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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIGS. 1 and 2 are cross-sectional views showing the
structure of a conventional electrostatic microphone, and FIG. 3 is a cross-sectional view showing
the structure of an electrostatic microphone according to an embodiment of the present
invention. It is. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS, 1 ... unit case, 2 ... diaphragm, 5 ... back electrode, 10
... flat plate back electrode, 13 ... output terminal.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to electrostatic
microphones, and more particularly, <electrostatic microphones>. あ7. 1) The conventional
electrostatic microphone, which relates to the improvement of the output terminal with a height
* m of 8β, has a configuration as shown in FIG. 1 or FIG. 2 of FIG. ) -If you look at it, the
diaphragm 2 is arranged in a state of being held between the diaphragm ring 3 and the space 4Kj
in the frame unit couss 1 and a thumb-shaped back electric Ik 5 is set up facing the diaphragm 2
Furthermore, the insulator 6, the damper 7, and the buttocks acoustic terminal 8 are sequentially
stored in the front 4 of the iim K cylindrical back 4 in the front & 8; li &; J / Jl: Ib δ The back
electrode 5 is configured to be an output terminal. Therefore, according to the above
configuration, since the back electrode 5 needs to have a special shape of a thumbtack, the cost
per part is increased, which is disadvantageous in cost. On the other hand, in the case of the
electrostatic eucrophone shown in FIG. 2, it is disposed in the unit case 1 in a state of being held
by the diaphragm 2t-diaphragm ring 3 and the spacer 4 and facing it, the flat plate type
backplate 1kIO is In addition, the rear Kw pole insulator, the damper 7 and the press ring 11 are
provided in the unit case 1 and fixed. Then, according to this configuration, since the output
terminal is obtained by spotting the “lit” magnet 12 on the back electrode lO, the back
electrode 10 itself is an asF plate-like general one. The spot welding process has a disadvantage
that it requires steps II and II. 13J The present invention has been made in order to eliminate all
the above-mentioned drawbacks, and provides a novel electrostatic microphone which is low in
cost and which eliminates the need for the above-mentioned process Asahi Riyou. The present
invention will now be described in detail with reference to FIG. In FIG. 3, the same parts as those
of the conventional electrostatic microphone shown in FIGS. 1 and 112 are denoted by the same
reference numerals, except that l is a unit case, and the diaphragm 2 is in the unit case l. Is
disposed in a state of being held by the diaphragm ring 3 and the spacer 4 and a flat plate-like
lightning discharge 4kIO generally used is disposed opposite to the diaphragm 2, and the back
electrode 10 is electrically conductive. The output terminal 13, which is formed in a large
number by the conductive resin, is in contact with and disposed in a running manner, and
further, a back electrode insulator 6 at the back thereof. ダンパー7.
The rear acoustic terminals 8 are sequentially arranged and fixed in the unit case by a caulking
ring 9. Therefore, the back-up and others may be conventional flat-plate inexpensive ones, and
also Spora) 1) 1i, J such as m. Processing is unnecessary. As described above, in the electrostatic
microphone according to the present invention, since the output terminal is formed by bringing
the molded part made of conductive resin into contact with the back electrode provided opposite
to the diaphragm, the conventional electrostatic type Use expensive back electrode of special
shape like a microphone, or even spout! There is no need to carry out the process of the contact,
etc., and the electrostatic l1-r electronic phone can be made inexpensive, and the number of manhours can be reduced to improve the productivity.
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