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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a connection diagram showing an embodiment
of the present invention, in which 1 is a step-up transformer, 2 is a headphone 6 is a positive
characteristic thermistor 7 is an amplifier. 53ー
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a protection
device for a condenser type headphone using an electret or the like, which is considered to
protect a condenser picture headphone from excessive human power. As is well known, the
condenser type headphone is high in electrical impedance, and therefore, it is manually input to
the soil which has been boosted to a predetermined voltage by the step-up transformer -1-1 nearr, 7926-02. However, the step-up transformer is generally made to have a step-up ratio of about
7: 100. Therefore, when an excessive human power is applied to the primary side winding, an
extremely large voltage is applied to the terminal side of the headphone. It is not a measure to
destroy the headphone, but it is also a condition that this high voltage may pose a danger to the
human body. This type of headphone scale is not limited to this type, but what is called a
headphone is called a speaker, and the sound conversion efficiency 1 is suppressed by pressing it
against the ear directly by a head band etc. In order to obtain good sound volume by plugging, it
is considered to have a% t hook, and therefore, when the headphone is worn on the ear,
erroneous operation such as excessively raising the volume of the amplifier does not occur.
However, when the headphone is not worn on the ear, it sometimes happens that the amplifier's
volume is excessively increased without being noticed. The present invention prevents the
inconvenience such as damaging the headphone or the step-up transformer, etc., or causing a
danger to the human body even if the amplifier's 1717-2926-03 volume is erroneously raised
above a predetermined level as described above. The following description is made with
reference to the drawings. In the figure, (D is a step-up transformer, (■ is a secondary step-up
winding G3 of this step-up transformer), a condenser type head 1 horn using an electret, (祷 is a
first-order step of this step-up transformer It is a resistor connected to the side winding (5) in a
cascade, and this resistor is for stabilizing the frequency characteristic of the impedance viewed
from the above-mentioned transformer (DI) first-order 1'l. (6) is the temperature of the primary
side four windings of the transformer () (such as a positive characteristic thermistor (for example,
a positive) connected in series between the .PHI. And the output terminal of the amplifier (7)) The
element whose resistance value is significantly increased by the rise, and this positive
characteristic thermistor normally acts to protect the amplifier by suppressing the low one of the
load side impedance including the transformer in the high frequency region, and #O 1772 tD ′
′ "" "--" 17 constant 1-1 1 1 and so on etc., 1!
By increasing the current, [47-27926-04)-, the resistance value is increased, and the voltage
applied to the primary side of the transformer is thereby reduced to protect the headphone, the
transformer, etc. is there. A specific example is described in which, for example, the composite
impedance with the transformer (the primary winding of D (for 51 and a resistor connected in
parallel thereto) is selected to be 30 g, and the thermistor (6) If the inflection voltage of the
voltage-resistance is 2V and the resistance value is 5g, the voltage of J2V2V will be continuously
applied to the first order 111 of ≧ threshold, and the edge will not be turned. . Therefore, when
using the above transformer with a step-up ratio of 7: 100, a voltage of -1200 V or more does
not occur on the secondary side. Also, for extremely extreme human power, the thermistor (the
visor is broken, its impedance becomes infinite, and the function of the holding mechanism such
as -F transformer, headphone, etc. will be performed. As described above, the present invention
can prevent the headphone or the external pressure transformer etc. from being destroyed even
if an excessive output is applied by Km as described above, and also protects the human body
from the high 47-27926-05 voltage. It works like G). Also, according to the present invention, the
excessive human power can be removed by returning to the normal state, and it can be used
repeatedly, and it is possible to protect it by its disposal using fuses etc. It is possible to expect
practical effects such as being able to be provided inexpensively with a small number of parts
without any confusion such as changing the fuse or the like. Although the above description has
been made by taking the condenser type headphone using electret as an example, the present
invention is not limited to such a special type, and the invention is not limited to such a special
type. The same effect can be expected.
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