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и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и 111 -3. -1'7 ('70 .32) The lawyer Nakahata '11
episode Tokyo 591-IUel! ?Jj,? ?lJ,? '??,' j, hal ', j1 \: two Q-rl L [phase] Japan Patent Office
? Request for examination of Japanese Patent No. 4933542 (all five pages) ) Office internal
reference number: 0 [] this classification / Da / Suwa 1 ?) ? / 4 '1 ? ? ?) No. 1 name of the
#A circuit 7! Means for protecting m-curve amplifier from the final stage transistorization ? of
the amplifier and for preventing the breakage of the speaker due to the fluctuation of the
midpoint potential of the amplifier t, t, t An overcurrent detection circuit for detecting the
overcharge a 'generated at the above transistor @ 1, a th current voltage recovery circuit for
detecting the fluctuation of the midpoint potential, and f' L1 иии of the both detection (ii) paths The
feature is that it consists of a relay circuit that works when ten thousand works t Hold IIIP! ??
3) Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a protection circuit such
as an end transistor and a speaker of an amplifier such as a foreword instrument, and the present
invention relates to any cause, for example, the output of the amplifier or the like. When the final
stage transistor is kept from overcurrent, the main purpose of the final stage transistor is 9;
further, another one, when the power is turned on, (2) Although the middle point vt- of the
amplifier is a direct current or a flow renote due to a change in saponification etc., the present
invention lies in the middle point to totally prevent the O speaker from being damaged by the Ik
current voltage. In other words, the speaker line r from the above DC voltage is connected to the
speaker line r (without turning on the switch by the power on rc, without turning the switch
rcON directly, for example, when the power is turned on r Transient threshold or threshold until
it is removed, OFF and so on. Filtered off phenomenon, wholesale is also the th flow turtle
pressure or is removed only after the switch OW to book 4! lk # i [g circuit setting tiK is set so
that one speaker t & protected. ?, the present invention VC L L1, temporarily, even if the switch и
1000 provided in the above-mentioned slider line is KLONed during the above-mentioned
transient phenomenon, even if one switch is working, the switch ?-? i4. Of'FL, (reconsecutively
during the apious phenomenon VCON place * v <, r ? ? OFF ? rc ? rc has become DC, DC
voltage is removed or it is repeated V until EndPage: 1 . [1] Hold one speaker. Father, the present
invention does not prevent the damage to the speaker of the middle point potential fluctuation rL due to the cause of the in-use circuit after the inconclusive logic circuit y), the & lik diagram of
the transistor Purpose. That is, according to the present invention, the final stage transistor of the
amplifier [fi in order to hold the transistor from the filtered current and to prevent the breakage
of the speaker within the amplifier or the potential fluctuation Vc- ? of the amplifier. For
example, the final stage transistor is connected to the emitter of the final stage transistor and
connected to the emitter of the final stage transistor, and connected to the emitter of the final
stage transistor, and the other line final stage transistor Mid-point speaker line VC switch [2 sets
of detection circuits connected in series, ie, 2 sets of detection circuits for detecting the over
current at the final stage transistor and detecting changes in potential and potential] And a relay
activation circuit for switch operation ff provided on the speaker line operated by the output bias
of the detection circuit connected to both the V-classes of the detection circuit, and further the
transition of the relay activation circuit. By Besubai J 'scan condenser' is a person to another, so t
to the above-mentioned purpose ?? Zen Mel.
Hereinafter, the embodiment of the present invention illustrated? l + rc base 1 to write a
statement. ??? Q1 is the final stage transistor of the amplifier, R1 and RzHIWJ emitter
resistance, connected to the 4th line of the emitter resistance in this & logic circuit, specifically to
the emitter of transistor Q6 or Q1 and the middle point P of transistor Q6 ░ Q1 And the speaker
line through the switch SW2. Ql and Q2 are excessive electric charges ftt flowing to the final
stage transistor Q6 or Ql of the amplifier, l: a transistor constituting a detection circuit to detect,
Q3. Q, 8 rL middle point fluctuation (normally kept at 0 volt). ) R Detecting transistor for
detecting, Q4. Q5 is a relay L dynamic f / F control transistor. ?, MS, k <4 is the level teaching
resistance of the detection value, and R5 is connected to select the middle point PIE of the
amplifier for specific gravity * a Resistance powder for control% R6t'X transistor Q! S, Q, 8
collector, base junction point and power source T (V potential in the inserted circuit ? ? rc ?
? ? ? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??, R7 transistor Q $ The resistor for the current limit, which
is paced VC-3 l, R ? ????ll ll ll ? ll ? 11 ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll A ll ll A ll A ll A A ll ll A
A ll A A ll A A A A A A A ll ll A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A. The potential supply r to Q2 (the
charge tIL111J @ J'tlIE No. used, R10 ░ R11, R12 are transistors Q4k1121 and are used for bias
resistors, R15 is a transistor G141C @ current limiting resistor It is. T is a transformer-a
transformer # 1, a secondary @ T2 output cam, and an m ? amplification S is IR1; I am a priest
of D. Heading 1, the present invention is a gear switch, power switch 8W11sOM4fLbt,) 7) T7)
secondary 111T2. ? m to the TIS through the circuit DI, D2, ?. B, "flL pressure" at 0 ░ DVc-il.
At this time, the transistor Q4. Is selected so that the voltage of 112I is sufficient if the voltage of
the resistor RjO, R11, R12 is sufficiently raised to the voltage of one foot by + L-L. Q5's bias or
setting 1 and secondary @ IT2 rc beaten voltage VC-1 amplification! ! Operates and the speaker
SP operates 1 4111 IFIL. However, when the power switch 8W10 is turned on, the load a flows
into T5 (i) ? R10 ? C1 ? T3 (to), and the charge is stored in Conden-f-01. Since the potential of
the point C is dropped, the pace bias voltage of the transistor Q4 vc-section is not applied during
that time.
Thus, transistor Q4. It is a QS failure and a relay L% 7 failure. Therefore, the speaker line switch
8W2fi seven Seki oy call vCTo. In the present invention, 011 of this switch 812, the time to turn
on the power Bvt overpowering Pc at the time the power is turned on, and the time until the Pats
well of the voltage is corrected is EndPage: 2- spread, the midpoint VL DC voltage The switch can
not be screwed # Switch t EIW 21iON, Honpo lI1gI #! 11-Senote 1 It is something in the shape of
T: Yes. Therefore, the change of the midpoint potential at the time of turning on the IE source 1!
?????? Damage to the speaker can be prevented. That is, when the capacitor C1 carries
out the photoelectric Vt operation, the base bias voltage specified by the transistor Q4lfL can be
applied 01 transistor Q40 M%, the transistor Q5 is ONI, and 1L-L is 1II1I, and the switch
8W2yON It is assumed that 11 times * 1-detection t is set to a steerable state. Then, if for some
reason, for example, a very large signal is applied to the transistor Q6 of the amplifier, or if the
output T1, T2 or gate of the amplifier is switched, Q6Vc Is an excessive current 15t and a voltage
is generated at the current 11avc-of the resistor h1. The voltage is led to the transistor Q1 by the
resistors R3 and R4K and the collector of the transistor Q1 and the base of the emitter Q2 are
positively biased into the n5 circuit Therefore, the transistors Q4 and Q5 vC? do not sink
current, 1 relay LfOFFL, switch 8W2 0FFI, and the case. For this reason, in the circuit, t + and tz
are unloaded and no current flows in the transistor Q6. The late rC transistor Q6 holds I11 ?n.
When the relay L oyy, that is, the switch 812 is in the OFF state, the capacitor 01 discharges and
is maintained at a light 1 which is light. That is, since the potential at point C is dropped until the
capacitor ctrc and the photoelectric converter, the base bias voltage of the transistor Q4VL1 can
not be obtained. For seven, transistor Q4. Q, 5? ? ? W + ? (V (?, 1 J ?-L% During this time
Oi 1 'above m m busy * hold t t hold. Therefore, relay L is in hunting condition and prevents WA
? from losing, and liturgy, give transistor Q6tL rest time ?this threshold, wait for amplifier t to
return to normal condition. . When the capacitor 01 is completely charged, the base bias voltage
is applied again to the transistor Q4IC, and the transistor Q4.
Set Q5 ? ON and energize relay L. For this reason, the switch 8W2 is turned on and returns to
the normal flight state m. Also, the present WA detects the fluctuation of the midpoint P
potential, and the amplifier transistor Q6. Q7, Speaker 6P Secure. The resistance c is detected by
the transistor cLS by resisting anomalous linear motion of the potential at the middle point P.
When the transistor Qj or 0 ? is reached, the potential at the point where the negative VL is
processed by the resistor R6 is applied to the base bias voltage of the transistor Q8K with a
positive sign l'1lij & L transfer sign, and 10 layers are formed. A current of 4 to n in the resistor
R10 from the power supply of O ? v C of the transistor QB flows from the resistor R9 ? the
collector of the transistor Q8 ? the same emitter, and is lowered by the potential V * of the H
path. As a result, transistor Q4. ???????? And the relay LEA will not fire. Therefore, the
relay L, oyy, that is, the switch 8W20FF, and the speaker line is opened. Thus, the speaker 8F))
transistor Q6. Q7iK guarantee. Sui y + & W 2 ? OFF condition ll charge time of capacitor 01, to
the point potential or drop to the relay L w w IJ work, F ? ? ?? ?? ?? ?? ? ?? ?? ?
? ?? ?? ?? lit lit lit lit lit lit lit lit llitg I 116 Put in reset state. Thus, it has two sets of
detection circuits for detecting tree Qqi4 fl, detection of current flow to transistor Q4 ░ Q7, and
linear movement at middle point 71 of amplifier, and each detection-completion The relay
operation circuit based on the detection of the relay operation circuit is connected to the
transistor 1g1i1 which has the relay bias circuit r * connected to the base bias capacitor r *
connected to the transistor 1g1i1. Since the both ends of the emitter resistance of Q7 (-EndPage
connected to the middle point P of-? ? amplifier: 3 beaker lines Lm continued) are connected
via the speaker line V and ff7 t switch SWZ, the above-mentioned content a + y cc When the
power is turned on, the noise of the speaker 1 is reduced, and the transistor output of the
amplifier Qtci, trc current due to excessive gain of the boost amplifier, etc. That detects the
overcurrent Kemi Shuang, instant Novi - so Karain 11 "to Hasudan protects transistors and
speakers Live a Shuang VL. In addition, a transistor that detects the fluctuation of the potential of
the non-invention V Yu upper point P, 5? Yes 0, from this VC, Rel ~ Ll system IL. Since the lines 1
to J line are broken, it is possible to reliably maintain the speaker EIP by the fluctuation of the
midpoint potential of the amplifier.
Also, no matter if nJj, the control of relay L, that is, the OFF state of nuinochi aW2 is maintained
by C1vL ? ?, ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1 relay L (1 hunting ? ? ?, If it is forced, the transistor 1.
L6. The advantage is that the holding time of l-1, 7 and the speaker 8P is perfect. 4 drawings (1)
11 * Nakamimachi drawing V, one Toho of this invention? 11 baud (? -191 path shown ? -Taaa
power supply transistor 5 l-1--6 association и e transistor, dP, @ ? ? ?, rt +-, to 15 и e
resistance) WI * M-source source Suinona, bw Noa-Lee II Ley LvC, so call t1. Switch I 1% revised
applicant Vertelie Co., Ltd. Agent 9P Arita Nakahata EndPage: 4 G, correction for correction of
correction for correction of correction for the continuation of the document, 11147119111 I '1 и
и и) ? ? ? ?]:? 1 i '1), -1 ? shiro 4 ? ? 1 H H и' (, 4 ?. No. 3 и и и и и и и и 7 o'clock 1jA electric
Den must Tokyo f) ljl-yo C) 6 b bow, и mouth spontaneous fi и и и и 1 mountain 1 и 44 и и и i и и и- Aa
(?-V-7 '? 1: light 1 II th 1 tatami and-plane emitters V ? 1 i-Wt, L, J sharpening 13 Figure
registration: trace of the attached sheet. ???????? ?
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