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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a block circuit diagram showing one
embodiment of the device of the present invention, FIG. 2 is a diagram showing the impedance
characteristics of the reproducing head, FIG. 3 is an equivalent circuit diagram of the mixing
section, FIG. FIG. 4 is a characteristic diagram showing the output frequency characteristic of the
preamplifier from the frequency characteristic of the preamplifier and the impedance
characteristic of the head. 1 ...... reproducing head, 2 ...... pre-amplifier, 5 ...... microphone. Fig.137-Japanese Utility Model Application Publication No. 49-75317 (.2) Fig. 2? Zu Qo maki Fig. 3
Fig. 4 = One pot-38-
[Detailed description of the invention] 'The main idea a tape recorder i-kinning device-to
compensate for the magnetic tape vak soundability enriched in the first stage amplification 1illfi
path (prea' knob) of the tape V Goda The equalizer circuit is used as the first stage amplification /
one path of the microphone circuit. The signal from the magnetic tape and the signal from the
microphone t-combine to obtain an output. The output of the equalizer 1 circuit that
compensates for the brass acoustics of the magnetic tape and the output of microbo / 4 @ 儲tA is
in agreement. However, it is very uneconomical and expensive to have a microphone increaser #
# exclusively used for installation -2. The present invention utilizes the inopydance viscosity of
de to the reproduction lying close to the input side of the preamplifier at the time of
reproduction, and emphasizes the high region of the station 1 inverse number of the microphone
output at the input side of the preamplifier, by the reproduction equalizer The signal from the
microphone and the signal from the microphone microphone 1 etc. are practically reproduced
without deterioration of the sound quality of the audio signal from the microphone by
compensating for the reduction of the high frequency band. It is provided by Mikin / gu J5 @ 're
who made IQ. First glance, this, λ1. Dee 7 Bida / 懺 懺, Ma W ry-tt) 3 / / ダ ン ス dance is high
enough to work ・ Ma · f ク ロ / 蟲 用 ド イ ツ ド イ ツ ス ス ス スA high-pitched sound is
pronounced, and the X's output, C's, C's, C's, M's, C's, C's, C's, C's, C's, C's, # 's of L'. In contrast to
the head D impianos, the microphone / 17 peda / s' is a low when the alpha microphone output
In! He does not have the range characteristic of 傭 -a light, but the X-head's -sword 3-- ° snow
pressure is subject to the influence of the microphone Inbidanos. In this case, by connecting a
resistor in series to a microphone a / a / a / a / a / a / a / a / a / a / a / a / a / a / a / a / a / a / a
a / a / a / a / a / a / a / a / a / a / a / a / a / a / a / a / so that the same effect as the light
sweating can be obtained. Although the microphone output is reduced by this (One
precipitation pile, a practically sufficient condition can be obtained by appropriately bending the
pile pile .tau. Hereinafter, one example of the F home plan @ cough will be described with
reference to the drawings. まず1. 1 is a diagram of FIG. 1 niblock 11; 1 is a reproducing head;
= 1 = 4.6μ microphone with power amplification 1 path for pre-up, 3 + 4 Usb force with
reproduction equalizer characteristics, this microphone 6 for mikin 7 gu I] # for suidachi 6 And
resistance 7 in series-one on 1p + raw hept 1 with pre-up 2 people;
萌 抗 ホ ⁄ 6/6 / ダ ノ ス 4 \ \ \ \ \ \ (((((((((((ヲ ヲ ヲ 1 1 1 1 戸 戸 戸 戸 戸 戸 戸 ° ° ° 'S highfrequency strong] effect, u; less, and also to connect the microphone 6 (from the 4th to 4th, to
reduce the effects of the low 1 F 4 raw output F It is. In the above-mentioned configuration, since
the inductance component is the main component of the reproduction-rad 1's impedance, as
shown in FIG. 4, in the audio frequency range, it is expressed by approximately ωL. Fig. 3 and
Fig. 4 show the reproduction-\, impedance of the rad%, the composition of the microphone
output, and the composition of the number characteristic of the microphone output is 1 Z (几 for
customs customs, Gu b b-+, 9 daughters 1 ship, and δ ′ ク ロ ク ロ ク ロ ホ ン 60 辞 市 i L L L
L L −7 −7 −7 170 170 170 170 ン 170 7170 内部 内部 ピ ー / / / セ セ セ X セ 7 and C・
Daiiba Textile hl, '1' Minnowe ・ ・ ・ Indance of the rad 1 part. The induced power ratio of 慟 a
microne / 6 is the power ratio in which the high region is lost due to I / Pea 7s of Iku- \ t 1. In a4
a, ブ リ qf of ア ッ プ up 2 b, b は to playback, ビ ー イ ン イ ン イ ン 1 1 マ イ ク ロ ホ ン 1 1 4
& か 濁 & & & & & & マ イ ク ロ ホ ン マ イ ク ロ ホ ン マ イ ク ロ ホ ン ′ 6 'power 8a number
It is covered as a voltage with a deviation. This voltage becomes RR of several percents of riC in
the seven power column of the preamplifier 2 due to the influence of the equalizer characteristic
of the preamplifier 2, and miking is oT function without impairing the sound quality of the
practical microphone 6. As described above, the present invention, when playing back the tape
recorder, goes to the 4th, and the microphone and the microphone input / output of the
preamplifier for compensating the recording acoustics of the magnetic tape! At the same time, it
is possible to mix songs, so it does not require a microphone # and thus is economical and its
practicality is great. 4. Between the drawings 1 1 1 Description of Fig. 4 μ block diagram of one
embodiment is not a block diagram, 渠 2 is a diagram showing the I / / / 時 時 性 噌 噌 噌 再生
再生 再生, Fig. 3 (FIG. 4 is a characteristic diagram showing the innobiance characteristics of the
preamplifier to the swan of the preamplifier and FIG. 4 shows the innobiance characteristic of the
preamplifier. 1 ... 4 life heads, 2 ... ... preamps, 6 ... ... microphones. 図 作 L L ブ 子 子 “91 ブ ブ
弓 氏 名 氏 名 氏 名 1 1 γ γ γ A ′ γ γ γ γ 男 3 γ 図 ケ ケ ケ 14 14 ′ 14 ! Ichimuro
Nanaki 7: J 'near-Name of agent-' two patent attorney Toshio Nakao 6 inventor and agent other
than the above (1) inventor's address Osaka Prefecture Kadoma city Ogata Kadoma 1006
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. In-company Matsumoto / Ichiro Name Matsumoto
Makoto-Department (2) Agent Address Osaka Prefecture Kadoma City Oji Kadoma Address 1006
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Name (6152) Patent Attorney Shigetaka Hino.
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