Chiyoda ward Kanda Achikawadai 1 6 principal @ e friend j и t, T = Name
("8 ? 1 ? ? ? и и Yama name (75iS 01 Oginonaka 1; 1 (? name (7777) Maki Tetsubu,
dedication и su) procedure correction book Showa 4si et al. 24 January! l1I-Director General of
the government-1 case 11 display of the case 1 s practical use m No. 181 838 2nd name of the
plan 2 coy def t%-Myta ? phone 3 correction person и relationship with the matter ? Ml ?Name
m ? ? Brass ? Address ? Kyoto 3 m Blind ? lll 1 Book No. 11 Name Japan Piezoelectric Gas
Type Company Representative Kohei Sato 4 Agent Housing 1 Ni Weight и Department I H Ward
God 11% H dai 1 y ++ i, l) Friend и и и No 1 tl Q '-11 Name (6271) Li IV beauty-3 ? и 8 ? l II l
Showa Year month mouth "Ysu saga" 6 extract 11 subject light-book 01l Ijlftk ?RecordingRequest O--
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