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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an electric circuit diagram showing an
embodiment of the present invention. 1 иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Reverberation unit, 11
ииииии 1 buffer amplification circuit. "---" J-'+ one JLt'
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The invention relates to a microphone with a builtin reverberator that greatly facilitates handling. In the case where the performances collected by
the microphone are amplified by the amplifier and reproduced, the reverberation device may be
activated in order to increase the effect. In such a case, conventionally, since the reverberator
was incorporated into the inside of the amplifier, it was necessary to operate the knob of the
amplifier each time to adjust its output. This is extremely inconvenient when the microphone and
the amplifier installation place are bitten-it is complicated and operation bh complicated. (1) The
present invention is a turtle that solves this point and tries to provide a microphone that is easy
to handle. Hereinafter, an example of the invention will be described with reference to the
drawings. 1 is a case of a microphone, in which a microphone unit 2, a changeover switch 6, a
remaining 1 unit 4), a variable resistor 5, a mixing circuit 6 are provided. , And the reduction unit
7 and the like are accommodated. 8 is an output ladder provided in the case 1 and 9 is a jack for
external input. Next, connection of each part is explained. The output side of the microphone unit
2) is connected to the n terminal of the changeover switch 6, and the @ terminal and the ?1
child of the changeover switch 3 opposed to this are commonly connected and connected to the
output side of the attenuator 7 There is. The other output end of the microphone unit 2 is
grounded. And, the attenuator 70 is connected to the company external input jack 9. The 010
terminal, which is the middle one of the changeover switch 3, is ak connected together and
connected to the input side of the amplification unit $ 10 of the reverberation unit (2) for
operation of the reverberation unit 4 and the S gain @ path 11 . And to one manpower и 1
thousand of output individuality mixing circuit 6 of buffer amplification times @ 11! ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ll ll ll ll ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ll ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll. On the output side of the
reverberator operating amplifier circuit 10, for example, a permanent magnet is placed in the
magnetic field of a "saddle magnet", a spring is coupled to this permanent magnet and added to
the reverberator 12 of the conceptual structure, and the output of the reverberator 12 is a
reverberation. It is adapted to be picked up by the component pickup circuit 13. The output of
the reverberation component pickup circuit 13 is applied to the intermediate terminal 5b of the
variable resistor 5, and the output adjusted between it and one terminal 5c grounded is the other
terminal 5a. It is designed to be applied to one other input terminal. In addition, (1) terminal is
not connected, (2) is a slider of a changeover switch.
Next, the operation of this device connected in this way will be described (3). First, with the slider
of the changeover switch 3 at the position shown in the drawing where the @ terminal is
connected, the microphone unit 2 The voice signal is added to the input terminal of the
reverberation device operating amplifier circuit 10 and the # impact amplification circuit 11
from the terminal through the slider 2 by the addition of an audio signal to the Ru. The audio
signal amplified by the reverberator operating amplifier circuit 10 causes the reverberator 12 to
move. The output of the reverberation device 12 is picked up by the reverberation component
pickup circuit 13, added to the intermediate terminal 5b of the variable resistor S, adjusted, and
added to the mixing circuit 60 input side. On the other hand, it is added to the input side of the
audio signal main mixing circuit 60 amplified by the 1111 amplifier circuit 11 and mixed with
the remaining 11 components described above. Therefore, the desired output can be obtained by
adding the output terminal 8 to the usual input terminal of the booster. In this case, if the middle
ringer 5 (4) lb of the variable resistor 5 is placed at the terminal 5e4gK, the microphone unit 2
can be used as a normal microphone since it will be eradicated. The reverberation sound can be
mixed to obtain an output. If the other switch is connected to the external input jack 9 with the
slider of the changeover switch 6 in this position, the sound output of this microphone is mixed
with the sound output of the microphone unit 2 through the attenuator 7 Can be used. Next,
when the slider of the changeover switch 5 is switched to a position where the ?, 01, and O
terminals come in contact, the microphone unit 20 times 1ina is cut, and the external
microphone waphone connected to the external input jack 9 only It is possible to perform the
same function. Since it is constructed as described above, it is possible to adjust the mixing ratio
with the use of the reverberation device, the nonuse of the reverberation device, and the normal
tone when the reverberation device is not used. Yes (S) 9! Very easy to handle II! Uv device builtin microphone can be obtained. Mano, ^ 1 unit 4 is connected in parallel with the ambiguity 4width circuit 11, so part of one sound output is fed back to the input side of the sounding device.
It has the effect of being able to force-compare one life of a regular effect.
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