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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to an
apparatus for automatically adjusting the volume of an audio device such as a radio cassette
recorder mounted on a construction machine. The volume setting of audio equipment such as a
radio cassette recorder and a compact disc mounted on a conventional hydraulic drive
construction machine has been manually performed by an operator himself. Therefore, like a
construction machine. When an audio device is mounted on a machine in which the engine speed
changes according to the work load and the ear noise of the operator changes accordingly, the
volume of the audio device set in heavy load operation, that is, the engine high speed rotation
state is no load When the engine speed is low, the operator feels unpleasant and the operator has
to change the engine speed, that is, to reset the volume of the audio device every time the noise
level changes. The operator was heavily burdened. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present
invention has been made in view of such circumstances, and has an object of proposing an
automatic volume control device for an audio device for construction machine which
automatically gives an operator a comfortable environment of the audio device during work.
[Means for Solving the Problems] In the present invention, an engine rotational speed detecting
means for detecting the rotational speed of the on-vehicle engine and a detected value of the
engine rotational speed are inputted. A gain controller that outputs a gain command value that
increases as the engine speed increases when the engine speed becomes larger than the idling
speed, and a gain command value from the gain control means. Accordingly, the automatic
volume control device of the audio equipment for construction machine is provided with variable
gain amplifier means for variably controlling the output of the in-vehicle audio equipment and
outputting it to the speaker. According to the configuration of the present invention, the output
of the audio device maintains a small predetermined level when the engine speed is the idling
speed, and the engine speed is large when the engine speed exceeds the idling speed. The level
will increase as it becomes. The present invention will now be described in detail with reference
to the embodiments shown in the attached drawings. FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the present
invention, in which the dial position of the throttle dial 4 is detected by a throttle sensor (not
shown) and the engine rotational speed command signal e1 corresponding to the dial position is
detected by the controller 2 It is input.
On the other hand, the rotation speed Ni of the engine 1 is detected by the engine rotation sensor
3, and a voltage signal e 2 corresponding to the detection signal is input to the governor
controller 2. Further, a control rack position signal e6 detected by a control rack position
detector (not shown) is input to the governor controller 2. The governor controller 2 calculates
the control rack position command signal e7 on the basis of the input signals el and e2 e6, and
inputs the calculation output e7 to the governor device 15, whereby the fuel injection amount is
controlled. There is. Reference numeral 5 denotes a hydraulic pump driven by the engine 1, from
which oil is supplied to the working machine and the traveling system. On the other hand, the
output e 4 of the on-vehicle audio device 7 such as a radio / tape recorder is inputted to the
variable gain amplifier 8. The gain Ai of the variable gain amplifier 8 is variably controlled by the
gain controller 6. FIG. 2 shows the internal configuration of the gain controller 6. The detection
output e2 of the engine rotation sensor is input to the F / V converter 10 and frequency / voltage
converted. Further, the output is analog-to-digital converted through the A / D converter 11 and
then input to the CPU I2. On the other hand, a conversion table of the engine rotational speed Nigain command value as shown in FIG. 3 is stored in advance in the ROM 13. According to this
conversion table, the gain command value Ai is 1 when the engine speed Ni is idling speed NO,
that is, when no load is applied, and the engine speed is 1 when it is No or more, that is, during
operation or traveling. The gain command value At is set to increase with a predetermined
relationship Ai = f (Ni) as it becomes larger. Hereinafter, the operation of the CPU 12 will be
described with reference to the flowchart of FIG. When the engine is started, CPU I 2 takes in
engine rotational speed Ni (precisely, a digital signal of voltage signal e2 corresponding to
rotational speed Ni) via F / V converter 10 and A / D converter 11 (Step 100) A gain command
value Ai corresponding to the engine speed Ni is read out from the conversion table in the ROM
13 (step 101). Then, the CPU 12 outputs the read gain command value Ai to the variable gain
amplifier 8 (step 102). The variable gain amplifier 8 amplifies the output signal e4 of the onvehicle audio device 7 in accordance with the gain command value Ai input from the CPU 12 and
outputs the amplified signal to the speaker 9.
Thus, according to the present apparatus, the volume of the on-vehicle audio device set small at
low speed rotation of the engine is not large enough to be heard when the engine is high speed
rotation, that is, noise increases, In this way, the volume of the on-vehicle audio device set large
at high engine speed, that is, high noise, never becomes too large at low engine speed, that is, low
noise, thus giving the operator a more comfortable operating environment. be able to. In the
above embodiment, the gain command value is calculated using the conversion table stored in
the ROM 13. However, the gain command value may be calculated by actual calculation. [Effects
of the Invention] As described above, according to the present invention, the volume of the onvehicle audio device is automatically adjusted according to the engine rotational speed, so the
operator needs to reset the volume as well. Instead, this provides the operator with a comfortable
operating environment during work.
Brief description of the drawings
1 is a conceptual diagram showing an embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 2 is a block
diagram showing an example of the internal configuration of a gain controller, and FIG. 3 stores
the correspondence between the engine speed Ni and the gain command value At. The graph
which shows the content of the conversion table, FIG. 4 is a flowchart figure to the gain
command value Ai calculation which shows the effect | action of CPU12 of an Example.
DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ... Engine 2, 2 ... Governor controller, 3 ... Engine rotation sensor, 4
... Throttle dial, 5 ... Hydraulic pump, 6 ... Gain controller, 7 ... Vehicle-mounted audio apparatus 8:
Variable gain amplifier 9: Speaker 10: F / V converter 11: A / D converter 12-CPU 13: ROM 15:
Governor device No · · · 2 idle rotation business
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