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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a circuit diagram showing → U of the
embodiment of the present invention. Cd source input snap. -65 one
[Detailed Description of the Invention] The present invention incorporates an amplifier for an
electric musical instrument such as an electric guitar, and can be used not only as a multichannel
stereo henotopo 7, but also so that the musical performance sound of the musical instrument can
be listened to by Related to headphones. An electric entertainment device such as an electric
guitar is usually equipped with a microphone in order to expand and output its playing sound,
and an input from the microphone is output as a sound 2 signal from a speaker via up etc. Since
such an electric musical instrument is normally configured as described above in order to obtain
a large output sound, it is usual that a considerably large sound is produced even if the amplifier
output is narrowed. For example, when practicing at a room such as at night, the sound may be
loud enough to cause inconvenience to the surroundings. From the above point of view, the
present invention plays an electric musical instrument such as an electric guitar at night. The
purpose is to obtain headphones that can be used alone as well as ordinary multi-channel stereo
headphones and can be used as ordinary headphones. The configuration is provided with
speakers for multiple channels. In the headphone, an amplifier dedicated for electric musical
instruments is installed in the speaker case in common with the high power terminal of the
headphone, and the external amplifier and the external amplifier are connected to the speaker. It
is characterized in that an acoustic signal from an amplifier to be input via the switch. Next, an
embodiment of the present invention will be described with reference to the drawings. 3 (11 is a
signal cab for a 2-channel stereo headphone, which comprises a left channel terminal (L1, a right
channel terminal (5) and a common terminal ((j1) (2) is a sliding switch having six fixed contacts
(2a) (2al to (2f H 2 fl and two sets of sliding contacts (2 gl (2 j l and 2 j + (z 2 (3Ll, (3R) are
speakers for both left and right channels, and an amplifier dedicated to the f41 C electric
instrument, and are mounted in a speaker case (not shown) for the left channel. (5) is a snap for
power supply input to the amplifier (4). Thus, the sliding contact (2g1 (2gl) of the changeover
switch (2). When (2h) and (2) are positioned on the right in the figure, the headphones of the
invention are connected to form a circuit as a normal stereo headphone. That is, while the signal
of the left channel is connected to the positive terminal of the speaker (3L) via the input terminal
(the slope) of the selector switch (2) via the fixed contact (bar) + + r2c'l → (2a), The negative
terminal of the speaker (3L) is connected to the input common terminal tc + through the fixed
contact (2d) → (W) → (2 ≦), so that it is output from the left channel speaker (3L). The input
terminal (5) is connected to the positive terminal of the right channel speaker (3R) via the fixed
contact (2f) → (2e) of the slide switch (2) while the negative terminal of the same speaker (3R) is
connected. Is output from the right channel speaker (3R) by being connected to the common
terminal (CIK connection, and the sliding contact (汀) · 2? Of the changeover switch (2)], (21'i, l +
When · 7) is moved to the nine-figure present invention headphones are circuit formed so that
the acoustic device of electric instrument such as an electric guitar.
That is, the input signal is input from the input terminal (Ll to the fixed contact (2g) of the
changeover switch (2)-> (2al) and becomes an input of the circle up (4), and the amplification
signal amplified by the amplifier is From the output side, enter the glass terminal of the left
channel speaker (3L) through the fixed contact (2b) → (2a), and from the negative terminal of
the same speaker (3L) through the fixed contact (24) → (2e) / The negative terminal of the
speaker (3R) is connected to the negative side of the amplifier output terminal, and the audio
signal is output from the left and right channel speakers. The present invention is as described
above, and in a multi-channel five-teleo headphone, an amplifier dedicated to an electric musical
instrument is mounted in the speaker case with its input terminal in common with the input
terminal of the headphone 2: 2: , #] Note that since the acoustic signal from the internal amplifier
and the external up is input through the changeover switch, it can of course be used as a normal
multi-channel stereo headphone, using an external amplifier such as an electric guitar It is
extremely useful as an acoustic device for night value training such as the amount of electric wire
to be played.
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