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2 Inventor 3 Patent applicant address Osaka Prefecture Kadoma city Ogata Kadoshin name 1002
Name (582) Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Company representative Matsushita
Masaharu 4 Agent ? 517 Address-Osaka Prefecture Kadoma city Oza Kadoshin Address 1006 ?
Japanese Patent Office open patent gazette ? Japanese Patent Application Laid-open No. 4850621 ? Application date of application 4 (197 /) tl, ? unclaimed for examination of request
(all three pages) Specification 1, title of the invention
Sound equipment
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to an audio device such as
a radio receiver, a stereo device, etc., and when the power is turned on, the sound 1fjA
adjustment device tube volume near zero. In the case of adjusting to ll, it is an object of the
invention to automatically generate excavating before the predetermined time and to prevent
forgetting to turn off the power supply and the like. Generally, in audio devices such as radio
receivers, there are devices provided separately with a volume control device 811 and a power
switch, but for this type of audio device, only the volume is adjusted to the minimum state. It can
often happen to forget to turn off the power switch. In the case of an acoustic device
conventionally used in the past, it is impossible to sense the power on / off state by hearing etc.
The four power supply switch elements MK system will not be able to forget and will not be able
to It is inconvenient. The present invention eliminates the above-mentioned conventional
drawbacks, and when the power supply is in the surrounding state, the volume adjuster is
adjusted to the volume-zero state and automatically after a predetermined time t4. It was
constructed to occur before excavation. Hereinafter, the sound guiding device of the present
invention will be described together with one surface of an embodiment. In the figure, TR and
TRs are output circuits for power-amplifying the output of the low frequency amplification
transistor A for the transistor 'm. A variable resistor constituting the volume control device is a
switch interlocked with the variable resistor 2 so that the sin is opened only when the volume is
minimum and is ON otherwise. Further, 01 is a capacitor% "1" is an EMI, a resistance, and a horse
is a resistance connected between the base and the minus, and these constitute a charge and
discharge circuit. TR4 EndPage: 13 / capacitor O1, resistance R, and transistor R together with
R1. , And TR is a transistor for inverting the phase of part of the output through the resistor R.
Also, R6 is a load resistance, and R6 is a resistance of a common source of the transistor sK as a
negative feedback. Ol is a matching capacitor which adds part of the output phase-reversed by
the transistors TR, K to the base of the transistor .tau., And SP is a loudspeaker operating at the
output of the output circuit. The case where the power is on in the above embodiment and the
variable resistor aVR is at a position other than the volume minimum position will be described.
In this case, the switch 8W is on and a predetermined charge is stored in the capacitor o1. It is
done. ???????????????
Is forward biased and a predetermined current flows in the resistor. Therefore, the emitter of the
transistor TR is close to the positive potential, and the transistor TR is in the reverse direction IC
/ (bias d non-operation condition). When in this state, it is assumed that the variable resistor VR
is adjusted to the minimum volume position. When the variable resistor VR is adjusted to the
minimum volume position K11, the switch svr becomes 0FIF, and the charge accumulated in the
capacitor C1 is discharged sequentially through the resistor R1 and the transistor TR4, and the
power supply is discharged more than a predetermined value Since the base current of the
transistor TR4 stops flowing and the voltage drop of the resistor R ? does not occur due to the
current ti, the potential of the transistor TR changes to a negative potential and the transistor TR
turns to a negative potential. , Is forward biased. The transistor, TR. The output circuit A is
partially phase-inverted by the transistor TI%, and the phase-inverted output is positive at the
base of the transistor TR, via the capacitor C1. I will return. The fruit transistor TR and the output
circuit A just act as an oscillator, and a predetermined oscillation sound is generated from the
speaker SP. As described above, according to the present invention (if the variable resistor 4 is
adjusted to the minimum position in the state where the power is turned on), an oscillating sound
is always generated at a fixed time, and the power is turned on. It informs you that it is an
emergency. Therefore, according to the present invention, no forgetting to turn off the power
does not occur even when the sound volume is reduced to a minimum of 111 K, which is
effective in the case of the transistor No. Geo and other devices for strapping.
4. A brief diagram of the drawing is a schematic electrical diagram of an embodiment of the
acoustic device of the present invention. TR1, TR port и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и transistor for phase inversion, transistor R4 и и и и и и transistor for switching.
use variable resistor, 8w ииииии switch, 01 + O @ иии -y7f capacitors, R2-R6 ииииии resistance, no ......
output circuit, sp иииии? Speaker fee Name of one patent attorney Toshio Nakao # 1 or 2 End Page:
26 Attorneys other than those mentioned above Address in Osaka Prefecture Kadoma city Oda
Kadoma 1006 Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Name (6152) Attorney Shigeo Takano
EndPage: ?
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