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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a circuit diagram of a conventional small-sized
electric gramophone, FIG. 2 is a frequency-output characteristic diagram using the temperature
of the electric gramophone as a parameter, and FIG. 3 is a circuit diagram of the electric
gramophone of the present invention. FIG. 4 is a temperature compensation characteristic
diagram of the present invention. 1 is a piezoelectric pickup, 2 is an amplifier, 3 is a speaker, 4 is
a housing, 5 to 10 are frequency-output characteristic curves at each temperature, 11 is a
thermistor, 12 is a resistor, and 13 'is a temperature compensation A circuit 14 is a negative
feedback circuit, and 15.16 is a characteristic curve of a housing and a temperature correction
circuit showing the relationship between the ambient temperature and the degree of increase.
Fig. 1 1-1-1-1-1-1 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 1 51-1001 (2) Fig. 2} E-2 Actual Opening 5110100 (3) Figure
3 Figure 4 1
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a temperature
compensation circuit of an electric gramophone incorporating a pickup, amplifier and speaker in
a housing. In a conventional small-sized electric gramophone, a pressure t11 pickup is generally
used as a pickup, and further, a built-in amplifier, a speaker, and the like have a drawback that
the output greatly changes due to changes in the ambient temperature inside the small-sized
electric gramophone housing. The conventional small-sized electric gramophone has the output
of the voltage-type pickup (1) as shown in FIG. 1) emitted from the speaker (3) through the
amplifier · 2). If you change the temperature in the tL-no small electric phonograph case (4), the
output and frequency characteristics of the tL-no small electric phonograph are shown in Figure
2 The output of the piezoelectric pinoque f-knob is the output of the test record. In FIG. 2, the
horizontal axis shows the frequency and the vertical axis shows the output voltage (V) of the
amplifier 12). In the characteristic diagram, the m @ s is the temperature inside the body at 40 °
C. ° C, 1ii 1 Hemp 7 18 ° C 1 curve 8 · 10 "C curve-9 dO" C, HII line 10 -5 ° C 1 if not? The
output voltage from r (3 (amplitude a (2)) increases as the temperature decreases, and the
sensitivity increases as the temperature of the piezoelectric Bic amplifier decreases. It is rising Q
/ P by the cause such as the evening of the pick amp / Perse 1 becoming 1 f. i changes the
modulus of elasticity of mo 14- (generally akin-chika) a material 4 and so on, and the
replacement of the electric power increases, and especially the frequency 400. In order to
eliminate these drawbacks, in conventional small-sized or air-storing phonographs, etc., the
amplification degree of the amplifier is slightly smaller than Lt, the reproduction range ft is not
calculated, and the combined sound pressure is It was limited. The present invention proposes a
small size air phonograph device proposed to eliminate the drawback tl-11 and its characteristic
features as '' negative feedback, blue · 2) in the circuit from the resistor and the thermistor
(temperature compensation circuit) By inserting the hook, the circumference M temperature of
one small-sized syllabary gram-marriage machine is lowered, and the output of the visor is
increased, thereby reducing the merging / generation of the whistle. The following will explain
the 1 ## whole FIG. 3 IC of the present invention. Same part as the same figure 1: This, I do not
attach-I keep it and save the weight> r The negative feedback 1H 41 path (d) KIlmb + B and
thermistor (b) of the small-sized air conditioner Wen 1 compensation circuit a31-is inserted t.
The temperature compensation circuit shown in Fig. 14 is a demonstration in which the ambient
temperature of the λ body (horizontal axis) changes from 0 ° C to 20 ° C. (Six Ie in Qdb, 1111
in Fig. 44 show the compensation characteristics possessed by the resistor, J-series and
thermistor of the present invention's compensation circuit, negative feedback amplification a12)
is the surrounding As 只 γ γ γ γ − γ [− ([増 大 増 大 増 大 増 大 こ こ こ こ こ こ こ こ こ
〔〔〔〔〔〔〔〔〔〔〔〔〔〔〔〔〔〔〔〔〔[で 115 で 115 4 Have complementary
characteristics, and can maintain an almost constant increase in honeydew as a result of
temperature changes in the case of the case 4).
と も Xt anti-market and marry at the same time the output is clear, at the same time can be
reduced · · gul / r margin at a specific frequency, simple structure, effective with father · busy I ·
urifugu Its practical effect is great.
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