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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to an
apparatus for outputting audio collected with a microphone together with an audio signal, such
as an apparatus having a karaoke function, and in particular to selectively connect to any
electronic device. Voice control device that can be used after
2. Description of the Related Art A voice control apparatus in the prior art, for example, a
karaoke apparatus, provides a volume and an appropriate echo through a microphone according
to a favorite music accompaniment output from a specific playback device, or vocals. Cancel or
use. The volume of this echo is generally attached to a microphone, and the volume of the
microphone is structured on the side of the playback device body. The microphone may be a
headphone with a microphone and configured for personal enjoyment. In addition, the apparatus
itself is not a portable structure, and a stationary type is the mainstream, for example, it has a
structure in which a karaoke function is added by combining it with a specific reproduction
However, in the voice control device in the prior art described above, for example, a karaoke
device, there is a headphone with a microphone but it is not a handy type that can be worn on
the palm, so it can be carried. There was a problem that it could not do.
Also, there is a problem that the adjustment of the volume of the microphone can not be
performed at hand.
Furthermore, the audio control device in the prior art has the problem that the reproducing
device is combined with the output means such as the microphone and the speaker, and can be
used only in a specific reproducing device.
Therefore, there is a problem to be solved to an audio control device capable of outputting the
sound from the microphone together with the audio signal without selecting a specific
reproduction device.
SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION In order to solve the above problems, a voice control apparatus
according to the present invention comprises an input means for inputting an audio signal to a
main body having a volume control means, and the audio An output means for outputting a
signal and / or voice collected by a microphone is provided, and the input means can be
selectively connected to any electronic device.
The output means is a headphone with a microphone; and an auxiliary terminal for the output
means is provided in the main body portion; the volume comprises a horn level, a microphone
level, and an echo level. Having the karaoke function in the main body via the switching means;
having the function of canceling the vocals in the karaoke function; having the function of adding
an echo in the karaoke function; , Karaoke function off, karaoke function on, vocal on.
The voice control apparatus configured as described above can arbitrarily and arbitrarily connect
to any electronic device without selecting the electronic device to be reproduced, convert the
audio signal to be output, and You can adjust the voice of the voice, give an echo, etc. at hand.
according to the present invention will be described in detail below with reference to the
As shown in FIG. 1, the voice control device 1 receives a main unit 2 having volume control
means, a headphone 7 with a microphone which is an output means for outputting voice
collected by a microphone, and an audio signal. The connection unit 9 is selectively connected to
the playback device 11 which is an optional electronic device.
The main unit 2 has a substantially rectangular shape, and is provided with a horn level knob 3, a
microphone level knob 4 and an echo level knob 5 on the surface side, and the karaoke function
is turned off on the upper side thereof , The karaoke function ON, and the switch 6 which is a
switching means which also serves as vocal ON to cancel the vocal, and an output terminal AUXOUT which is an auxiliary terminal which mixes and outputs the audio signal and the sound
collected by the microphone. And a terminal LINE-IN connected to the end of the connection part
9 for playback equipment.
When the switch 6 is in the off position, the karaoke function does not work, and the audio signal
input from the reproducing device 11 simply passes through and is output to the headphone 7
When the switch 6 is in the on position, the karaoke function can be operated, and the horn level,
the microphone level, and the echo level, which are the volume control means, can be operated.
Adjust the level appropriately according to (4), (5).
As a matter of course, the karaoke function may be turned off automatically when, for example,
an input of an audio signal is detected.
When the switch 6 is at the vocal position, the function to cancel the vocal works and the input
audio signal is divided into (LR) and (L + R + LPF) and mixed to obtain the vocal sound. Make it
The microphone-equipped Hendphone 7 is an output means for outputting audio signals and / or
voices collected by the microphone, and headphones L-HP for the left ear and right ears are
provided on the respective arched end portions. Headphones R-HP and left-ear headphones L-HP
are arranged in series, and the microphone 8 is movable in the substantially vertical direction
near the mouth, and the left and right ear headphones L-HP, R-HP are main body parts The
microphone 8 is connected to the terminal 2 HP-OUT, and the microphone 8 is connected to the
terminal MIC-IN of the main unit 2.
That is, the voice of one's own voice collected by the microphone 8 is input to the terminal MICIN of the main unit 2, converted, and output from the terminal HP-OUT of the main unit 2 and
headphones for left and right ears It is structured to output to L-HP and R-HP.
The microphone 8 is provided separately from the left and right ear headphones L-HP and R-HP
as shown in FIG. 1, but can be incorporated into the left and right ear headphones L-HP and RHP. For example, an air microphone can be used.
Here, an air microphone (EAR MICROPHONE) is a microphone for taking out the own voice
sound vibrating in the auricle, which can be shared with the headphones.
Therefore, if this air microphone is used, the microphone needed near the mouth becomes
Furthermore, since it can convert and reproduce only its own voice and block unnecessary
external sound coming from the microphone, it works extremely effectively for its own voice and
singing voice based on the input audio signal. .
The playback device connection portion 9 is formed of a cable having a plug 10 at its tip, and the
other end is connected to the terminal LINE-IN of the main body portion 2.
The plug 10 is a playback device 11, for example, a CD radio cassette player as an audio device, a
tape recorder, a VTR for 8 mm, a VTR for VHS, a TV with a tuner as an AV device, a TV with a
tuner for TV reception, etc. As long as an audio signal is output, the model does not matter.
The electrical configuration of the main unit 2 of the voice control apparatus 1 having such a
configuration is, as shown in FIG. 2, amplifier for audio signal input L-LINE-AMP12, R-LINEAMP13, voice converter VOCAL-CHANGER 14, control switch 15, changeover switch 16 (6), MICAMP 17, VOCAL-ECHO 18 for giving echo, amplifier for output LINE-AMP19, 20, amplifier for
headphone 7 with microphone PHONE-AMP21 , 22 and.
The audio signal input amplifiers L-LINE-AMP12 and R-LINE-AMP13 are for amplifying the audio
signal of the reproduction device 11 inputted from the terminal LINE-IN, and the output side
thereof is a voice converter It is connected to the VOCAL-CHANGER 14 and the control switch
The switch 16 corresponds to the switch 6 for switching the operation of the karaoke function
shown in FIG. 1. When the switch 16 is at the vocal position, the signal from the vocal conversion
unit VOCAL-CHANGER 14 is canceled to cancel the vocal. This is a case where it is sent to the
output amplifier LINE-AMP19, 20, and the voice is not converted when the switch 16 is in the on
position, and the vocal conversion unit VOCAL-CHANGER14 is not passed directly to the output
amplifier LINE-AMP19, send.
The output amplifiers LINE-AMP 19 and 20 amplify and output vocal canceled voices or noncancelled voices, and the output side is connected to the terminals AUX-OUT and PHONE-AMP
2122. .
The microphone amplifier MIC-AMP 17 amplifies an audio signal input from the microphone 8 of
the microphone-equipped headphone 7, and the volume can be adjusted by the microphone level
The voice signal and the audio signal of the playback device 11 are mixed and input to the output
amplifier LINE-AMPs 19 and 20, and at the same time, the echo signal is superimposed by the
vocal echo application unit VOCAL-ECHO 18 for applying an echo corresponding to the voice and
output Amplifier LINE-AMP19 and 20 are sent out.
The vocal echo imparting unit VOCAL-ECHO 18 imparts an echo according to the voice of the
user himself / herself inputted from the microphone 8 and can adjust the amount of the echo to
be imparted by the echo level 5.
The output amplifiers LINE-AMPs 19 and 20 are connected to the auxiliary terminal AUX-OUT
and the headphones PHONE-ANPs 21 and 22, respectively.
The auxiliary terminal AUX-OUT is appropriately connected to an external speaker etc. The
headphone amplifiers PHONE-AMP21 and 22 are amplified to the headphone L-HP for the left
ear and the headphone R-HP for the right ear of the headphone 7 with a microphone , And is
connected to the terminal MP-OUT.
Further, the headphone amplifiers PHONE-AMPs 21 and 22 can be appropriately adjusted in
volume according to the audio level 3.
Although not shown, the power supply is a dry cell drive that emphasizes portability, and the 3
volt power supply is boosted to 5 volts and supplied to each block.
Also, as shown in FIG. 3, when a video signal is input to the terminal LINE-IN, of the video and
audio signals, the left and right audio signals and the video signal are separated and the auxiliary
terminal AUX-OUT is provided. It is output from.
The voice control apparatus 1 having such a configuration can realize a karaoke apparatus which
can be freely carried while being downsized on the palm.
For example, a reproduction-only CD or cassette tape is attached to a TV, a radio which is an
electronic device capable of reproduction output, a CD radio cassette which is an audio device, a
tape recorder or the like.
Then, the obtained reproduced sound is converted, and the voice of the microphone is converted
by adjusting the volume of the microphone at hand, etc., or an echo is added and output to
headphones, or an external speaker It is possible to create a karaoke environment even if it is not
the usual music on the spot, that is, an audio signal dedicated to karaoke.
Also, for example, in a language conversation practice, it is also effective as an LL learning device
for converting one's own generated sound as appropriate and making it close to a basic speech
sound to convert it into an audible sound.
Furthermore, the application range is not limited to the above, and in each case, the conversion
of the reproduced audio signal of the electronic device according to the environmental
conditions, and the voice from the microphone according to the converted audio signal. Can be
realized by a portable voice control device that is palm-sized and can be reproduced as a more
audible sound.
The audio control apparatus according to the present invention having the above-described
configuration converts an audio signal obtained by selectively connecting to an electronic device
as appropriate, and converts the audio signal into the converted audio signal. By converting and
superimposing the voice from the microphone, for example, the karaoke apparatus can be made
as large as the palm of the hand, and can be freely carried, and the volume control of the voice
and audio signal from the microphone, vocal There is an extremely excellent effect that it is
possible to obtain desired reproduction sound by performing cancellation and addition of echo
and adjustment thereof at hand.
Brief description of the drawings
1 is a perspective view showing the entire voice control device according to the present
2 is an explanatory diagram showing a block diagram the configuration when the same audio
signal is input.
3 is an explanatory diagram showing the configuration in the case where the same audio signal is
input in a block diagram.
Explanation of sign
1 audio control device 2 main unit 3 volume level 4 microphone level 5 echo level 6 switch 7
headphone with microphone 8 microphone 9 playback device connection unit 10 plug 11
playback device 12 input amplifier L-LINE- AMP13 input amplifier R-LINE -AMP 14 VOCALCHANGE R 15 Control switch 16 selector switch 17 MIC-AMP 18 VOCAL-ECHO 19 Output
amplifier LINE-AMP 20 Output amplifier LINE-AMP 21 PHONE-AMP 22 PHONE-AMP
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