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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a block diagram of a circuit diagram in which
the negative feedback circuit element of this invention can be varied to increase or decrease the
amplification factor. FIG. 2 is a front external view of a headphone amplifier for an electric
musical instrument provided with a switch or variable resistor for changing the negative
feedback circuit element of the present invention to increase or decrease the amplification factor.
1 indicates a negative feedback circuit element, and 2 indicates a switch or a variable resistor
added to the negative feedback circuit element. 3 is an input terminal of an amplifier, 4 is an
output terminal of an amplifier / amplifier, 5 is a switch for changing negative feedback or a
variable resistor, 6 is a variable resistor for sound quality, 7 is a variable resistor for volume, 8 is
an amplifier element.
Detailed Description of the Invention; This invention relates to the function of an amplifier used
exclusively for individual practice in the headphone, not by an amplifier (for example, guitar an 7
etc.) dedicated to amplification of an electric musical instrument. It is a thing. In recent
performances of electric musical instruments, a method has been widely spread in which the
output of the amplifier is largely distorted to obtain unique performance effects. However,
amplifiers for electric musical instruments, which are popular for conventional personal practice,
are provided with only the function of adjusting volume and / or tone quality, and they distort
the sound greatly and produce unique playing effects. In order to practice the technique for
obtaining the sound quality of the conventional headphone amplifier, there was a big difference
in the sense of hearing and the practice effect was not improved. According to the invention, the
negative feedback of the amplifier with normal amplification factor is reduced. The amplification
factor is set high enough to saturate the output even in normal human power, and the waveform
is distorted greatly to extract the sound output, and this amplification factor Since the change can
be increased or decreased by the operation of a switch or a variable resistor, and the output can
also be increased or decreased with a volume adjustment variable resistor, the performance wear
(trainee) can make his own desired sound ("), Listening to music with loud noises and loud noises.
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