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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a connection diagram showing the input part
of the microphone according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a graph showing the
operating time and the internal resistance of a mercury battery or alkaline battery for operating
the additional element of the same microphone. FIG. 3 is an exploded view showing a
microphone main body and its connection plug. M и и и и и и и и и microf o dT element, E и и и и и и и и и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и capacitor for blocking DC, J и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и Signal line, 3 и и и и и и и и и и , 7 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и negative side member, 8 и и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и и microphone head, 10 и и и cylindrical member, 11 и и и и Flexible tube, 12 иии Mounting
base, 13 и и и и и и и и и ;; 'i'7! и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и ? F 1 '' P '1-o 2 Figure = 67 1 actual
opening view 4858730 (2) "K' figure, p и L L Connie P '-68
[Detailed Description of the Invention] The present invention housed a microphone reflex on
element! The amplification element has been incorporated in the main body of the equipment! 7
on K11 l is also 0, especially the amplification element built into the body (no direct connection
to the bias power supply, so that the microphone w ? on signal is taken out via the internal
resistance of the bias power supply) In addition to the above, the power supply of (1) 48-5873002 relates to a microphone in which it is incorporated in the connection plug of the microphone.
Well-known oH, one-man bus, etc. for operation guidance S)% p All-you-can microphone All-youcan-own hat Cap or body Attach it to a part and drive a bus, even 1k, but for passengers On the
other hand, the operation status section O guidance of the path is to be viewed. The sensitivity of
the microphone is enhanced by incorporating the amplification element integrally with the closetalking microphone used in the 7-man pass or the like. Therefore, in order to operate this
amplification element, it is necessary to use an IC power supply separately from Kit, and it is a
practice to use w) to use a normal dry battery as this power supply. In addition, since this dry cell
is integrated with the microphone 7 on-board weight light in the conventional example, the
microphone 7 on the main body is integrated with the microphone attachment or the like. It only
needs to be heavy, and it needs space and Ks structure to accommodate this, so it has the
disadvantage of operating (1nJ- Since the dry battery used for the microphone which made this
K-S) gradually becomes an O internal resistance gradually with the lapse of use time of O, when
taking out the microphone shift signal, the dry battery and the amplification element (The load
resistance is inserted, and the microphone signal must be cut out between the terminals of this
load resistance 1 и). In this way, for the turtle reason to connect between the main body of the
miterifon and the amplifier 20, the lead IIs seven wires are necessary, and two signal lines
connected to both the butterfly, the ground line and the above-mentioned load resistance are
necessary. Also, when wiring the wiring, many man-hours are required. Not only that, but
because it requires its own shield area by having two signal lines, it must be expensive in terms
of price and 'spring. Here, internal resistance as a bias power supply for the amplification
element incorporated in the main shock plan ? mic sophone & body '' 4B-58730-04Dl #,
resistance O, static water chain battery, Yuyu wax alkaline battery, etc. Use KL, direct take out
through the internal resistance of the microphone signal company's O battery, as well as the
season cO dry battery!
I u uon on the main body I cut off! It is intended to eliminate the above-mentioned 0JlOI & defect
at once in such a manner that it is incorporated in the connection plug of W7 ON. The present
invention is based on the illustrated embodiment-a concrete KI! Specifically, in FIG. 1, the
reference symbol MFiv is 7 on the main body, and the microphone 97 on the inside of the main
unit Ka-As an example, the electric condenser microphone element Cm of the electric Flet
microphone is incorporated, and this microphone element Cm0 If both ends are provided with
input bias resistance R +, both k. The resistor R... Is connected to the gate terminal of the FET
element Q which is an amplifying element. ! ! ! KCOFET element QO '/-X terminal nija resistance
R, tube-connected, and the other end together with the other end of the resistance RI (+4) 4858730-051) shield side line (1 ) Kll continue. On the other hand, the drain terminal of the FET
element Q is connected to the shield side line 1iL and is connected to the signal line on the friend
side (2) KtI! Continue. In addition, the signal line on the positive side (2) and the shield side line
(The ? is the miter 7 on connection plug PK @ self, and the in-line ? ? ? ?? ? is an example
mercury battery EK @ also this battery In addition to mercury batteries, it is self-reliant to use
alkaline batteries etc., and the internal resistance of the battery E of C is 1 to 41 i as shown in
FIG. It is possessed. That is, the vertical axis of #I 211 indicates the internal resistance of the
battery and the usage time of the battery C, and the characteristic curve ^ shows that the internal
resistance is always constant Is) up to the maximum service life time HK. It indicates that the
internal resistance increases with the passage of time H. It is a turtle that requires the use of a
battery having the above characteristics, and at the dead end of the CO battery 10, the gold
w4IIO in the connection plug P is connected via the ?, 48-58730-06Q load resistance R. H + xP'Kll @ L, while efcnee 111 current wi positive: 1 puncted tC of the plug P is followed by the
pueras terminal Kll of the plug P. As shown in this microphone plug-in connection plug PFiigs @
with C and C, it is constituted by plug terminal insertion @ J of the plug and a knob portion
(metal II + wave II +-pl>) for inserting and removing the insertion part of ?O. , CO coated case O
internal KIIi mercury battery E is housed. In order to store the uniform bowl O battery in the
nurse P ', the insulating member (3) is disposed in the inside of the case P' of the kernel, and the
inner end WLI of the nurse P for both the batteries 1 and the nurse P 'If the pond E does not
short-circuit the covered nurse ptl-if the electrically insulated spring 141 is disposed, the
connection between the battery E and the lead 5 (2) will not cause a contact failure- Make it
On the other hand, the positive side terminal 151Km 'in the terminal insertion sj is continued
through the other capacitor C of the acid battery EK and the capacitor C of the terminal insertion
sj, and (6'4.8-58730-07l) this terminal 115) a insulating portion ( 6) to the insertion portion JO
minus side member 173 (with respect to the electrode electrically insulated, and the edge
member (in the inside of 61, the conden tC for DC assembly shown in FIG. 1 and the load
resistance R). I will be buried. The negative scissors member K) is mounted by means of a screw
18) drilled in the insertion portion J of a covered nurse P 'company. Therefore, as described
above, the spring (4 # c is followed by the signal fin 7), and the shield side lie 1 (1) # i receives
W! The nurse plK is connected, and these two one paths (1) and (2) are combined to form a
single lead ? t @ @, this is a miter cost 7 on MK barrel ?% O this body M & f ? For example, it
is configured as shown on the right side of FIG. That is, the microphone main body MFICtL is a
lightweight material such as W) miter o 7 on head (91 and a # miem) (a) 7 cylindrical members
? ag ag ag ag ag Formed by etc., mount the base IllK @@. Further, the lip a is attached to the (7)
48-5873 C-08 attachment fund so that it can be optionally attached to a part of a body with a hat
in the operation 1fK of a one-man bus. The present invention has the above-mentioned
construction:... Works as follows. That is, when the battery E is housed inside the covering case
P'O, and this case is attached to the insertion portion by the screw $ 181, the voltage of the
battery E6 causes the amplifying element Q to be connected via the line (2 and (2) Bias to
operating condition. ??????????????? + ? head (voice vibration company 91 is
converted to an electric signal by the microphone element CmK constituting this, this signal is
further amplified by the amplification element Q, and the signal line (? ? ? and (2) Is
introduced into the battery ?. Further, the signal #cIII here is taken out as a signal voltage from
both terminals of the load resistor R1 via the internal resistance "1w" of this battery, and this
signal voltage is sent via the DC blocking capacitor 32C. It is introduced into a separate amplifier
(not shown). +8) 48-58730-091) As described above, according to the present invention, in order
to operate the amplification element incorporated in the main body of the microphone ? ? 7 on
(a mercury battery with stable internal resistance and an alkaline battery are used ? Therefore,
even if the audio signal amplified by the amplifying element S) is taken out via the internal
resistance of the mercury battery or alkaline battery supplying the bias voltage of this amplifying
element, the warpage signal voltage is The number of lines to transmit the voltage is lower than
that of the conventional one, and the mercury battery t and alkaline battery are stored inside the
connection plug of the microphone. In the conventional type that was equipped with a dry cell in
1% of the microphone body, the microphone body is made of a lightweight member. It can,
therefore can be two very compact 4 overall.
??? Traditionally, the body part to which the Itarifu-on head is to be worn * Conventionally, it
was figuratively heavy because all of it was composed of alexiple members, but according to the
48-58730-10Q advance 11 this is a massive member like a series C2 can be reminiscent, and
keep the flexible member O part at least 1iJK required! Ike p 7 on the main body-can be made
light weight, etc. It exerts an effect immediately on practical use. ?-Brief description ? IWtj ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? Figure 2 showing the input part of the microphone according to the present
invention ? Fig. 2 butterfly same as the amplification element of the same microphone operating
time and internal resistance of the alkaline battery t # i alkaline battery Temporal curve diagram
5saatt dossier showing the relationship microphone body row k 0 0! ?? It is an exploded view
showing a continuation plug. ?? Mike w Phon body Crl Mic ? 7 ON element Q! FET element E:
Mercury battery or alkaline battery meat R1 ~: Resistance C: Insertion part of DC blocking
condenser p: Connection plug P ?: Coated nurse C? and @: Signal line (3): Insulating member
(4) ) Spring (terminal) (6): insulating member 17): negative rod member (8): ne (2) 48-58730-11
(9): miter rod head ao: circular member LIE: 7 Lexiple tube @ s8 mounting 11 a3 tp lip kterion
stock company voice 1) direct defense 48-5873 o-i 2 ░-N 2 2 "7 \ 9 ░" ?-128, E ? i, i knee ?,
1 ? ? ? in one another, ?1, ?h = и ?~, lI =, i, L? , 1-J'-n 5: 1148-58730-13
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