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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a circuit diagram showing a circuit
configuration of a microphone unit of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view
showing an embodiment of a connection plug of a microphone unit. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS
1 ... capacitor micro phone, 4 ... light emitting element drive circuit, 5 ... power supply, 6 ... light
emitting element, I 1 transistor, 8,. 9 ... resistance, 10 ... switch, 14 ... connection plug, 16 ...
electric device, 18 ... spring, 19 ... sliding boss. Fig. 1-57. Fig. 2-52. Fig. 2-58.
[Detailed Description of the Invention] (1) The present invention proposes that the voltage
condition of the power supply within the microphone unit and the connection condition of the
microphone unit and the electric device can be recognized by lighting of the single light emitting
element. The present invention relates to a modified JIIC of a microphone unit suitable for a
condenser microphone. Recording of the audio signal in a unit such as a simultaneous recording
type cine camera or a tail recorder etc. incorporating a recording mechanism is usually
performed by electrically connecting these electric devices with an external microphone, and
with the electric devices Electrical connection with the external microphone is that of the
external microphone! II: It is icj that the l plug is directly connected to the input terminal of the
electric ai. However, sometimes when the connection plug of both sets of disturbance
microphones is inserted into the electric device or if the light connection is not made at all, the vl
may be inadvertently recorded while recording. When the connection is disconnected, there is
virtually no recording in K, and in particular, failure of this ridge can be confirmed with a level
meter (such as a built-in electric device with automatic level control or capable of This is often
the case for electrical devices that are not required. Furthermore, if the external microphone is a
well-known condenser microphone that requires power # 1, Kri, the power supply voltage of the
microphone is not noticed, and the electric machine! It is possible to connect to # and perform 7
recordings, and as a result, it is not possible to perform the XO recording in the same way as
described above even in the case of this. On the other hand, one proposal is intended to prevent
each pole failure in the above-mentioned 餘 -V at the same time in the microphone unit using the
condenser microphone described above, and one shot nine times to the activation Ichiden kic of
the microphone unit. In order to connect the auxiliary source element drive circuit and the II tl
power supply, the slave drive circuit is connected in series to connect the microphone unit to the
electric device and connect the secondary drive circuit in parallel. At the same time, when the
micro 7 on unit and the electrical device are connected to Ji, the light emitting element is turned
on (3), simultaneously with the voltage check of the microphone power supply and the electrical
connection between the microphone unit and the electrical device simultaneously. It is
considered to be The following is a detailed description of the first draft microphone unit
embodiment shown in the drawings. In FIG. 1, 1 is a condenser microphone tbv, as is well known
to the condenser microphone 1, for amplification-93 comprising a field effect transistor 2, one
end or the gate of the field effect transistor 2 and the other end H on the drain! !
It is continued. 4 to both power supplies v- parallel to the power supply 5 for supplying the
voltage to path 3 vcl! The light emitting element driving 1 gl path is connected, and the circuit 46
emitting element 6 ° is a transistor 7 connected in series with the light emitting element 6 and a
resistor for applying a voltage division of the power supply 5 to the base 7). It consists of nine. [Ii
I is a switch for energizing the light emitting element drive circuit 4 source 5] I is a switch
connected in series (4) between a 10% capacitor microphone 1 and a power source #h. The
switches 10 and 11i, which will be described in detail later, are configured to connect the
microphone riff-on unit to the electric device in a continuous connection to simultaneously adjust
the lc. 12) a light emitting element 12 and a field effect transistor 2 are resistors for adjusting
voltages of f), 13i, an output terminal of an audio signal. In FIG. 2 showing the continuous plug
14 of the condenser microphone unit of the present invention, the bin of the output terminal L
375 of the condenser microphone unit is configured as a well-known shape, and it is possible to
use a device such as a simultaneous recording cine camera or a tape recorder. It is possible for
one person to enter the human power forceps U. -One end of the sliding boss strangely slidable
on the pin rod and urged between the rectangular box by the spring 18 is a stopper XIff1i fixed
to the inner wall of the * M plug. Furthermore, its tip 4 protrudes outward from the connection
plug (and, at the other end of the sliding kl boss, the switch 10 and 1 IGOf! E! A beveled
surface 22 is formed (5) for holding the I-piece and closing the switch cage 11. The configuration
of the micro 7 on unit company of the present invention is more than 1 and its operation will be
described. When the capacitor micro 7 on unit or 111% is not connected to the device, the sliding
h boss in the connection plug n protrudes outward to the 1iIR plug as shown in FIG. Because The
switch IO & n is powered and the micro 7 on unity is on and 1 is on. When performing recording
by connecting to an electric instrument intestine such as a 1ArL tape recorder having a cine
camera in a condenser microphone unit, insert KO and a connection plug k into an input terminal
a of the electric machine plug. In FIG. 2, by inserting a pin connector of a 1M serial plug member
into the input terminal r of the electric ilI unit, it abuts against the end 4 of the sliding boss or the
wall surface of the unit 16 and it slides The boss 19 is MFIJ in the opposite direction to the
arrowhead against the biasing force of the spring rod.
As a result, the M-boss-IDK-shaped inclined surface n or the switches 10 and U are used as the
side line #R. For this reason, in Fig. 1, with the aid of SU (6), it is 9 m with condenser microphone
1 or electric power unit, and it is also switch wO !! ! 1 light emitting element irritating circuitactivates the path 4 伏 If the voltage at CO 4 source 50 is equal to or higher than a
predetermined voltage, the potential determined by the resistors 18 and 9 is applied to the base
of the transistor 70, 9) 9. The transistor 1 is on-state 9. The emitter collector% is covered with
matm and the source ladder 6 lights up. The atJcLv of this source element s, that the microphone
p7 is aiCf for more than a predetermined voltage or more than a predetermined voltage of the
microphone unit, and the service of the microphone unit and the “′ ′ jL function is made as a
key. It can be reduced by one. -10,000 'of the microphone unit's area 鯨 5' voltage or mF, enough
to energize the condenser microphone 1 / 1/3 when the transistor 7 remains off emitter
collector l 'I 11] [mat Don't turn on @ light element 6 Also, since the switch theory and the n seat
(7) remain open in the microphone unit and the l / l l l ll which has not been admirable for the
microphone unit and the finger lsl & II, the light emitting element 6 is not lit. Therefore, when the
lighting of the light emitting element 6 is confirmed when the microphone unit and the electric
device are connected, the power supply voltage of the microphone unit can be checked and the
connection state can be confirmed. Father, only pressing the power supply 5 voltage check by
manually pushing in the tip s21 of the sliding boss 19 moved out of the * a plug k of the
microphone unit by manual operation and closing the switch 10 and ■. Is also possible. As
described above, according to the micro 7 on unit t of the proposal, to the electricity ah of the
microphone unit! In the case of H, it is possible to simultaneously perform the IE & check of the
microphone unit and the connected m & g. In addition, in the book + microphone unit. Condenser
microphone l lll! ! -A switch U for supplying a voltage to the path 3 is opened in conjunction with
a switch lO which energizes the 1 light emitting element drive circuit 4 (8r1lIlll! One example is
shown, or the switch U is. The switches W and a may be opened and closed by manual operation.
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