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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a circuit diagram of an embodiment of the
present invention. Fig.-107-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is a driving method KI11 for
reproducing high fidelity, original sound of a widely used electrodynamic speaker. When the
current tube flows into the lead wire in NKal, the force of the lead moves in the direction of
cutting the magnetic field line, and the force of the lead wire moves in the direction of cutting the
magnetic field line. Lead-to-emf IQ can be generated, and the left hand of the framing. Known as
the law of the right hand. If it operates as an acoustic transducer by electric power like an
electrodynamic speaker, it naturally generates self-generation, and it is also known that the
phase of the commutation voltage is in the opposite phase to that of the input. Well, The basic
structure of the movable ring meter is theoretically similar to that of the electrodynamic speaker,
but as a vibration-proofing gear when transporting this meter at, the movable-axial-tube outer "t"
wt. Self electromagnetic against duty :::! : 2: 7: 2 :: ':: "" "" τ: Two, And, in response to the free
vibration F1 theory, in the attempt to always stand still at one mechanical rest position, that is,
the operation mode mid point, in an attempt to look at speaker vibration 1 [lightly flicking cone
paper, In the case of the input terminal closed circuit, there is no resonance, but in the case of
the-path state, it is possible to hear a specific tone according to a constant natural resonance
frequency (Io) K according to the mechanical amount of the speaker. That is, since there is a
single timbre that is close to the resonance point of the speaker for a long time, it is desirable to
apply sufficient braking in some way. For this reason, a large amount of feedback is applied to 11
during the increase of the speed 9 for force pulsation, and the output impedance is made
sufficiently low compared to the impedance of the speaker, or the element in the layer with low
internal resistance is used. In both cases, the damping factor is set to about 10 to 100 for
braking. However, the frequency to be acoustically converted is a very pulsating double-table
synthetic frequency tone, and dumping the resonance of bupika just for the purpose of turning it
off has no effect. 6 Theoretical Kt'i, operation of drive wire ring If it becomes a perfect short fourjunction state at the origin, that is, in the form of an input zero-an infinite damping 7-actor tube
and sand, follow the input signal * lH! If you look at the figure of the acoustic change of :: 77 77
= 2 二 2: 2 − 2: 1 A & f A 4 7.6 7.6 − 0 Figure 0 fIi is a solid line-path diagram of the proposal
ス −-* (t ) No m1ll @ wheel El 1 row connected * ln-wheel (3) is a ride. : O ::;-, ice "o ** 1 kl 1 g Ik
11th phase II * O 1 iets House L (* II Zo 4 ridge line. The 4 纏 DC resistance is negligible for the
impedance 8 to 16 ohms of a conventional speaker moving coil.
Usually the impedance of the loudspeaker is almost equivalent to the direct current resistance.
Well, I am now l! (8) If an o-C alternating current output is given to the speaker (1) K, the
impedance of the II flow wheel increases instantaneously, but the impedance of the speaker (1) is
low, so the output of the amplifier (8) 1-"(1) K is consumed.-According to -R111 (2), there is no
concern of magnetic saturation even with a relatively small amount of iron core. If there is no
output of the multiplier (8) and the force is on, then the WaS wheel (z) will only be a DC
resistance at the bottom and short the speaker (1). こ こ Here, a speaker with an output
transformer, or an output transformer If you think about built-in amplification 1 ls K ,? :, The
transformer secondary side wire ring #i, all use rounding relatively large wire diameter S of
impedance matching with the speaker. As a result, it is possible to give the effect as described in
detail in the draft by chance-bhK by chance, but the original purpose of 9 is the power supply
source according to the impedance transformation Tol, the purpose of the draft and the whole
(different The DC resistance of a normal output transformer secondary coil is one. The purpose
can not be achieved unless it is used in combination with the 1am ring of the present proposal in
order to double the number compared to the @ lIL @ ring. Even if the internal impedance tube is
lowered by a large amount of negative feedback and the direct connection system is ancked, it is
essentially impotent to the direct # 1K because it passes through the speaker coupled KIF.
Therefore, if you want to drive one wheel of the proposal side-by-side with a number of 7 or
more, there is an O′′C that can start the competition and open the jC effect.
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