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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a block diagram showing an embodiment
according to the present invention. FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view of a magnetic circuit of a
speaker to which the present invention is applied. FIG. 3 is a block diagram showing another
embodiment according to the present invention. FIG. 4 is a circuit diagram showing still another
embodiment according to the present invention. □ 1 is a power amplifier, 2 is a speaker, 3 is a
voice coil bobbin, 4 is an integrating circuit, 5 is a comparator, 6 is an absolute value circuit, γ is
an amplifier, 8 is a fixed coil, 9 is a columnar portion, 10 is a center ball, 11 is a buffer amplifier,
12 is a slice circuit, and 13 is a two-wave rectifier.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an A-Ju circuit
which changes the flow of one stream flowing to the fixed coil of an m-electric type speaker to
increase the M # property of the speaker. The aeration and sound conversion characteristics of
the conventional general electrodynamic speaker are non-linear characteristics, and the degree of
non-41 cedar becomes larger as the 6v9 human power level increases. The causes of the nonlinearity of the speaker characteristics are considered to be heat generation by the voice coil,
non-uniformity of the magnetic circuit, and non-linearity of the vibration system (edge to damper,
damper). 2. Generally, the acoustic waveform applied to the voice coil is instantaneous. (There
are many things that reach two large levels, and there are not many steady large level
waveforms. From the cause due to the above 1 roll # 1! 1) It can be said that the non-uniformity
of the 4 f fl air circuit and the non-linearity of the 蚤 -system become a major problem. In order
to eliminate this major problem & cause of C, various injections are conventionally performed,
and various improvements are allowed to the air circuit, da / par, and edge. These improvements
have been made by King @ VcwA, a part of the swing circuit during the air circuit, and at the
same time it is locally limited. In addition, the motional 1-dock method (hereinafter referred to as
the FMFB method) is proposed as a partial one without な く / stem-like φ. In this MFB method,
the cone top, small pole directly connected to the coil for spouting and providing negative
feedback, frequency characteristics of the f9 f pressure O flatization, non-fi 4 [i reduction
hatching But 9w4 wave a 'TI area most part Kurayoshi stomach divided division 1III area 2 is
effective 4? Considering the first-order phase rotation, it has a missing at least a negative effect
against the non-East helminth. This note is the above current situation Kll! It's f 'done. (8)
Magnetic circuit 2 of speaker: Vibration-The purpose is to correct acoustic wave distortion
caused by O # III linearity. The purpose of this purpose is not to adopt the term “negative
l1IRt”, and to change the flux density # of the speaker magnetic circuit by correcting the
nonlinear distortion itself of the 19 vibration system and equivalently a linear vibration system
Even if it is ν in 9 division vibration area, it is possible to make 111 as in the case of pisto / 釡.
Below, I will explain examples of real rights based on F-figure city and 4Wc invention. The first
box is a block diagram which is one example of seven. The power amplifier (υ output signal is a
speaker, 2) voice (I coil (2 ·) and + aT ffi machine 4) I is obtained. On the market (b) This variable
attenuator [Available] is reduced by 9 and the fixed signal is spoofed.
-The scoop of Poisco 1 Rupovin · 3) is a shell 1 (2-) and the detection coil (2 J) of the housing is
wound and then JPI (shoulder 2) The signal which is added to the shift amount of the voice coil,
which has been output to V * in 24), is integrated in the integration circuit (after being integrated
to the gradient, and stored in the comparator (6). The output signal of (the variable dephasing
device name) (... in this comparator (5)) and the integration (a circuit (a difference signal with the
gradient O output signal is produced). Output of this difference signal (comparator 5) fl · · ·
absolute skin circuit (6 little nizi, i が 工 単 一 几 麦-amp (7) Eri · tooth width sushi 0 is placed in
the jaws of the speaker tls 1 I) 6 Ii 5 I · E coil) IJ I will give. This coil, 1: 1 is a coil of 3 field · LII
wholesaler, and may be disposed on the outer periphery of the potting portion (9) which makes
111 g of the air circuit in FIG. 1 Pity. Ip-g2: A shown in a a single circuit / C9L Eight columns 'fII'
+ 91 is a magnet 1 having a configuration. Here is the circuit of the actual case of the breakup →
plan that I have shown. 1 → 有 し 金 調整 ン 、 調整 調整, the adjustment is the Pois coil bobbin
13) of the speaker 2) 出力 (War / ((1) output signal & (proportionately move ( 4i + 1 "The ratio ·
bite 6 (5) output becomes zero (,-9 wheat a certain doubt a8) of (a change in the construction?
(5) The above-mentioned outside level V (T) (War anoff (1) gold-Make it and make one pot b)
output carve, this output goes to zero A / g (7 Ft 増 幅 ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft. Adjust this process
& rjfl, I want to add a large level signal to (5) 1 scale 1 (28), but even if it is not a system of a
system, it will be a non-uniformity of the magnetic 1 path Self weight 9 In accordance with this,
the output 可 変 9 of the variable attenuation device (14) is also smaller at the output of the
integration circuit (4) and becomes NO ITL, so the ω force of the comparator t, 5) The flux flow
W flows into the space where the voice 31 (2a) is disposed, and the flux flow W is increased. 2a)
Ou'li * 1 It is possible to increase 7 up to 菫 according to the manual level. In the case of the fee
described above, is the shift amount of 1 point 1 (1 point 1 rubbo /)? As a child to be detected,
the detection coil is scooped up, but a conductor foil with a suitable crease is attached to the
inside of this detection coil, 9 VC instead of the zero detection coil, and a corresponding center
ball・ If there is a tension of 9tTrj over 11M gold at the position of JO, and if the capacitance ft
between these conductor foils is ejected, it will not work.
In the case where this δ law is used, the integrator circuit (not needed in season). The following
is an explanation of (6) using the following table of tC + think% iVc. The same components as
those shown in FIGS. 21 and 82 are designated by the same reference numerals. As shown in FIG.
3, in the column of the real right, extraction is made from the voice coil (2a) to extract a
polarization. This t1 is obtained directly from the voice coil (2s) and passes through the buffer
amplifier (6) of high human power and 1 nobitance through the slice circuit (2) 1711 and t et al.
Two butterfly in this slice circuit (6). The signal is sliced from the voice coil (2a) directly from the
voice coil (2a) where the shift of the voice coil (2α) is not proportional to the human power
signal added to the voice coil (2a) Vc. That is, in this slice circuit l, the 1st transfer of Eribo 1
scale 1 is not in proportion to the input No. 14 bright-The 1s No. of Ij is extracted 5 ° This slice
circuit (the output of l If the signal is an absolute one straight circuit turtle 6), the working 9
polarity is quasi--Vc 6 6 paternity, the father n, the amplifier 7) 19 more increase the magnetic
field 1 @ river secre 8) I can. Next, we will explain yet another example by the η dormitory using
four figures. The example of the right shown here is also the first one (? 2.) Extract the signal
directly from the coil. Therefore, connect a double-wave rectifier (mostly) and a fixed coil 8 for ffl
field control in series with the voice coil (2s), and 4's that make the absolute value of the voice
coil current itself be controlled. In order to be In this circuit, two units of motor and fixed coil are
connected in one row, so efficiency rtlltF is achieved, but one element t is not used, so external
power supply t-at is not advantageous. There is. As described above, according to the present
invention, the fixed coil Vζ correction current for controlling the magnet r # of the speaker is
made to flow in, so that the input level of the speaker is adjusted according to its input level. In
this case, it is possible to shift 9 linearly, and some of the acoustic output waveform distortion. It
is possible to obtain a tremendous effect of reducing the amount of work M4Q by four.
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