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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a sectional view showing a conventional
electret condenser microphone, and FIG. 2 is a sectional view showing one example of the
electret condenser microphone according to the present invention. S · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
semiconductor integrated circuit of impedance conversion circuit. −67−
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION This invention relates to a condenser microphone
which has a conductive layer deposited on one hundred of the polarized cast dielectric films and
a so-called electret t- peristaltic film toss. The conventional 樺 condenser microphone is closed at
one point as shown in FIG. 1) The ridge plate of the face 1 of the rim material is based on the
cathode plate 2 and the inside of the triangle 3 is constructed, and its back a temporary 2 1111
1 and a pair of opposite l- and a pair (1 The moving film 4 is disposed facing the same, and a
slight gap is provided by the lUik 1 spacer + J ring 5 between its oscillation ll 14 and the back
electrode plate 2. The vibrating film 4 is a polar film in the direction of pregnancy, and four turtle
layers are broken on the surface opposite to the electrode plate 2 to constitute a so-called
electret. A metal ring 6 is in contact with the peripheral portion of the conductive layer of this
vibrating membrane 4, and the ring 6, vibrating membrane 4, sliding membrane 4, sliding plate
5, negative plate 2, and cylinder 1 are in a cube self made of Jlll. Inserted one after another, the
end of the cub self is clamped on the barrel 1 o) back thl, and the temple is mechanically
integrated. Cub self vibration 1f! I! A sound receiving port 8 is opened on the side opposite to
4. A neck hole 9 communicating between the imaging film 4 and the back electrode plate 2P-1D
and the back chamber 3 is opened in the IIr electrode plate 2. An electrical signal corresponding
to the vibration of the imaging film 4 is self-generated between the capsule 7 and the back
electrode & 2. l!! The floor support 10 is disposed on the surface of the back pole & 2 of the
integrated 1 and the opposite 1 rule, and the end face of the integrated 1 of the holding direction
lO and the reflecting end is based on the wiring base 11. The capsule 7 and the holding 11101
wiring 44Lll are inserted into the metal case 12 (2), and the end portions thereof are bent so that
they are mechanically integrated. The wiring substrate 11 includes a field effect transistor or
resistor for converting the impedance of the t electric signal obtained at the pole 42 into an
electrode l! ! Circuits, amplifier circuits are wired as required, and their circuit elements 13 are
located within the holding 1111. A small hole at the center of the closed four-root root of the
cylinder 1 is formed by wtm so that the turtle bite of the electrode plate 2 can be supplied to this
circuit. The other end is fixed to the cylinder 1 and connected to the substrate 110 circuit. As
described above, in the conventional electret condenser microphone, the holding cylinder 10 and
the case 12 are required to hold the impedance conversion circuit, and the wiring board 11 for
forming the E opening path is also required. As described above, the number of parts is large, the
number of assembly operations is also large, and miniaturization is difficult.
The circuit board 11 is limited to epoxy resin, resin with glass, etc. in order to cut off the air of
the outside air, and one with a superior price is lost. (3) The object of the present invention is to
make the back room larger than the conventional four if necessary, and by fixing the
semiconductor integrated circuit of the impedance conversion circuit in its interior, the number
of parts is increased / decreased. This book provides an electret condenser microphone that can
be configured inexpensively and in small pears. For example, as shown in FIG. 2 in the same way
as in FIG. 1 with the same sign, 1) In this invention, in the back chamber 3, an impedance
conversion circuit consisting of a field effect transistor, a resistance element, etc. In accordance
with the above, a semiconductor integrated -j path 17 including an amplification FPl path is
arranged. If necessary, the size of the back chamber 3 is made larger than that of the
conventional 'v41' to accommodate the circuit 17. Also, the circuit 17 is fixed between the ends
of the cylinder 1 opposed to the electrode plate 2 and a recess 18 is formed in the closed
substrate of the cylinder 1 for positioning. Is distributed. In addition, the bottom 11 [K circuit 17
of the recess 18 is fixed by the adhesive 19 which is an adhesive tape 19 which is attached to the
adhesive sheet 10]. The input lead 20 of the P circuit 17 is barbed spot welded to * 4 * 2. If the
input lead wire 20 of the circuit 17 (4) is mounted on the back electrode plate 2, it is spotcontacted. The output lead [21 of the circuit 17 is led to the outside from the small hole 23
formed in the closed 44i of the face body 1 to be four. A recess is formed in one wing 4L part of
this lead-out part, and glued off the glue Oki j24 of Eboki / thread city bite into this recess, and
fix the reed 21 and push the inside of W 'chamber 3 to the outside. It! Continuously break
everything. The end portion of the capsule 7 is umbrellad by simultaneously tightening and
darkening one end of the hair-dressing material ← 25 when tightening the book 1011. Further,
in this real example, the movable film 4 is disposed on the eye board 2 and the vibration is
performed! In the blood of the back electrode plate 2 in contact with the III film 4, the
irregularities are stolen for formation, and the surface of the vibrating film 4 changes so that the
load can be held constant. 做 * rll] I 4 is adhesively bonded to ring 6. According to the abovedescribed capacitor microphone according to the present invention, the holding rod 10, the case
12, the weir substrate 11., as compared with the conventional one shown in FIG. The relay lead
edge 14 is omitted, there are few face crystals, it is easy to assemble, and it is small pear-j sapon,
eta) It goes in one song of the girl with the (5) constitution. In addition, the lead-out hole of lead
wire 21 is airtightly covered with adhesive 24, and the inside of W chamber 3 is completely
stable with J # T with the outside air, and the one with good stability is obtained, and the
performance is vague It becomes VC.
The adhesive 4j 24 is fully used for completely curing the crucible, so that the tube 1 is not
melted by the solder heat at the time of connecting an external lead wire to the lead + m 21 as a
terminal. If the ceramic body 1 is made of a heat-saponifiable four-string resin, the adhesive 24 is
not limited to a completely curable adhesive, and another 14 plastic adhesive may be used.
Semiconductor integration (9j path 17 is fixed at contact side 19 to prevent vibration.
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